Who plays the anti-Ukrainian card?

Author : Jerzy Targalski

Ukraine is called the "strategic partner of Poland," but we do not see any partnership except the projects of the head of the Ministry of Defense
23:19, 16 November 2017

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Ukraine is called the "strategic partner of Poland", but we do not see any partnership except the projects of the head of the Ministry of Defense. Strategic decisions are made only by Antoni Macierewicz, who is engaged in the creation of the Polish-Lithuanian-Ukrainian military brigade. Creation of the Carpathian gas pipeline is a strategic step too. At the same time, there is no complete plan for the Polish state.

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It is not known what we want to achieve, what stages we are going to overcome on the way to the goal. The saddest thing is that the political course towards Ukraine has become an element of the struggle for the votes of the voters. This curse became dependable on domestic policy in its worst manifestations, as well as the atmosphere created by Russia and ultranationalist circles.

Recently, Andrzej Duda joined the “anti-Ukrainian chorus,” who stated that some Ukrainian politicians have anti-Polish position. Apparently, the president, who has recently been criticized for betraying his electorate and blocking reforms, has decided to raise his rating with this statements.

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However, the thesis that the Banderites rule Ukraine is part of the Russian information war. Poland willingly uses it to play anti-Ukrainian card. More and more people take the anti-Ukrainian position. Publicists and politicians portray Ukraine as a country of Banderites, who dream of arranging a new "Volyn massacre". Of course, many claims can be brought against the Ukrainian side, however, Polish political circles and representatives of the media have turned the conscious incitement of hatred towards Ukraine into an instrument for achieving popularity. If they do not come to their senses and put the interests of the Polish state first, there will be no chance of normalizing the situation.

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Then Poland will turn into a problem. Our allies want to be sure that the Polish state can be a stabilizing factor in its region, and not a hotbed of hatred and conflict. When they see that we, pursuing private interests, are ready to risk stability, they will think twice before investing in our economy and security. Everything will end with the implementation of the Russian scenario, which looks like this: "if the Poles are a problem, you need to give them to Russia and Germany."

The facts are as follows: our policy should be based on a strategy of action in the conjunction of the United States - Ukraine - Poland. We have to become the second most important state for the Ukrainians after the United States, and the role of an important state is not to stir the peoples against each other. Unfortunately, we are engaged in the destruction of the stability of the region.

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Now about the issue of victims and perpetuating their memory. No one talks about the need to remain silent and forget about the scale of the phenomenon. Historical politics and historical themes have turned today into an instrument of attacking Ukraine and inciting hatred towards Ukrainians.

As for the exhumations (Warsaw accuses Kyiv of obstructing the search for the burial places of the Poles who died during World War II and the exhumation of their remains), I remind that 20 Ukrainian monuments were desacralized in Poland. The Polish leadership did not react to these incidents, deciding to use anti-Ukrainian forces to enforce the court's decision on the demolition of the monument to the UPA soldiers in the village of Hruszowice.

The recent visit of Minister of Foreign Affairs Witold Waszczykowski to Ukraine turned into a demonstrative anti-Ukrainian action. His message sounded like this: "I am the main defender of the Poles, who are oppressed in Ukraine, so I must keep my post." He is not competent in the Ukrainian subject, and his trip was a real disaster (unless we set out to scandal).


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I believe that Poland should strive for another: it should normalize relations and establish cooperation, which will make it possible to conduct exhumations. Waszczykowski would never achieve these goals, because he cannot and does not want to.

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