Zugzwang in the case of Sheremet's murder

Author : Artem Shevchenko

Source : 112 Ukraine

Ukraine's Ministry of Internal Affairs: Murder of Sheremet belongs to those 13% of intentional murders that remain undisclosed
13:03, 21 July 2017

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We held a large press conference, and unveiled the details, allowed by the investigation. The materials of the case - everything that, in the opinion of the investigation, would not have prevented the case - was made public.

There are several versions left. The key version is that the murder occurred due to the professional activities of a Russian citizen journalist Pavel Sheremet, who worked in Ukraine, Russia, and before that in Belarus.

This is an extremely complex crime. It is included in the percentage of crimes (according to Register of pre-trial investigations (ERDR) statistics), the main administrator of which is the Prosecutor's Office; the level of disclosure of such crimes as murder is 87%. Unfortunately, such crimes are well-prepared and well-planned – they are included in the few percent of crimes that are very hard to be disclosed. After all, this crime was prepared by very professional criminals.

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Who killed Pavel Sheremet? There is no answer to this question, because this crime has not been investigated yet. The investigation currently has no procedural suspects. The investigation has conducted a large number of investigative actions. Another thing is that the investigation, unlike journalists, cannot show the results of these investigative actions, demonstrating progress. Unfortunately, the investigation cannot disclose all the information, all the video from the surveillance cameras.

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This murdered Russian citizen had quite active contacts on the territory of the aggressor country. It is now impossible to inspect them by investigative means for the Ukrainian investigation because of the nature of the current relationship between law enforcement agencies of Ukraine and the Russian Federation. Also, we should not rely on any legal assistance from the investigative authorities of the aggressor country. In any case, we would like to conduct investigative actions with people from Russian Federation. At least to interrogate Mr. Klimenko, whom the victim met not long before his death and had some conversations. All these obstacles considerably complicates the investigation.

Specialists and experts of the FBI were involved for carrying out certain expert studies, in particular the explosion mechanism and the elements of the explosion. There is an opportunity (but only with the permission of Ukraine’s Prosecution General) to further attract international experts to conduct this investigation. But here Ukraine’s Prosecution General has a dominant role as the key body that conducts international legal communications.

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I can say that very many people have been questioned... Currently, the situation is such that we cannot boast of the presence of suspects... Murder of Sheremet belongs to those 13% of intentional murders that remain undisclosed. The investigation is working on this.

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There was hot discussion, how to qualify a crime. The murder of Pavel Sheremet was qualified under art. 115 (premeditated murder committed in a socially dangerous manner). Here the prosecutor was the arbiter. But from the other hand, it could be qualified as a terrorist attack.

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