What did Ukrainians search for on the internet in 2017?

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Russian TV shows, spinners, and Antikythera mechanism - find out the most popular searches of Ukrainian Internet users
11:27, 14 December 2017

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According to Google’s information about the most popular requests, the Ukrainians this year wanted to learn more about the car with European plates, bitcoin, how to bypass the blocking of VKontakte site, and watched Russian series of "Fizruk" TV show with a great interest.

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"Fizruk," (physical training teacher) Russian TV show, topped the queries in Google. This is a show about the life of the former criminal, who is currently working at school. The second place belongs to the Ukrainian TV show "Kholostiak" (Bach). National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption has unexpectedly taken the third place, thus competing with entertainment. At the same time, people were not very interested in Eurovision Song Contest, which this year took place in Ukraine’s capital. This request was on the 7th place.

The category "questions of the year" is, as always, unchanged. The key words remain "why", "why", "how" and "what is".

According to Google, many citizens of the country wonder why VKontakte site does not work, why gas has risen in price, and why Russian TV presenter Malakhov left the Channel One. Among the most popular "how" requests in Ukraine were how to bypass the blocking of Russian social networks, download videos from YouTube, cook buckwheat and lose weight.

With regards to the "what is" category, Ukrainians wanted to learn more about modern devices and slang.

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So, the spinner became the leader of queries. This fashionable entertainment is a toy that consists of a ball bearing in the center of a multi-lobed (typically two or three) flat structure made from metal or plastic designed to spin along its axis with little effort. Producers argue that the spinner allows you to remove stress, but in fact this is not confirmed by any serious study. Spinner is not a new toy. It is believed that it was invented in 1997 by Catherine Hettinger, but then the product did not become popular. A similar toy was created by Scott McCoskery 2014, and in 2016, he issued a patent. But the toy was not sold again. Popularity came two years later: in 2016, a YouTube user uploaded a video with tricks on the spinner. The video became viral and collected more than 590 thousand views in the first few months.

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The Antikythera mechanism became the second most popular request among the Ukrainian audience. This ancient mechanism was raised in 1901 from an ancient ship. The time of its creation is about 100 BC. This mechanism was used to calculate the motion of celestial bodies and allowed to know the date of 42 astronomical events.

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The rapid take-off of requests for a VPN virtual private network (third place) is due to the blocking of some Russian sites and social networks. The technology helps to bypass blocking sites, and also protect your data from theft by hackers.

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The rate of one of the most popular crypto currency in the world Bitcoin continues to grow, renewing its historic maximum every day. And Ukrainians desire to find out what this crypto currency is. Bitcoin has the fourth place. A new generation of decentralized digital currency is created and operates only on the Internet. No one controls it, and the currency issue occurs through the work of millions of computers around the world. You can now buy anything on the Internet using Bitcoin. But the most important difference of Bitcoin from the usual money is decentralization. In early December, virtual currency was officially recognized in the US, but most countries in the world do not recognize Bitcoin as a currency and means of payment.

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But the mining, the meaning of which Ukrainians seek almost as often as bitcoin, is a "form of mining of the crypto currency".

Mammal pangolin is also in the top. Most likely, this is due to a resonant story, when Chinese customs officers seized about 13 tons of scales of pangolin from poachers.

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The query about what the word "meme" means is also about the most popular ones. Members of social networks call memes everything that spontaneously acquires popularity in the network, starting with the funny phrase of a famous politician, ending with any information that does not leave users indifferent to it. The main meaning of meme is its relevance and popularity.

Three requests relate to modern slang. For example, "eshkere" is a phrase popular in rappers’ circles. It comes from the English word Esketit, which in turn means let's get it ("Let's get it").

The word "hype" was borrowed from the English language, and means "excitation", "intrusive advertising". However, hypes is somewhat different, it can be compared in meaning with "frenzy".

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