Wold most valuable passports and a place for Ukrainian citizenship

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The top ten most attractive citizenships mostly belong to the EU countrie
10:15, 14 September 2017

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Henley & Partners

This study shows the value of citizenship around the world. The authors note that the rating considers both internal factors, such as the scale of the economy, human development, public order and stability; and external - visa-free access for temporary trips and the possibility of visa-free living and working in other countries.

Experts say that the passport of economically successful countries do not always offers the best conditions for its citizens. When compiling the rating, the authors of the index have separated five categories of citizenship with the highest quality, very high quality, high quality, medium quality, and low quality. The index ranks citizenship on a scale of 0% to 100%.

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The top ten most attractive citizenships mostly belong to the EU countries. In 2016, German citizenship came first, in the previous five years Germany used to be at the top of the list. In general, it has gained 82.7% against 83.1% in 2015.

The second place was shared by France and Denmark, followed by Iceland, Sweden and Norway. At the same time, Ireland and Belgium dropped out of the top 10, followed by Spain and Italy.

In addition, United Kingdom, Portugal, and Lithuania are in the category of "highest quality. But the US and Canada are in the category of "very high quality", hitting 29 and 34 place.

Ukraine occupies 99th place in the world citizenship index, gaining some 29.7%. In 2015, the Ukrainian passport was in 87 place with 30.2%.

Henley & Partners

According to the Foreign Ministry, in the period from 2014 to the second quarter of 2017, 44,826 people have received Ukrainian citizenship.

In general, Ukraine's rating is higher than Georgian, which is 104th with 29.1%, but at the same time lower than that of Moldova, Belarus, Kazakhstan. In addition, Armenia overtook us, taking 97th place in the index-2016. Russia is on the 63rd place with an indicator of 39.7% and ranks first among the CIS countries.

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The last line of the index was the Central African Republic (16.3%) and Afghanistan (14.6%), in 2015 the list was closed by the Democratic Republic of the Congo from 14.3%.

"The value of citizenship at the global level increased by 0.75% in 2016. The value of 45 citizenship decreased in 2016 (by comparison, in 2015, 88 countries have lost value), the value of 140 citizenship increased in 2016, while in 2015 the number of such citizenship was 59 less than the average for the world in 2016 was 39.32%," analysts at Henley & Partners said.

It should be added that the study examines the citizenship of different countries in terms of their advantages and disadvantages, and does not assess the quality of life.

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