Why Georgian reformers leave their Ukrainian posts?

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Georgian reformers team, working in Ukrainian state offices, has been cut almost in half
14:44, 9 November 2016

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Ukrainian President

The work of foreigners in Ukraine and their possible retirement has been a topical issue for a long time. Firstly, because it was something new for the country, and secondly, because each time, Ukraine was hoping for a significant result. Georgian reformers team has always been under the close supervision of the media and not just give in to criticism. Of the dozen foreign politicians, half has gone.

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Dzhaba Ebanoidze

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Dzhaba Ebanoidze was one of the first who resigned from the post of ex-Deputy Minister of Justice of Georgia. It was planned that he would be the head of the State Registration Service, but decided to eliminate the service and gave Ebanoidze into submission, he said, without the authorization of the Department.

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"The Justice Ministry promised that Department for registration will be established and that I will appoint the head of this department. Then I had to find out for a long time, what will be the functions and powers of the head of the department, and somewhere in February, when I learned that appears at the head of the department no authority there is no direct impact on registrars and no, I said that I do not like it and refused the post of Minister of Justice could not give me these powers, saying that according to Ukrainian legislation, the head of the department is not possible to delegate these functions," he said in an interview. In fact Ebanoidze never worked officially in the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice.

David Sakvarelidze

At the end of March 2016, David Sakvarelidze was not able to continue the work at the General Prosecutor of Ukraine. At the time, he was the First Deputy Prosecutor General of Georgia, and later deputy of the Georgian parliament. In Ukraine, Sakvarelidze was the deputy attorney general and part-time prosecutor Odesa region.

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The documents of dismissal state that Sakvarelidze has flagrantly violated the rules of prosecutorial ethics, intervened in the official activities of the prosecutor general, did not carry out his duties and improperly fulfill them. He did not carry out instructions regarding participation in the consideration of the court and the maintenance of public prosecution in the criminal proceedings against "diamond prosecutors," incorrectly draw up the documents for admission to state secrets, and later failed to eliminate deficiencies in them, did not hold a competition for positions in the local prosecutor's office.

Before dismissing eight deputies elected from the Odesa region, supported the appeal of heads of territorial Military Prosecutor of Ukraine on dismissal of Sakvarelidze. Later, he said that this statement served as a pretext for dismissal.

He said that he "violated prosecutorial ethics, but it is in their understanding of the term."

Alexander Kvitashvili

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Alexander Kvitashvili could not hold the post of the Health Minister. In fact, Parliament was not immediately able to vote for his dismissal, and the Minister himself handed in his resignation, then pick it up.

Kvitashvili said that he just does not have an opportunity to start the health reform, and in particular pointed to the Parliamentary Committee on Health.

"I stopped attending the committees in October, when I was ignored and mocked," he said. After the resignation, Kvitashvili said that they "sabotaged the adoption of important bills that have paralyzed the work of the ministry."

Eka Zguladze

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In May 2016, Eka Zguladze said that leaves the post of first deputy head of the Interior Ministry. At the same time, she will remain in the team of advisers Arsen Avakov.

"I stay in the team and, adopting the suggestion of the Minister, to head a specially created group of advisers," she noted.

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According to her, she warned the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov that her work in the ministry will be temporary. After leaving office, she has repeatedly asked to become deputy prime minister in different Cabinets, and this statement served as a pretext for dismissal.

Giorgi Lortkipanidze

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The resignation of two Odesa officials was also unexpected. Odessa region lost two leaders. The head of the local police, Giorgi Lortkipanidze recorded a video message to the residents where he summed up the results of his half years of work. Lortkipanidze did not specify the reasons for leaving, but noted that at this stage, "the development of the Odesa police need new blood."

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After a couple of hours after the news of the head of the Odesa Regional State Administration Lortkipanidze, Mikheil Saakashvili wrote an angry post, saying that the chief of police was deprived of most of his functions, and then he was persecuted from all sides.

"Well, now the corrupt officials and scoundrels of every stripe can celebrate. I can assure them, it would not be long!" He concluded.

Later, former President Mikheil Saakashvili came to reporters and started talking about broken promises from the president.

"I am really tired. From yet another unfulfilled promise. We see that the forces of regression attacked all progressive. We see that all new initiatives are being killed in the bud. And all this is happening in front of the whole Ukraine. What is for work when I have to, like some kind of Mongolian khan put up tents in the laughter around the world on the road to move to work in the tent and kill a pittance on these roads, which have not been repaired so many decades! then they published a declaration in which more money than it would take only cash, and I'm very tired of all to repair roads and to make European roads in this and still other areas. This does not work. I am very tired of it. "

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For several times, the question of the resignation of the head of the National Police Hatia Dekanoidze was risen. Media reported earlier that it intends to withdraw from his position in order to participate in the parliamentary elections in Georgia. Later she was blamed of the deaths of patrol police in Dnipro.

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As practice shows, foreign officials cannot find their place in Ukraine. Political opponents, of course, put the emphasis on the low achievements of the Georgian reformers.

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