Criminal proceedings opened against Fedyna and Zvirobiy

MP of Servants of the People faction Oleksandr Kachura published the number of the criminal case and said “there will be a continuation”
18:24, 1 November 2019

Sofia Fedyna and Marusia Zvirobiy
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A criminal case was opened against an MP from the European Solidarity faction Sofia Fedyna and an Armed Forces serviceman and volunteer Marusia Zvirobiy over their inappropriate rhetoric towards the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. MP of Servants of the People faction Oleksandr Kachura wrote this on Facebook page.   

“Could someone pass Zvirobiy and Fedyna the number of a criminal case for their calls for killing a person and overthrowing the government,” Kachura wrote, adding a criminal case number and saying that “there will be a continuation.”    

Earlier it was reported that an MP Oleksandr Kachura had filed a lawsuit with the law enforcement bodies against Sofia Fedyna over his inappropriate rhetoric towards President Zelensky.

Earlier a video appeared where Zelensky talked with people in military uniforms in Zolote of Luhansk region.

In the video, the soldier is heard saying to Zelensky: ”We are hospitable, sit down and let’s talk.” During the conversation, the president said that people wanted disengagement and that everything must be done to end the war.

“People want a disengagement. I understand what you're talking about: we don't want serious mistakes, losses, and other things. However, I think we should do everything to end the war. We have here our military servicemen, they're the ones in charge here. And with all due respect to them, it is they who are dealing with the security situation. I believe in our soldiers ... You were also at war and respect the army. They are there on the frontline, "he said. 

After that, one of the volunteers noted that Ukraine would then actually agree to a truce with the terrorist organizations “LNR” and “DNR.” To which Zelensky replied: “I don't care who it will be signed with, we need to return the territory and stop the killings.”   

Another video shows that some conflict occurred between the president and the same volunteer.

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The serviceman asked Zelensky if he would meet with veterans about the “No - surrender!” rally that took place all over Ukraine. “People demanded the meeting,” the soldier said.

To which the President replied: “I am the President of this country, I am 42 years old. I am not a sucker. I came to you and said, take your weapon ... I wanted to see understanding in the eyes, and I saw a guy who decided that a loser stood in front of him and you are changing the subject.”

Later, the Joint Forces Operations Headquarters stated that the military men who had talked to Volodymyr Zelensky in Zolote did not represent any of the law enforcement agencies or the Armed Forces of Ukraine and illegally stay in the area of the Joint Forces Operation.

MP Sofia Fedyna, commenting on the published video, wrote: “Not even militants allowed themselves to talk to our defenders like that. Someone thinks that he is immortal.”

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