What money can buy: Most unusual property of Ukrainian MPs

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This time people's deputies declared horses, old and ultra modern cars, stylish accessories and crypto currency
13:30, 5 April 2017

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After the first wave of electronic declarations, it seemed that you would not be surprised with the latest descriptions of the property and incomes of the deputies. However, we found a lot of interesting things which belong to Ukrainian officials. People say "money can’t buy happiness". So what can buy it? We present you 11 declared things that deserve to be in a special category.

№1 Overseas generosity

MP Igor Kononenko (Petro Poroshenko’s bloc) is the leader of our rating, as he showed the breadth of scope. If he takes part in parliamentary elections in Seychelles, its residents would definitely vote for him: in 2016 he paid for renting premises for the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of the Seychelles in Ukraine 135 thousand UAH. It should be noted that the declaration of the parliamentarian for 2016 also indicates considerable sums for charity, in total about 700 thousand UAH. And if you consider that the line "charity" is far from every member of the Verkhovna Rada, the balance is in favor of Igor Kononenko. He can afford, because the number of zeros in his declaration goes off scale.

№2 Living creature

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Do you think that wealth means money, real estate, stocks, bonds and jewelry? People's deputy Yevhen Geller (Vidrodzhennya group) broke the stereotype. He declared animate value. In the ownership of his wife he declared three horses of the Westphalian breed. Continuing the theme of living creatures, People's Deputy Yuriy Bereza (Narodnyi Front faction) declared the half-built stable in the ownership of his wife.

№3 Leather accessories

You can go to work with a knapsack, but with a more solid portfolio. People's Deputy Alexander Granovsky (Petro Poroshenko’s bloc) declared two briefcases in total for almost 44 thousand UAH (Chopard). He gets third place, as the price of the briefcases indicates his diligence.

With such beautiful things can compete only the bag of the Igor Kononenko’s wife, made from the skin of the ostrich -126 000 UAH.

№4 Electric car

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For some people it’s possible to move into the future driving outdated cars, but it is better to promote something new. MP Glib Zagoriy declared the electric vehicle TESLA of 2015 year of release. Land Rover and Mercedes on its background seem to be not fashionable at all.

№5 Lucky coin

MP Vitaly Homutynnik (Vidrodzhennya group) declared a Euro 2012 coin. Maybe because it’s a memory of the championship, or because the coin is made of precious metals, and on one of the popular ad sites it can be bought for 180 UAH. But gift coins from silver in the same set of 5 pcs. cost about 11 thousand UAH. What a coin from the set the declarant has, is still unknown. Most likely, its value for the parliamentarian is in its symbolism.

№6 Library

People's Deputy Volodymyr Lytvyn (Volia Narodu group) declared an integral object - a library with 4,500 volumes. Ten times behind him is Serhiy Vlasenko considering the number of books. But his library is a collection of law and historical books of the 18-19th centuries. Oleksander Vilkul also indicated an interesting library in his declaration, but in addition to books (217 items) he mentioned antiquarian documents, including financial ones - shares of the 18-19th centuries.

To accommodate such a rich storehouse of wisdom, the deputies need furniture. Irina Lutsenko (Petro Poroshenko’s bloc) declares bookcases of 27 sections of her spouse Yuriy Lutsenko.

№7 Price of medicine

Perhaps, it makes sense to involve the head of “Petro Poroshenko’s bloc” faction to the reform of health care system. Arthur Gerasimov knows firsthand how much medical services cost, because he declared the expenses for childbirth in the amount of 119 thousand UAH (4403 USD). Where did they give birth for such a sum?

№8 Old iron horse

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People's deputy Oleksander Bilovol (Vidrodzhennya group) declared the oldest car - GAZ 213, which in two years will celebrate half a century birthday (released in 1969). But we were kindly surprised by another parliamentarian Oleksander Brygynets (Petro Poroshenko’s bloc) for being devoted to the domestic car industry; in his declaration we found two cars ZAZ 110557 and ZAZ 110207 of 2005 and 2001 release. However, for official visits Oleksander Brygynets rents a Mercedes C 200, again, an old car, 1996 year of release.

№9 Singing soul

The electronic declaration of Olga Bogomolets (Petro Poroshenko’s bloc) is something that we want to read and re-read. There are a lot of interesting things! Silver cigarette cases, generic prints, the emblem and icons of the Bogomolets family, books, the Soul of Ukraine museum and the historical and cultural complex in Radomyshl (and the lodge there). We were also struck by copyright to music for more than 100 songs.

№10 The sky under the wing

It’s cool to fly not only in a dream. And for this it’s useful to have an aircraft. People's Deputy Yevhen  Balitsky (the Opposition block faction), as the declaration reads, could fly at any time: his wife owns 5 aircraft and another one was declared in an ownership of a foreign legal entity.

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№11 Money of the future

Dmytro Bilotserkovets (Petro Poroshenko’s bloc) declared the Bitcoin digital crypto currency. And not one, but the amount of398 bitcoins, which at the current rate in UAH equivalent is about 12.5 million UAH (460 thousand dollars).

Some other things, that weren’t included to top, but are so interesting that we want to mention them:

Roerich heritage

Ukrainian parliamentarians are accused that they think little of the spiritual, are mired in conflicts, and so on. If you watch their quarrels on TV and in social networks, indeed, there is such an impression. But electronic declarations give a completely different picture. People's deputies so appreciate the high and spiritual that they spend a lot of money on it.

So, we were amazed by the declaration of Dmytro Andrievskyi (Petro Poroshenko’s bloc). There are about 64 paintings, 15 sculptures and 7 photographs in his list. Reading his declaration, you feel yourself in the museum: here and Aivazovsky "Boat in the open sea," and Kustodiev (sketch for "Maslennitsa"), Kandinsky, Repin, Roerich and many others. Olga Bogomolets has more pictures - the number is indicated in the declaration - 121. There are also family letters, as well as generic jewelry. Oleksander Brygynets has declared works of art of his authorship, as well as created by friends.

Amount of help for MPs

The size of assistance to people's deputies is also impressive. So, people say in vain that politicians are loafers and so on, if people respect them, appreciate their work and give such presents? According to the declaration of Natalia Agafonova (Petro Poroshenko’s bloc), in 2016 the parliamentarian received two expensive gifts: one is valued at UAH 511,922, the second at UAH 1,705,173. Yevhen Balitsky received an interest-free returnable financial assistance from his wife in the amount of UAH 1,500,000. Berezenko Serhiy (Petro Poroshenko’s bloc) received a gift, which is estimated at 1 350 000 UAH. And Oleksander Belovol (Vidrodzhennya) was awarded in the amount of 3 726 231 UAH. His wife in the form of a gift got 4 147 300 UAH. And Lyudmila Denysova (Narodnyi Front) received a loan in the amount of UAH 12,000,000.

There is also another side when a deputy lends those who need it. Oleksander Granovskyi, for example, lent 2 000 000 UAH.

Valuable brains

Deputies willingly declare the products of intellectual activity. The book copyright was declared by Nadiya Savchenko (non-fractional MP), having estimated those in 30 000 UAH. Oleksander Bilovol indicated 25 patents for useful inventions, Olga Bogomolets mentioned the list of methods of diagnosis and treatment developed by her, Volodymyr Ariev (Petro Poroshenko’s bloc) has declared copyright to documentary films and series "Closed Zone", "The Secret of the Black Sea", "Kerch Tragedy", "Donetsk Mafia" and others

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