Donbas war can be stopped in hour, - Hug

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Four years ago Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko claimed that the Anti-Terrorist Operation (now the Joint Forces Operation) cannot last for months
18:26, 19 October 2018

Ukraine Crisis Media Center

First Deputy Head of the SMM OSCE in Ukraine Alexander Hug, who resigns from this position on October 31, thinks that the combat actions in Donbas can be stopped during one hour as Voice of America reported.

At the same time, he emphasized that it will take much longer time for the final completion.

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Answering the question about his attitude to the reproaches in the espionage and even accusations that the activity of his mission was used for the attacks that led to the deaths of people, he recognized that it is "not a big amenity" to turn out to be between two fighting sides.

"I would lie if I tell that it is easy," he said.

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However, Hug thinks that his work which is ungrateful sometimes will be sued for the stop of the war and will become important in the historical sense.

After the finish of the conflict, the time for the solution of other issues connected with the war will come as Hug thinks. He exemplified the words with the need of the demining of the territories.  At the same time, he evades answering questions about the guilty side, saying that "it does not help him to solve the issues he faces".

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Earlier we reported that Alexander Hug resigns from the office of OSCE SMM deputy head. After this, he intends to travel across Ukraine to see not only war and deprivation.

Four years ago Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko made a similar prediction. In 2014 before the win at the presidential election, Poroshenko claimed that the Anti-Terrorist Operation (now the Joint Forces Operation) cannot last for months.

"It cannot last for two months; it should end in a few hours. There are no peace talks for the terrorists. I will never allow such terrorist actions in Ukraine."

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In 2018, on August 23 during the celebration of the Flag Day, Poroshenko apologized for having triggered the high expectations of Ukrainians when he said that the Anti-Terrorist Operation in Donbas would last hours, not months.

“Over four years ago I claimed that the Anti-Terrorist Operation would last hours, and not months. And the context of these words or their figurativeness is not so important now. The people saw it as an opportunity to end the war quickly. I regret having triggered high expectations. I am truly sorry to have given the hope that did not come true. It is a pity that I have given a promise that did not realize. And for that, I apologize. For me it’s a serious lesson of careful and responsible attitude to my words and promises,” he said.

As we reported almost 2,900 Ukrainian soldiers deceased in Donbas since April 2014, when the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine began.

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