What gadgets will Apple present this year?

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The year 2018 has started, analysts and insiders already gathered information about devices Apple should present this year.
23:37, 14 March 2018

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Here is a quick overview of Apple's autumn announcement which, following the traditional schedule, should take place in September 2018.

In short, there will be three models: two updates of the iPhone X with OLED displays - 5.8 and 6.5 inches, as well as a budget segment iPhone with an LCD screen and a diagonal of 6.1 inches. In the next generation of Xs, the company will not make much difference between devices with different diagonals.

The task of flagship models is to increase the company's profit: the price tags on them can grow even in comparison with last year. It is expected that 2018 iPhone X will cost at least $ 899 before taxes. It is also rumored that in order to increase the average cost of the iPhone, the company can release the older model with 512 GB of internal memory.

The younger 6.1-inch model will be made on the principle of maximum economy. Probably, it will receive a case made from simpler materials, less memory, a simpler camera and "stuffing", which for Apple will be released by companies that do not expect the maximum profit in their segment. The task of this model is to increase quantitative sales volumes. Analysts assume that the device, taking into account its characteristics, will cost about $ 200 cheaper than the smaller 2018 iPhone X. The price will start from $ 699 in the US before taxes.

The fate of the update of the smallest and budget iPhone, the SE model, is still vague. Since last summer, it was expected that the company will release SE 2 to conquer emerging markets. But according to the latest rumors, Cupertino focused on flagship models. In total this year it is necessary to expect three iPhones, it is most likely that the company will discontinue SE 2 model. But if the model will be introduced, it will happen at WWDC 2018. It will receive a 4.2-inch screen, FaceID, AppleA10 Fusion processor (two years old), 2 GB of RAM, wireless charging and cameras for 5 and 12 MP. The question of price remains open.

Gold-version of iPhone X, which was supposed to appear in the middle of the life cycle of the flagship, is rumored to be absent. This is due to the fact that the demand for the X device was lower than expected in Cupertino, the company expects to reduce the presence of the model in the sales channels in order to clear them for the release of new devices. Yes, so that users do not buy last year's more affordable iPhone at a time when Apple needs to increase profits and promote new models that are likely to be not much better than the old ones. In addition, the company can save this color for the lineup of this year.


A year ago, Apple introduced an inexpensive tablet update - a 9.7-inch iPad for $ 329 for a model without cellular communication support. Analysts suggest that in the near future the company should release an update of the model. Most likely, the new iPad will receive a more advanced processor (A10 only, while in smartphones it will be A12), as well as new cameras (12-megapixel main and 5-megapixel frontal). Regarding the display, there is no information. Perhaps it will remain the same or get a wider color gamut.

In questions of the price the versions diverge. The MotleyFool expects that it will remain the same, while last year's update will be reduced the price $ 259. DigiTimes previously wrote that the company can turn to aggressive pricing and set a price tag at $ 259 for the new model, which will be a profitable strategy both in terms of gaining a share in the falling market and in terms of components, since this is most likely, there will be components that were created for the iPhone 6s.

At the same event, the company is likely to present an update to the iPad Pro - 10.5 and 12-inch models with FaceID, without the "Home" button and in the top price segment. While it is not clear whether the tablet will have a cutout on the screen in the spirit of the iPhone X (it seems that Apple can make it part of the corporate "design"). Since the new generation of an A12 processor will be introduced only in September with new iPhones, the tablets will be equipped with the eight-core A11X. The devices will receive LCD screens, so, most likely, there is no reason for a significant increase in their cost.


This year, Apple should release a 13.3-inch Macbook of the base (by the company's standards, of course) level, writes the DigiTimes. It will be a model with a screen of 2560x1600 pixels and an updated "hardware", it will replace MacbookAir, which was last updated three years ago and now does not correspond to the market in terms of price and performance. In this case, despite the strong position of Apple in the top segment of notebooks, it was the Air line that was the best-seller.

The model will be presented in the second quarter of 2018 (at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2018 in June). According to the publication, the company expects to sell 6 million of new models in a falling market, while its analysts suggest that a not too aggressive price (according to DigiTimes, the device will cost about $ 1000) will allow the company to sell only 4 million. According to the analyst KGI Securities, the model will be evaluated by the company at 800-900 dollars, the price reduction will favorably affect sales (in particular, it will increase the number of shipments of laptops by 10-15%). Most likely, it will be a "good improvement" (as the newspaper writes), but no revolutionary changes are to be expected. The model will be equipped with the 8th generation of Intel processors, so there will be a tangible increase in CPU performance and better energy efficiency.

But the update of the 12-inch macbook should come out in 2019. The main improvement, according to The MotleyFool, is the Intel processor with the IceLake architecture, which will bring the device a noticeable performance boost.

Thus, this year we should expect a noticeable expansion of the Apple devices, including the lower segment. Apple is aggressively raising the price of its new technology to keep the margin and make the devices more advanced than its predecessors (alas, they still do not defeat the flagships of the Android market for technology). But all the upcoming announcements, which are known at the moment, are announcements in the falling segments of the electronics market. As for the promising ones, such as smart speakers and smart watches, the company has just recently introduced its updates. And if the watches have quite strong positions in the segment, they took place in the world top, then the speaker received conflicting reviews about the sound quality and negative - about the smart component.

And one more thing

Wireless headphones AirPods, like many of Apple's recent products, deserve an ambiguous evaluation of users and the media. But Apple consistently abandons the relic of the past - wired audio and are looking for new market niches. The appearance of such a device and the company's refusal of the audio output stirred the headphones segment. So AirPods will have the sequel. According to rumors, the company is working on wireless overhead headphones in the top segment. And they will cost more than 159-dollar predecessors.

Analysts suggest that the next "cool thing" that will generate a significant share of Apple's revenue may be not a product, but a service. If so, it is not yet clear what exactly the company will offer to its users.

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