Why do people all over shoot, kill, and destroy each other?

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The attacks affected prosperous Europe, post-Soviet countries, USA, and even distant serene Japan
17:57, 27 July 2016

Summer 2016 was marked by a wave of violence that has embraced the whole world: terrorist attacks, assaults, coups, and victims. All the people have lost the perceptions of security. The attacks affected the prosperous Europe (attack in Nice, taking hostages in the church of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, attacks in Munich, Reutlingen, and Ansbach), the post-Soviet countries (taking of hostages in Yerevan, shootout in Almaty), USA (shooting in Orlando-club), and even distant serene Japan, where 26-year-old knife-wielding man broke into a facility for the disabled and killed the people. The Turkish coup took near 300 people’s lives, and then mass arrests and dismissals began.

Turkey's instability threatens Europe, as this country hosts 2.7 million refugees from Syria. "Turkey might become a very dangerous place, because while President Erdogan is fighting against the opposition, the terrorists, who are the real threat, rendered invisible. Europe does not want instability in Turkey, since it is right at its doorstep," notes security expert Bruce Jones.

Migrants: danger or prejudice?

According to Pew Research Center poll, most Europeans believe that refugees that spread over the continent carry the threat of terrorism. In Hungary, Italy, Poland, and Greece, the majority of respondents said they have an unfavorable opinion of Muslims.

Hungarians are famous by their special intolerance towards migrants: about 76% of respondents in this country are concerned that the refugees will increase the likelihood of terrorist attacks. Officials hold the same opinion. In particular, the head of the Hungarian Prime Minister Office Antal Rogan believes that the recent atrocities in Europe occurred because of the "illegal immigration and terrorism go hand in hand," and "it is clear that terrorist criminals are illegal migrants."

One of the leaders of the ruling party "Fidesz" Lajos Kosa said that Brussels should give up its position on the elimination of barriers for migrants.

UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi believes that the focus on migrants as the source of the threat is devastating. "The refugees are people that try to escape from the conflict, persecution, and violations of their rights; and the international law gives them right to seek asylum in other countries. They want to rebuild their lives in peace and security," he claimed.

ISIS “lone wolves”

American researcher of terrorism Brian Jenkins writes that the recent terrorist attacks are not unique, this has already happened. For example, in January, during the attacks in Libya, Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, Indonesia, and Egypt.

The analyst reminds that every year, "Al-Qaeda" and ISIS call for attacks during the holy month of Ramadan, which this year ended on 5 July. Most Muslims believe the bloodshed during this religious period is blasphemy, jihadists believe that killing infidels allegedly deserve greater rewards if done during Ramadan.

Europol states that the Islamist threat in Europe is growing with the return of many Europeans who went to fight for the "Islamic State" in Syria and Iraq. Many of these 5000 radicalized militants returned to Europe with a real fighting skills and military experience, as reported by Die Welt. Jenkins writes that ISIS encourages such attacks and assists them, but does not organize itself. In other words, ISIS - is the "incubator", rather than the Central Command of the global terrorist campaign.


Another version of frequent terrorist attacks is ISIS desire to remain in the spotlight, even losing its positions in Syria and Iraq. Jihad strategy is based on the manipulation of perception: maintaining its image of strength and success. This does not mean that ISIS leadership is involved in planning each attack; often the individual initiatives play the main role.

Fred Kaplan - the Slate magazine columnist - in his article "The terrorism threat goes beyond ISIS" explains that the recent attacks in Europe are not related to a series of defeats of the Islamists in Syria and Iraq. Truly coordinated attacks of ISIS - such as in Paris and Brussels – have been planned for many months. Two activities of ISIS - military operations and terrorist attacks abroad - are part of the overall objective, but are held as separate events. In many cases (and not only in recent times), the terrorists were "lone wolves," inspired by ISIS, but not coordinated by any central organization.

Brave New World?

A military commentator Alex Arestovich believes that the reason for the wave of terrorist attacks is the transition of mankind from an industrial society to an informational era.

"The world is approaching the barrier. The main reason for the processes taking place on the planet, is the transition from an industrial society to an informational era. It should take place in a few decades. And this transition will change everything that we call the society, politics, culture. This can be compared with the transition from the traditional stage to the phase of industrial revolution," he said.


The expert suggested the world to be embraced with the terrorist attacks and hybrid wars for at least 20 years.

Axis of the disasters

Astrologers have their own version of the causes of the wave of violence, of extraterrestrial origin.

Astrologer Vlad Ross explained that Mars and Saturn, the planet of large and small misfortunes are part of the so-called catastrophes axis. In his words, "August would be the most dangerous time, there will be more tension, especially between eclipses - between August 18, when there will be a lunar eclipse, and September 1, during the sun eclipse."

The disturbing news from abroad push the daily reports from Donbas to the backstage. But the number of victims among the Ukrainian soldiers has increased dramatically. Every sympathetic post in the support of the Europeans must be accompanied by a commentary, calling not to forget what is going on within our state.

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