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Every fall, Apple fans expect a miracle from the company - a technological breakthrough in the field of mobile devices, a fundamentally new class of gadgets, or at least the implementation of a more or less new, but not so popular earlier technology.
13:17, 12 September 2017

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In recent years, Apple is in no hurry to revolutionize and introduces what it believes is already in demand among buyers, focusing primarily on photographic and sports opportunities. Now among global trends are artificial intellect and augmented or virtual reality. The spheres are new and almost useless for the end user, but it seems that Apple has paid attention to them. What will the new iPhone look like and whether to expect something revolutionary from it – let’s try to understand the rumors and assumptions of experts.

Smartphones Apple going to present

At the moment, in Internet, we saw images of three smartphones, which, presumably, Apple will show on September 12. It's an iPhone 7s and an iPhone 7s Plus with a glass back of the case and wireless charging (probably close in performance to the current line-up), and the iPhone 8 - a special "anniversary" model (this year the iPhone turns 10 years old), which is quite different from the current Apple line-up. But just yesterday, there was news that the Irish programmer found information in the code of iOS 11 that the new flagship Apple smartphone will be called iPhoneX, and two another models - iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Flagship model for the first time will be released in limited edition.

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The reason for this strange naming, the number of devices and the limited number of copies is covered could be two things. In the "jubilee" model, Apple should show something special - this is expected from the company. Presumably, this will be the OLED-display, wireless charging, improvements in the components of the device and support for augmented reality. There is only one problem - many of such smartphones will not be produced before the start of the sales. That is, the "revolution" will go according to the plan, but only in a limited edition.

What about deficit?

At the moment, the only manufacturer of displays for the next top iPhone is Samsung. The production capacity of the company is loaded with the manufacture of displays not only for Apple, but also for their own needs, so it will not be possible to physically release the number of screens necessary to meet the expected demand. At the moment 70 million displays have been purchased.

But the display is not the only big change in the iPhone X. The model should get a smaller motherboard and power supply, as well as an increased battery. In the spring of 2017 it became known that component manufacturers have problems with almost everything: motherboards cannot be produced quickly and with the preservation of quality, the power supply unit with a wireless charging system overheats. In fact, component suppliers did not have time to reach the required time, and Foxconn received displays for assembling a couple of months after the deadline. The other day, the Wall Street Journal also wrote about a possible shortage.

Therefore, for the first time since the start of sales, there will be a deficit of the iPhone X, which should be covered for the high season - before Christmas. But Apple likes to play with deficit, which creates a feeling for the public that there is an increased demand for its products, so it is unlikely that delay will play against the product in this case.

Screen, design, body

2017 in the smartphone segment was the year of "frameless" top models. Manufacturers have reduced to a minimum the space around the displays and tried to hide the frames behind the rounded corners. Now the average flagship smartphone looks like a single solid screen with thin frames just above and below. In this direction Samsung  company especially succeeded. But Apple, which has not been in a hurry to part with the extra millimeters on the case, will not be an exception.

This year for the first time in the history of Apple, the company will use in its devices displays with OLED-matrix produced by Samsung. It is characterized by saturated colors and a large, in comparison with IPS, energy efficiency. The latter is especially important in the context of the growth of display diagonal and the use of notifications on the disabled screen. This feature (analogue of Always On function in Samsung) may appear in the iPhone 8.

Presumably, the screen of the iPhone X will have a diagonal of 5.8 inches (the current generation is equipped with a 4.7-inch display in a smaller model and 5.5-inch in Plus). There will still be 3DTouch technology. On top of the display will be a small cutout for the camera and sensors. On the sides of the screen the service information will be located.

Aluminum on the body will replace the glass. Wireless charging will not make the smartphone thicker. Most likely, the thickness will decrease, so that the enlarged model could still be placed in the hand (Apple strictly control the ergonomics), while the protection against water IP68 will remain.

The colors of the case will be, presumably, as in the photo below.

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The device will lose any keys on the front panel, which will lead to several changes in the usual functions of the smartphone. For example, the Siri launch will be transferred to the screen lock button.

