What does Ukrainians watch for Christmas?

Author : Mariya Kapinos

Source : 112 Ukraine

Every country has its own movies of shows it can`t live without
09:55, 1 January 2016

In Ukraine people have preferences they can`t imagine Christmas without. This list includes movies, shows or - sometimes – even advertisements.

The irony of fate

The movie is a 1971 Soviet Romantic comedy

The plot: A group of friends meets at a banya (a traditional public bath) in Moscov to celebrate New Year. The friends get very drunk toasting the upcoming marriage of the central male character, Zhenya Lukashin.

After the bath, one of the friends, Pavlik has to catch a plane to another city Leningrad. And Zhenya is supposed to go home to celebrate New Year's Eve with his fiancé. Both Zhenya and Pavlik pass out. The others cannot remember which of their unconscious friends is supposed to be catching the plane; eventually they mistakenly decide that it is Zhenya and put him on a plane instead of Pavlik.

He wakes up in Leningrad airport, believing he is still in Moscow. He catchesa taxi and, still quite drunk, gives the driver his address. It turns out that in Leningrad there is a street with the same name (3rd Builders' street), with a building at his address which looks exactly like Zhenya's. The key fits in the door of the apartment with the same number. Inside, even the furniture is nearly identical to that of Zhenya's apartment. Zhenya is too drunk to notice the differences, and goes to sleep.

And the real tenant, Nadya Shevelyova arrives home to find a strange man sleeping in her bed.

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Home alone

Probably everyone knows this movie. There is no point to tell the plot. The thing is people in Ukraine cannot imagine Christmas and New Year without this movie. Especially it concerns of those were born in 90-Th.

President`s speech

At Midnight all the Channels broadcast President`s speech. It looks like you have no other way unless to watch it. Head of the State talks about things were achieved and inspires people not to lose their temper.

New Year concerts

It happens to everyone. You just look at this shiny stars and how they dance, celebrate and have fun. Usually every Channel makes its own concert ahead of time. People can choose which concert they would prefer.

And the next morning can be very difficult if you haven’t watched the concert and rocked the floor instead.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

P.S Don`t forget about Coca-Cola advertising. Sparkling train reminisces of real celebration. It cheers up everyone and everywhere. 

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