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Law enforcers consider Okueva’s public stance a reason for her assassination
09:33, 1 November 2017

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Activist of Revolution of Dignity and Anti-Terrorist Operation in the East of Ukraine Amina Okueva (Natalia Nikiforova) died in the Kyiv region near Hlevakha. Her car was shot at a railway junction. The woman has got injuries, incompatible with life. Her husband, Adam Osmaev, who was also in a car, is wounded in the leg, and medical experts state that nothing is threatening his life now.

Law enforcers consider Okueva’s public stance a reason for her assassination.

Amina Okueva was born on June 5, 1983 in Odesa. Okueva adopted the Islamic faith in the 2000s. Then she changed her name. First name of Amina Okueva was Natalia Nikiforova. Later she called herself Anastasia, and after marrying the military Mustafinov Isa, she changed her name to Amina. She became Okueva after her second marriage and did not change her name any more.

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She graduated from Odesa Medical University (General Surgery) and for some time after graduating from the university, she worked as an intern in one of the city hospitals.

Public activity of Okueva in Ukraine became apparent with the beginning of EuroMaidan (end of 2013), which later turned into a Revolution of Dignity. The girl replied to the "Self-Defense" ranks, where he was a doctor of the 8th Afghan Squad.

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According to, Okueva’s husband, Adam Osmaev, became widely known after being detained in Odesa in early 2012 after an explosion in one of the apartments on Tiraspol Street. At the same time, the Ukrainian and Russian secret services said that he and his comrades supposedly prepared an assassination attempt on Vladimir Putin.

With the onset of an armed conflict in eastern Ukraine in July 2014, Okueva joined "Kyiv-2" battalion, where he was registered as a nurse, however, according to Okueva, she was not actually involved in medicine.

There was an information that she was a sniper. At first, Okueva did not confirm this information, but later she confessed in an interview with that this is true.

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It is known that Okuyeva participated in the defense of Debaltsevo, she was performing combat tasks near Chornukhino, Luhansk region.

Later she served in "Zoloti Vorota" battalion, participated in the creation of a peacekeeping battalion named after Dudayev, in particular, she was a press officer of the battalion and sought to provide official status of this military formation.

According to Okueva, the motive for participating in Donbas war was the conviction that Russia is a common enemy of Ukrainians and Chechens.

Okueva criticized both Russian authorities and Chechens. In connection with this, she has many accounts in social networks, because from time to time, she was blocked for her statements. In particular, the woman called the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov "the patients of a psychiatrist".

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Okueva considered Caucasus "the Achilles heel of Putin." The woman was convinced that because of the massive bloodshed, Chechens had congenital hatred.

In addition to social and military activities, Okueva was also interested in politics. She took part in the 2014 parliamentary elections, running for a single-mandate constituency № 136 in the Suvorov district of Odesa. The woman did not have any party support; she went as a self-nominee. However, she did not get into the Verkhovna Rada of the VIII convocation, she received 3.72% of the votes (9th place in the district).

After the death of Okueva, People's Deputy Igor Mosiychuk, who was also recently assassinated, said that at the time of the murder, Okueva on her way to his place. Moreover, as it turned out, Okueva worked as his assistant.

Earlier, Okueva's life was already in danger. In June of this year, A firefight took place in Kyiv, resulting in gunshot wounds received by two men, one of whom was Okueva's husband Adam Osmaev.

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Then Osmaev agreed to give an interview allegedly to a French journalist who, in fact, shot him. Okuyeva managed to shoot into the man in response. The attacked was detained.

Osmayev was diagnosed with an on-line gunshot wound of the chest, wounding the lower, middle part of the right lung, wounding the diaphragm, liver, large hemothorax, gunshot fracture. His condition was assessed as extremely difficult, but Osmaev recovered and returned to his usual life.

Later, Ministry of Internal affairs said that the arrested detainee could be linked to Ramzan Kadyrov, the scandalous head of Chechnya.

Ironically, two days before the shelling of the car Okueva wrote on her page in social network: "We are ready to meet with the killers."

According to her own religious beliefs, Okuyeva wore hijab in everyday life and at the front.

She has got acquainted with her last husband, the Chechen military, the major of the armed forces of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria Adam Osmayev, in 2008 on the Internet. They had Islamic marriage, in a mosque, in 2009 without registering in the passport, since Osmaev is not a citizen of Ukraine and at that time stayed in the country illegally.

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According to Okueva, they did not plan to have children, because they decided to link their lives with the struggle for freedom.

In February 2015 during the war in the east of Ukraine Osmaev headed the International Peacekeeping Battalion named after Dzhokhar Dudayev.

According to some reports, Okueva had a 13-year-old child, but she preferred not to mention about him.

In 2015, Okuyeva was awarded the Order "People's Hero of Ukraine", as well as firearms of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - Glock 43 pistol.

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