Why Ukrainian ministers do not resign after major scandals?

Author : Andriy Holovachov

Source : 112 Ukraine

After horrible deaths of police in Kniazhychi shooting, the Minister of Internal Affairs Avakov must take responsibility and resign. But peculiarities of Ukraine’s political struggle do not let him do that
19:15, 6 December 2016

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Fratricidal carnage in Kniazhychi (Kyiv region) is obviously a tragic accident. Even if we reject doubtful version of Gerashchenko, it is still clear that there was an incredible coincidence.

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As often happens, it is such a coincidence and reveal all the failures in the security agencies. Fires so-called "law of meanness." This is just the law that always rips the veil of retouched images in which the heads of nursing society, and opens it, society, the true state of affairs.

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The reform of the Interior Ministry was originally built on PR, and I do not just have to write that similar approaches will end tragically. Daily hard work of selecting and training were replaced by slogans, declarations and outright propaganda. So it was only a matter of time had to fly his majesty "black swan." Its forerunner was the first in Kryve Ozero, where police shot a farmer, but MIA management explained everything with the ordinary phrases and regular personnel reshuffle.

Despite the tragic coincidence, the effects of killing police units to one another are so terrible that the Minister of the Interior simply must take responsibility and resign. However, the likelihood of Avakov’s resignation is equal to zero. And the reason is not Avakov's personal qualities, but those rules of political struggle that existed in Ukraine.

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Ministers resignation is a political method, which is mandatory in western democracies and reflects ministers responsibility to their party and voters. The Minister, who after personal failures not resigned, quickly destroys rating of his party. No party agrees with this, because the resignation of Minister will still be forced.

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The problem of Ukraine is that we have neither the political parties nor the civil society, to which the parties have, by design, be responsible. We have oligarchic clans and political struggle between them have completely other laws. These laws provide for the principles of "hold on to power at any cost," "power is money, and money is power" and so on. Members of the clan are not responsible to their voters, because voters simply clan originally calculated during the election campaign buckwheat, soup sets, wheelchairs, prostheses, repair roofs and so on. Members of the clan are responsible only to the head of his clan, that is, before the "godfather". And if the situation is that the minister is himself "godfather" of the clan, the hope that he voluntarily resigns, is simply ridiculous.

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The current political system in Ukraine is just awful in its hopelessness and despair. President is unable to publicly demand the resignation of Avakov, because after revelations of Onishchenko he has no moral right to it, and it seems that the president has generally converted into "lame duck." Avakov just does not pay attention to such a request Poroshenko and NF easily translate the arrows on the president.

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But even more tragic is the fact that Ukraine has not formed a civil society. That is the main reason for the existence of the clan system in the country. We do not have a civil society, and there are paid imitation of the civil wrath, like yesterday picketing the building Avakov professional participants of the protest services. About how this was done, told the same Onishchenko, a former influential member of the clan, for whom the clan ethics was violated in the most rude way.

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