Security and 3D camera

In the iPhone X, judging by the leaks of photos and videos, there will be no TouchID technology. It will be replaced by FaceID - recognition of the user by the retina of the eye. The model will receive a frontal 3D-camera with an infrared sensor, which allows determining the "depth" of the image. That is, it cannot be deceived with the help of a photo of the smartphone owner.

In addition, presumably, the 3D camera will allow you to do voluminous selfies or create 3D user avatars. This feature can be useful in games or in social networks.

Augmented Reality

According to Bloomberg, Apple has a large team of specialists in the field of augmented reality. In addition, in recent years, the company has repeatedly expressed interest in AR and even acquired start-ups working in this direction. The publication assumes that the jubilee iPhone will have augmented reality technology, and soon the Cupertino company will also release its own AR-glasses.

Wireless charger

Wireless charging is one of the curious and not new technologies that has not yet become mainstream, despite the fact that it was presented in the flagships of Nokia and Samsung. Apple ignored it for many years, but iPhone X will receive a glass case, it is believed, precisely because finally Apple has matured for wireless charging. If so, then there is a chance that the technology will have a new breath and mass distribution.


Will the 3.5mm audio jack return and will Apple switch to USB Type-C - these questions sounded from the time of the previous generation iPhone announcement. But judging by the leaked pictures in Internet, the company will remain loyal to its previous decision. For charging and connecting to computer it will use Lightning, also it will be the only connector for wired headphones. The company receives deductions from the sales of wired headphones from Lightning. Their own wireless headphones AirPods were quite popular - with them the company won a quarter of the market of wireless headsets. Startups with true wireless-headset are into the same niche, and they will develop it. Buyers of iPhone 7 have reconciled with such discomfort. Therefore, Apple simply does not need to change anything. We hope that other major manufacturers will not follow the example of the Cupertino company.

iOS 11

The new iPhone will run under iOS 11, which is currently in beta testing. Changes in this version have touched the voice assistant, which will become even more intelligent due to the technology of machine learning, better master the intonations of speech, learn to translate instantly, answer questions about music and select favorite compositions of the owner. Technologies in the field of artificial intelligence are popular today, all major technology companies see the future for them. Moreover, now everyone who works in this area has a chance to get ahead in comparison with competitors and in the future to grab a large piece of pie, so it is logical that resources are being invested in the development of Siri.

Also, the changes in iOS 11 affected Apple Music, the App Store, navigation, control panel, which the user can now customize for himself, there appeared a simpler import of settings from other iPhone. The new version of the OS supports augmented reality and p2p-transfers (this is not for the Ukrainian market yet). The camera in iOS 11 will learn to recognize the faces of adults and children, identify pets and the type of scene, will encode the video in an improved format.

What is inside

Apple iPhone 8 will receive a new processor Apple A11 Fusion. It is assumed that the company will present the model in three versions of memory: 64, 256, 512 GB. The amount of RAM will be 3 GB, which is not so much the OS's need as the tribute to the arms race (although AR may require more resources), because Android smartphones now have up to 6 GB of RAM. The same memory size will be presented for the model iPhone 7S Plus, while the iPhone 7S will remain with 2 GB.

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Sales start and prices

According to rumors, Apple will open pre-order for the iPhone X on Friday after the presentation, that is, on September 15. The device will go on sale on September 22.

This year, experts predicted a rise in prices for the flagship devices of Samsung and Apple. It is connected both with the growth of the cost price (in particular, due to OLED-display), and with the need to be detached from the available Chinese flagships in the perception of buyers. Top models of A-brands are not only hardware and speed (whereby advanced Chinese companies are also good in this), but also software that receives increasing attention in mobile devices (and also such things as support, testing, quality components and other things that ultimately affect the perception of the brand).

There is no consensus on how expensive the new iPhone X will be. According to rumors, the price may amount either 850-1000 dollars or 1000-1300 dollars.

Something else?

Together with the iPhone, Apple would show a new generation of smart watches Apple Watch 3. Unfortunately, there is almost no information about them. According to one version, the watch will be able to work without a companion smartphone. Also, it should be assumed that the announcement of the new model will bring a decline in prices for the previous ones, which in turn may spur the sales of old watch models. Or may not.

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