Purgin: there is a possibility of internal civil war in "DPR"

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Former leader of the "DPR" "parliament" told about his resignation and the current situation on the militants’ side
16:15, 24 September 2015

After the coup in the "DPR" on September 4, with the sensational resignation and arrest of Andrey Purgin, chairman of "People's Council", the latter became a pariah. He has lost not only his power, but also access to the Russian and militants-controlled media. Now his only ground is Skype conference with his supporters. One of such took place a few days ago, during the conversation Purgin tried to analyze what really happened on September 4 and where it leads "DPR". provide structured fragments of his speech

In May, you were full of optimism and future plans. How do you look at the situation in "DPR" four months later? Especially in light of recent events.

There are positive achievements in humanitarian and organizational spheres. System for delivery of products was improved, payments now are regularly carried out (in May, it was only episodically), some organizational issues are resolved. We are likely to go through the winter without losses, as there are decisions  of energy issues. We are now an island in perspective of energy supply, and dependent on the Russia in delivery of electricity and gas, and these issues are resolved. Now, livelihood issues are solved, but we have entered a zone of political turbulence, and its level is much higher than in May. This is more serious challenge than a humanitarian problem, or the issue of jobs. Yanukovych has been shot twice at the culmination of his rule, you see, so economic issues are not always decisive. Especially in our situation. For us, the highest importance belongs to ideology and people's understanding of what is happening.

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On the issue of political risk. Many people did not understand what happened in Donetsk on September 4. Can we say that this is all happening in accordance with the laws "Donetsk People's Republic"?

Of course not. What kind of law is in question, if it is an open and impudent lawlessness? There is no legitimate ground in removing me from office at night. And this action continues: relatives and people close to me are pursued, some criminal case is established against me.

Evgeny Orlov, ember of "DPR" "parliament" , who had also voted for your resignation, said that the revolutionary ideas and the needs of the republic is above the law.

This indicates that the authorities [of "DPR"] began to pupate, close, imagined themselves to be elite which now have to ensure, firstly, financial flows. Here is a challenge to provide a basis for the financial elite, which begins to run financial flows with Ukraine. This is precisely the area of ​​the turbulence. Therefore, the power begins to pupate, to protect itself; it becomes a closed caste, one-party system. Yes, despite the fact that, formally, there are two social movements in "DPR ("Donetsk Republic" and "Free Donbass" - Ed.), it is now a single very powerful vertical, in which administrative power begins to break away from the people and live their lives for mercantile needs.

But I'm afraid that the solution to replace the idea by ​​money leads to the loss of faith of people. It will have serious consequences, which nobody still appreciates. They believe that people can be manipulated endlessly (including through government-controlled financial groups and the media), that spectacles can replace everything in the world, and that people have developed a habit of all this. But things are changing. Even the example of my detention - despite the fact that it was not issued to the general public, it is still the event was a huge public outcry. Manipulating people becomes harder and harder with every passing year.

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What was the cause of your arrest on September 4 when you returned from St. Petersburg? It was possible, for example, to make it two days later, to hold a public meeting [of the "People’s Council"], once there has been majority (70 deputies) to vote against you in the night of your arrive?

This is a common permissiveness. When not the legal state is under construction, but the outrage one. And this case is far from being revolutionary. Look at our revolutionaries: they already consider themselves the elite, they go with the huge guard on armored vehicles.

In the case of my arrest this permissiveness has played a cruel joke. As far as I know, two thousand armed men participated this whole special operation with interception, chases, detention. No less has been involved in providing follow-up. But in this case, I think the excess of my detention largely unexpected by the performers themselves. It's just that the people who gave the orders has already settled the feeling that they are gods, they can be everything.

Authorities, in fact, always kill themselves out of fear and a sense of permissiveness. That is, people believe that they can be everything – to call the subordinates, to pick up thousands of people on alert and so on. It plays with the power of a cruel joke. This is the millionth time in history when the power structures begin to break away from the people and not forget that the government in fact is an appendage to the people, not more. So, people begin to move away from our ideas and begin to flirt with people. The worst thing that can happen is if people forget of the authorities and begin to live own life, perceiving power as a single planet, as a separate caste, and as an essential element of a single repression. But we must understand: we have a war, and a lot of weapons on hands of people, and it is during the dire humanitarian situation. Here is a possibility of internal civil war.

That's all can lead us to the most terrible - to a loss of public confidence, when people do not trust us, and authorities will be treated as some kind of show, some actions that have little effect on their daily lives. And people should understand: where we are going, how we build all this. But today, as far as I can see, there is fewer and fewer of this understanding.

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