Crimea is Ukraine: top 10 map bloopers

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112 International collected the most remarkable cases when map makers, officials and journalists described Crimea as Russian territory
11:35, 16 March 2016

Despite numerous statements about international solidarity with Ukraine and condemnation of illegal annexation of Crimea by Russia, the peninsula’s status still gets people abroad confused. Below you may find our top 10 of awkward situations where Crimea was pictured as part of Russia.

10. Russia – FIFA


On March 15, one of Russian MPs pointed out that FIFA sells T-shirts devoted to the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia, where there’s no Crimea on the Federation’s map. FIFA reacted immediately and removed the “inappropriate” T-shirts from sale.   

9. USA Today

In February 2015, the newspaper published a picture of Ukraine’s map without Crimea. The editorial board ignored the request to comment on the incident.  

8. Czech Republic

112 Agency

In November 2015, Czech publishing house Ottovo Nakladatelstvi released the “Football Atlas”, with Crimea indicated as part of the Russian Federation. Later, the publishing house’s representatives apologized, calling the incident a map-maker’s mistake.

7. Poland

In February this year, Polish publishing house Galileos published the political map of Europe. In its printed version, Crimea was depicted as part of Russia; in the digital version, the peninsula is indicated as the disputed territory. Ukraine’s Embassy in Poland turned the publishing house’s attention that the international society recognizes Crimea as part of Ukraine, demanding to correct the mistake. In turn, Galileos’s editor reported that the map with “Russian” Crimea was removed from sale.

6. Italy


Limes, an Italian magazine focused on political analytics, published an article telling about Russia’s military actions in 2015. In it, Crimea was referred to as Russian territory. Ukraine’s Ambassador in Italy turned to the editorial board to correct the mistake in the map according to the norms of international law.        

5. France

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Crimea was indicated as Russian territory in the social and economic atlas of Larus publishing house, issued in June 2015. The Ukrainian Ambassador Oleg Shamshur turned to the publishing house, noting that the French government was one of the first to condemn the illegal annexation of Crimea by Russia.   

4. Cuba


The newly issued atlas for schoolchildren featured Crimea as both Ukrainian and Russian territory. At pages 3 and 4, the peninsula is indicated as part of Ukraine, and at page 5, it’s showed as Russian territory.  

3. Ukraine

112 Agency

Students of the National Medical University of I. Bohomolets received plastic cards to pass to their dormitories. The card had a picture on the reverse, showing Ukraine’s map without Crimea. Later, the issue of passes was suspended, and the issued documents were withdrawn. Eventually, the students received new cards with corrected images of the map of Ukraine.   

2. Oxford University

The University’s publishing house issued a geography textbook, depicting Crimea as Russian territory. The Ukrainian embassy was outraged by the very fact and warned the publishing house such mistakes could bring it a bad name.

1. Coca Cola

In December 2015, the company published a New Year edition of the map of Russia and uploaded it on the Web. Russian internet users started to express their dissatisfaction about absence of the Crimean peninsula, Kaliningrad region and Kurils. The company immediately made corrections to the map.  

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