Would Belarus parliament emerge from the shadow?

Author : Mykola Siruk

Source : 112 Ukraine

Expert: presence of even one opposition leader in the parliament makes all the schemes transparent
16:03, 13 September 2016

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Belarus elections

First time in 20 years, opposition politicians got seats in the parliament of Belarus. These are Anna Konopatska, representative of the opposition United Civil Party, and independent candidate Olena Anisim, who is deputy chairman of the "Belarusian Language Society." During the last 16 years, all 110 seats in the House have belonged to supporters of the policy of President Alexander Lukashenko.

Belarusian political analyst Viktor Martynovych commented on the election results and presented some perspectives and hopes that Belarusian society can put on opposition in Parliament.

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The government just wants the election to be recognized, and at the same time does not want elections in its common sense. Two seats in parliament. To be frank, I am surprised, because the presence of even one opposition leader in the House makes all the schemes transparent.

It is expected that ODIHR OSCE would give a neutral opinion on these elections. In fact, the elections were obviously the same as the previous ones.

How should we treat this conditional opposition in parliament? These people were chosen and got to the parliament as a part of a certain quota. They just agreed to take some rules.  On the other hand, each Belarusian patriot would be pleased that the Belarusian language would now be represented in the House.

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Russia always recognizes the elections in Belarus honest and fair. Russia is one of those partners who understands the situation. As for the previous vote, we need to ban this scheme. According to the official data, every third citizen has voted earlier than needed, why should we call this election at all? This scheme has been used since 1995, and a number of politicians have doubts that votes are counted at all. In their view, the report, which is being prepared before the main voting day, is used in order to put the right amount of ballots, thus ensuring compliance with this final report, whether contained in urns.

Why the leaders of the Belarusian opposition did not get to the Parliament? Anna Konopatska from the United Civil Party (UCP) is a pretty young woman who does not have as much political experience as leader of UCP. If Anatoly Lyabedka were in the House, he would quickly unveil the real face of this body.

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Konopatska and Anisim are two opposition politicians that cause sympathy, but in my opinion, they are not real politicians, able to participate in dispute, act on television.

I believe that Anisim would decriminalize Belarusian language and culture. The presence of these who oppositional politicians in parliament would bring back the debates over the culture of laws.

Occasionally, Belarus parliament adopts some really awkward laws. For example, a package of amendments to existing legislation on unemployed. In all countries, the unemployed are entitled to receive a support from the state, but only in Belarus unemployed have to pay state tax, because they are unemployed. In such a way, social agencies are trying to deal with the shadow revenue. But de facto it is nonsense, these laws were not even discussed. I hope that opposition politicians would make the authors of such legislative initiatives think about their initiatives. Now Belarus parliament session is not broadcasted. I hope that Parliament would come out of shade, and there would be more transparency in Belarus politics.

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