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Find out the rules, dates, and participants - everything you need to know about the popular music main event of the spring
21:26, 30 March 2017

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Eurovision Song Contest to start in Kyiv in a little more than a month: locations are determined, tickets are sold, the participants prepare their performances. All we need to know about the main event of this spring is gathered in our material.


Semifinals of the song contest to be held on May 9 and 11. The final is on the 13th of May. The preliminary start time of live broadcasts is 20:00, but it can be adjusted later.


The show's arena is the International Exhibition Center (IEC) in Kyiv, one of the largest exhibition centers in Ukraine. The total area of the complex is 58,000 square meters, and the exhibition area is 28,000 square meters. This is enough to accommodate all the facilities required for Eurovision.

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Also the IEC has 15 conference halls with a total area of 1,700 square meters, and 2500 parking spaces on the territory of the center. With the help of additional tribunes, the arena can accommodate up to 10,000 people. The planned size of the scene is about 750 square meters. The press center will have an area of 4 thousand square meters.

The author of the stage project is the German designer Florian Wieder. The concept has the form of a circle and symbolizes the transformation of Ukraine into the center of Europe. The stage allows viewers to be as close to the performers as possible.



Who is involved?

This year, 43 countries are participating, but due to the ban on the performance of the contestant from Russia Yulia Samoilova, their number might be reduced to 42.

The first semifinal of Eurovision-2017 will include:

Australia - Isaiah with the song "DonotComeEasy"

Azerbaijan - DiHaj with the song "Skeletons"

Albania - Lindita with the song "World"

Belgium - Blanche with the song "City Lights"

Armenia - Artsvik with the song "Fly With Me"

Greece - Demy with the song "This is Love"

Georgia - Tamara Gachechiladze with the song "Keep The Faith"

Iceland - Svala with the song "Paper"

Cyprus - Hovig with the song "Gravity"

Latvia - Triana Park with the song "Line"

Moldavia - Sunstroke Project with the song "Hey Mamma"

Poland - Kasia Moś with the song "Flashlight"

Portugal - Salvador Sobral with the song "Amar Pelos Dois"

Slovenia - Omar Naber with the song "On My Way"

Finland - Norma John with the song "Blackbird"

Czech Republic - Martina Bárta with the song "My Turn"

Montenegro - Slavko Kalezić with the song "Space"

Sweden - Robin Bengtsson with the song "I Can not Go On"

Participants of the second semifinal:

Austria - Nathan Trent with the song "Running On Air"

Belarus - Naviband with the song "Story of My Life"

Bulgaria - Kristian Kostov with the song "Beautiful Mess"

Denmark - Anja with the song "Where I Am"

Estonia - Koit Toome and Laura with the song "Verona"

Israel - IMRI with the song "I Feel Alive"

Ireland - Brendan Murray with the song "Dying to Try"

Lithuania - Fusedmarc with the song "Rain Of Revolution"

FYROM - Jana Burčeska with the song "Dance Alone"

Malta - Claudia Faniello with the song "Breathlessly"

Netherlands - OG3NE with the song "Lights and Shadows"

Norway - JOWST with the song "Grab The Moment"

Russia - Yulia Samoylova with the song "Flame is Burning" (most likely, would not be performed)

Romania - Ilinca ft. Alex Florea with the song "Yodel It!"

San Marino - Valentina Monetta and Jimmie Wilson with the song "Spirit of the Night"

Serbia - Tijana Bogićević with the song "In Too Deep"

Hungary - Joci Pápai with the song "Origo"

Croatia - Jacques Houdek with the song "My Friend"

Switzerland - Timebelle with the song "Apollo"

Automatically, the finals are hosted by the "Big Five" countries and host country of the current song contest. In the final show of Eurovision-2017, they will be joined by ten participants from each semifinal, who will receive the highest scores on the results of spectators 'and judges' voting.

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In the finals will be presented:

UK - Lucie Jones with the song "Never Give Up On You"

Spain - Manel Navarro with the song "Do It For Your Lover"

Italy - Francesco Gabbani with the song "Occidentali's Karma"

Germany - Levina with the song "Perfect Life"

Ukraine - O.Torvald with the song "Time"

France - Alma with the song "Requiem"

How to choose a winner?

Participants are judged by a professional jury and spectators from all participating countries. The jury chooses the best, in their opinion, song, giving it 12 points, the next - 10 points and so on. The same system with the votes of the spectators: the participant who receives the largest number gets 12, the next - 10. Points from the jury and viewers are added together, and they are equally important.

Starting from the 2016 contest, the results of the jury's voting are announced separately from the voting results of the viewers. First, speakers from all participating countries announce only 12 points from the jury (scores from 1 to 10 are shown on the screen). After that, the votes of the viewers are counted. These votes are already announced by the hosts of the contest, starting with the country that received the lowest score, and ending with the country with the highest score. Thus, the winner of the competition becomes known only after the announcement of the votes is over from both the jury and the viewers.

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Participants from Ukraine - who are they?

O.Torvald band was formed 10 years ago in Poltava, but musicians have long been living in Kyiv and are quite popular. Their song is about how important it is to appreciate every moment of life.

Who will lead the competition?

The leading Eurovision contestants became Volodymyr Ostapchuk, Olexander Skichko, and Timur Miroshnychenko. For the first time in the history of the Eurovision the contest will be hosted by three men. Ostapchuk and Skichko will be partners on the stage, and Miroshnychenko will work in the green room.

Recently there was unconfirmed information that the singer Olga Tsybulskaya joined the team of leading musicians.

What is the slogan and logo?

The slogan of the contest is "Celebrate Diversity". The logo is a traditional Ukrainian necklace, which is not only an ancient female adornment, but also an amulet. It consists of a large number of beads, each of which is special.

How to buy tickets?

The sale of tickets for Eurovision Song Contest-2017 began on February 14 on the official ticket agent's website You can buy tickets not only for two semi-finals and final, but also for six general rehearsals. On the official website of the seller, there are no tickets for the live broadcast of the second semi-final and grand final, but you can attend day and evening shows. The cheapest tickets are 219 UAH. As of March 14, 23 thousand tickets were sold, half of them were bought by foreigners.

Where will the opening ceremony take place?

May 7, the opening ceremony of the Eurovision Song Contest will be held. A red carpet to be placed near the Mariinsky Palace, next to the building of the Verkhovna Rada. It will be of a record length - 265 meters.

The red carpet will lead all participants of the event to the venue of the opening ceremony - to the congress and exhibition center "Parkovy". At the opening ceremony you might watch the performances of Jamala, Ruslana, Oleg Skrypka and the group "Druha Rika".

CEC "Parkovy" is also be the place where Euroclub would be located. It will accommodate about 3.5 thousand visitors.

How about fan zones?

Euro-town will be located on Khreshchatyk and will work from May 4 to May 14. In the days of the semifinals and finals, this location would host a live broadcast of the show on the screens and daily food courts will operate, concerts and a varied entertainment program will be held.

The fan zone of Eurovision-2017 on Sofia's square will open for the visitors of the song contest on April 30. The size of the site will be 200 by 200 meters. The territory of the fan zone is covered with a special lawn covering, and near the monument to Khmelnytsky 10 thousand tulips will be planted. The scene will look like a huge TV – a mirror (size 26 by 16 m). In addition, a three-meter luminous microphone and art objects from ice will be installed in the fan zone.

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It was also reported that the fan zone will be equipped in Obolon, in Natalka Park.

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