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About political decisions and personal merits of well-known Canada's PM - all that attracts interest and contributes to his popularity
09:40, 11 July 2016

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who visits Ukraine on July 11-12 is a very popular figure on the world political scene. The reasons are both his political decisions and his personality. Even before the election, he attracted attention as one of the most prominent political candidates, and now he also attracts interest of many people.

And there are some special reasons why Canada's PM is able to attract the attention of Ukrainians and win their special favor in advance:

Justin Trudeau wore traditional Ukrainian vyshyvanka (Embroidery shirt)

Trudeau and five federal ministers wore Ukrainian traditional clothes to mark International Vyshyvanka  Day. Deputies of Canadian parliament and members of government also tried on the embroidered shirts supporting the Day celebrated by Ukrainians around the globe. Photos and videos of the event gained big popularity on the Internet.

Canada supports and cooperates with official Kyiv during conflict with Russia

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People from the most damaged areas of Donetsk and Lugansk regions received financial aid of Canadian government. Ukraine and Canada agreed on cooperation agreement in field of defense and developing high-tech projects in aircraft engineering. "Our position is clear and unbreakable: we are against the illegal and illegitimate territorial expansion made by Russia to Ukraine and we support our Ukrainian friends. Yes, we said that we will begin to contact with Russian Federation on a number of issues, ranging from the Arctic and other issues, but during these contacts at every opportunity we will clearly state that we are determined in our support for Ukraine and will insist on this position”, - stated Justin Trudeau.

Canadian PM named Putin dangerous bully

According to Trudeau, Putin is a bully, who is dangerous for Eastern Europe, irresponsible in his actions in the Middle East and is ready to make unwarranted provocations in the Arctic. "If I have the opportunity in the coming months to meet with Vladimir Putin, I would say it's all in his face, because we have to guarantee that Canada continues to insist on the triumph of peace and justice throughout the world", - said Justin Trudeau before his election.

Except this, the Prime Minister of Canada has so many fans from different countries and of different political views. People from around the world consider him interesting, cheerful and open person, different from other well-known officials. He is the newest hero to appear on a Marvel comic book cover. He pokes fun at himself during political campaign. He is not arrogant and having fun talking, joking and dividing interests of other people.   :

He became first Canadian PM to march in Toronto Pride parade

Justin Trudeau has made history by marching with tens of thousands of people in Toronto’s Gay Pride parade with Canadian maple-leaf flag bordered with a rainbow. The whole world paid great attention to the issue of LGBT, and so many people are pleased to see the official who also does not stand aside from the fact that others are concerned of.

He agreed to accept the Syrian refugees and met them at the airport

Trudeau had been highly estimated by the international community when agreed to accept 25,000 Syrian refugees on February 2016 and went to the airport to greet them personally. Policy of new liberal PM was quite different in comparison with conservative ex-PM Stephen Harper.“I encourage all Canadians to show refugees a warm holiday welcome in keeping with our values of compassion, kindness, and generosity.” – Stated Justin Trudeau.

He’s not afraid to fight for the world peace

On October 20, the day after winning the election, Trudeau called on the phone the US President Barack Obama and said that Canadian pilots will not more take part in the bombing of the positions of the "Islamic State". Prior to that, in the military campaign in Syria and Iraq, six Canadian fighter jets made more than a thousand combat sorties.

He promotes environmental responsibility and healthy lifestyle

Speaking at the UN Climate summit in Paris, where he signed the Paris agreement on climate change, Canadian PM told to the delegates: "Today, with my signature, I give you our word that Canada's efforts will not cease. Climate change will test our intelligence, our compassion and our will. But we are equal to that challenge."

Also Trudeau in his interviews and photos in social media shows his commitment to healthy life, sports, and wild nature. He’s doing yoga, feeding animals, and actively spending holidays with his family.

He is an adherent of gender equality and calls himself feminist

Trudeau gave Canada the first cabinet with equal number of men and women. The ministers – 15 women and 15 men – are mostly aged under 50, in a team marking both a generational change and a commitment to reflecting Canada’s diversity. Nowadays gender equality issue matters to everyone and PM has made a great impact to better and more fair political world. Also he doesn’t think it should be a big deal for a man to call himself a feminist. “If you’re a progressive, you really should be a feminist because it’s about equality, it’s about respect, it’s about making the best of the world that we have,” – stated Trudeau.

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