Yanukovych’s press conference: Key Quotes

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Viktor Yanukovych, the fugitive ex-president of Ukraine held the press conference in Moscow
17:58, 2 March 2018

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Viktor Yanukovych, the former president of Ukraine suspected in the state treason held the press conference in Russia on the shootings in Maidan that took place four years ago. Find out the key quotes from the Yanukovych’s press conference.

On Crimea

‘It appeared that the authority did everything to push Crimea away from Ukraine, to get rid of the problematic territory’.

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On the court

It is about year as I have no possibility to participate in the process in which they attempt to accuse me.

‘The Ukrainian authority constantly violates my rights, does not allow me to the court, violates the right for the defense, does not want to hear the witnesses of the defense, limits the work of my advocates’.

‘They adopted the law in the parliament, personally for Yanukovych, the one-off law and when they spoke from the rostrum of the parliament they persuaded the MPs to vote for it. The reason is one – it is necessary to put Yanukovych in prison. Here is a question - in what?’.

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On the law on Donbas reintegration

‘The law on Donbas reintegration is the law on the continuation of the war’.

‘The opinion of the citizens of Donbas is completely ignored. It emphasized one more time that the war is the essence of this authority. The advent of peace for it is deadly dangerous’.

On the situation in Ukraine

‘The only way in the search for peace is the peaceful negotiations, direct negotiations with the representatives of Donbas with the assistance and under the supervision of the representatives of the EU, Russia, US and UN.

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On his plans

‘In the near future, I plan to appeal to the states-guarantors of the signing of the agreement dated February 21, 2014, and to the states that play the key role in the settlement of the Donbas Conflict – the US and Russia’.

‘The issue of my appeal will be the proposals on the search for the ways of the stop of the war in Donbas and beginning of the liquidation of the consequences of the happened’.

On the economic situation in Ukraine

‘The average wages was about $400 in my presence in 2013. Now, it is about $170. The dollar cost 8 hryvnias and now it costs 27 hryvnias’.

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On the appeal to Putin

‘I did not write a letter to Putin, I wrote an appeal to Putin. It was the same as the appeal to three states-singers of the peaceful agreement (on the settlement of the political crisis) written on February 22 in Donetsk’.

‘I proposed to consider the issue of the deployment of the police peacekeeping mission’.

On the money Yanukovych’s lives on

‘Nobody envies me. Do you believe in this or you do not? Nobody is envy’.

‘The money I live on – I have the family, a son – quite young and healthy person. I live with my family. You know, as it’s sad ‘I do not count your money so do not count mine’. I live; I have enough to get by. I cannot say that I am satisfied with everything. It is very hard, painful for me’.

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On Donbas

‘Sometimes I meet with the representatives of Donbas. I am knowledgeable about absolutely 100% information’.

On Manafort:

‘I began to work with Paul Manafort in the second half of 2005’.

‘Throughout that time, Paul Manafort coordinated his actions with the Party of Regions apparatus. Personally, I had no agreements with him. I never set any fees to be paid for his contribution and I never discussed this with him’.


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