What Savchenko is accused of: the text of the prosecutor's plea

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If what is written is true, Savchenko planned to kill the President and top country's leaders twice
23:21, 22 March 2018

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Two days earlier, on Tuesday, March 20, two of the three pleas in the so-called Savchenko case were published by Anton Herashchenko, Ukrainian MP from the People’s Front and Interior Minister adviser, on his Facebook page.

So, what Savchenko is suspected of, what basis the suspicions lay on and what are the detains of the “collusion”?

Please read the plea.


The plea of lifting immunity of Nadiya Savchenko, the independent MP, and her detention dates back to March 15.

The text of the documents lists 40 pages and was prepared by Oleksandr Bannyk, the Chief Military Prosecutor and Yury Lutsenko, the Prosecutor General.

Apart from that, the Prosecutor’s Office applied a plea on Savchenko’s arrest to the Verkhovna Rada and 174 pages of cover documents, the so-called an evidence base.


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The charges

All the pleas against Ukrainian MP Nadiya Savchenko are based on the materials of the criminal case on grounds of criminal offenses under articles 109, 14, 28, 112, 258, 258-3, 263.

In other words, Savchenko is accused of: collusion aimed at the coup, organization of the coup, the assassination attempt on public officials, organization of a terror attack, facilitating a terrorist activity, illegal weapon handling.

Thus, in case the guilt is proved, the MP may face up to 15 years in prison or life imprisonment.


Course of events 

Investigation suspects that Nadiya Savchenko conducted her criminal activity from November 2017 until now.


Not later than on November 20, being dissatisfied by country’s social and economical situation and having evident disrespect to the President, parliament and government, and being fascinated by the viewpoints of the leaders of the terrorist “DNR” organizations regarding the coup and intending to promote their activity, colluded with Volodymyr Ruban, earlier already known to her, the head of Officer Corps, the all-Ukrainian public organization, Oleksandr Zakharchenko, leader of the “DNR” militants, Aleksandr Timofeev, the so-called minister of revenues and taxes of the “DNR” and other nonidentified terrorists.

They agreed to overthrow Ukraine’s constitutional order and to seize power completing a terror attack and country’s top leaders assassination.

By the way, this is the main aim of the terrorists in Donbas, according to the prosecutor’s office.

The prosecutors state that it was then when the implementation plan of this malicious intent was created.


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Coup plan

The first item in the plan was to shell the governmental bock in Kyiv from mortars, grenade launchers, and firearms at the moment when the President, parliamentarians, the Prime-Minister, the ministers and a number of other public officials and figures.

How was it supposed to look like? The buildings of the Verkhovna Rada and the Administration of the President, nearing residential houses were to be sprayed with mortars and grenade launchers. The building of the parliament was to be blown up from inside at the same time. In case the law enforcers try to intervene, they should have been killed.

machine-gun fire

The second point was to seize the building of the Verkhovna Rada at night to block its functioning and attack the houses and cars of the country’s top leaders’ cars and private houses.

At that it is specified that one group of people should have seized the building of the parliament killing the guards with firearms and explosives, and the second group was supposed to attack the cars and houses of the President, Interior Minister, National Security Secretary and other high officials, including leaders of the political parties.

In other words, in case the documents contain no typos, Savchenko and Co planned to kill country’s top leaders twice. It’s also unclear what’s the purpose to seize the blown up building of the parliament.

Organizing a terror attack

After that the coup plotters began implementing the abovementioned plan.

The Prosecutor underlined that Ruban was gathering the group in 2017. Zakharchenkov, Berezen, Layashch, Kot, Shashkin, Mezentsev and others were included into the group. Four of them – Zakharchenkov, Berezen, Layashch, Kot – revealed the plans of Ruban to Ukraine’s Security Service and agreed to participate in covert surveillance.

The Prosecutor’s General Office believe that Ruban was not aware of that, neither did Savchenko, that’s why they went on cooperating with the persons mentioned to implement their malicious intent.

Thus, they went to the territory of the “DNR” on November 20-23 and purchased a part of the weapons for the terror attack with the help of Aleksandr Timofeev, the so-called “minister of revenues and taxes of the “DNR” They personally transported it to the “grey zone” near the Mayorskaya railroad station, handed it to Mr. Berezan, who delivered it to Khmelnytsky, Western Ukraine, to the territory of A0553 military unit.

On November 23 – December 13 Savhcenko and Ruban were discussing the details of the terror attack and setting the roles. At that it is specified that they met in different locations in different cities of Ukraine – in Bakhmut, Donetsk region, Khmelnytsk, Kyiv.

Finally it was decided that Savhcenko shall be the operation leader and executor. Specifically, as an executor, she was to bring F-1 and RGD-5 hand grenades and firearms to blow up the building from inside and kill those politicians that survive.

The purchase of the additional part of weapons for the terror attack followed. Ruban himself performed that on March 6 – 8. As before he decided to by arms from the “DNR”. He transported it himself through the Mayorsk checkpoint, where he was detained by the Security Service officers.

Legal background

The charges are based mostly on the testimonies of witnesses Berezen, Zakharchenkov, Lyash and Kot – all those who have been cooperating with the Security Service since the beginning of the coup preparations. Berezen is the most important one of them – he was in charge of weapon delivery and was aware of all of the operation’s details.

Moreover, it seems like the investigation has audio and video recordings of conversations between Savchenko and Ruban and the aforementioned individuals almost everywhere where these conversations happened, including the military bases in Bakhmut and Khmelnytsky.

The body of evidence also includes hard evidence (particularly – the weapons), expert findings, testimonies by border guards and much more.

This is why the Prosecutor’s Office is requesting the Parliament of Ukraine to lift immunity off Nadiya Savchenko (which is necessary for further investigation to go on), as well as her detention, and, presumably, her arrest (in order for the member of parliament not to be able to influence the investigation and to avoid the charges).

Instead of an afterword

Yesterday, Nadiya Savchenko spoke of a political put-up job and provocations. According to her, she had been aware of the actions by the law enforcement agencies and had been simply playing along.

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