"We will not allow Donbas become second Cyprus:" What did Volker mean?

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The US wants to exclude the "Cypriot option" from the agenda of solving Donbas issue
16:21, 9 November 2017

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Amazing diplomatic statements the US Special Representative for the Affairs of Ukraine Negotiations Kurt Volker help to better outline the range of options that are discussed as a possible solution to Donbas conflict.

In particular, it is clearly emphasized that the international community does not consider the "Cypriot option" because it does not want a lasting conflict.

"Russia has two options for action on Donbas. If they want to create a frozen conflict, as in Abkhazia, South Ossetia or Transnistria, it will cost a lot to them, but if they wish, they will do so despite the high costs," said the special representative Kurt Volker.

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Two options (frozen conflict or withdrawal of troops) have been voiced earlier, but perhaps for the first time, the US special representative Volker voiced the option of the Cypriot scenario.

"The international community does not want another Cyprus; I do not know how many years peacekeepers are in Cyprus. I do not think that Ukraine wants it," Volker said.

Briefly about the level of negotiations on the example of July 2017: the Greeks say that several times they saved talks from the collapse by their own efforts, the Turks do not want to concede (withdraw troops for example), arguing that they should protect the rights and freedoms of Turkish citizens on the island. Well, in parallel, Turkey accuses Greece of "in the absence of a constructivist dialogue".

In fact, the emphasis on the reluctance of another long-lasting conflict (and so over the past decades has been gathered) is made in the statements of the US special envoy.

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The international community is struggling with the long-standing work of peacekeepers in Cyprus. Given that their interests are firmly defended (quite often to the detriment of the general negotiation process) both Greece and Turkey, while the association of the island sounds too declarative.

And the community would like to close at least one topic of such conflicts. Especially since the idea of unification is declared by both parties (in many such situations, the parties do not even want to listen to it).

Here it is important to note what the fundamental difference: Ukraine is working hard on fulfilling its obligations. It is precisely Ukraine that is willing to even sacrifice its own ambitions and lose its trump cards (especially important in the context of the elections) to advance in the negotiation process, on both sides of the conflict. At the same time, Russia demonstratively does not want to listen to anything except fulfilling their own conditions.

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This is noticed by the international community, and Volker voiced this position. In their eyes, Russia is the perpetrator of the fact that the conflict does not end.

In fact, if we say simplely, the situation looks like this: "Of course, you can arrange a frozen conflict, but it will cost you too much money. Let us negotiate. Especially remember that Ukraine is ready for a series of concessions."

The situation is far from winning, but Ukraine succeeded in practically impossible way. It has brought the international diplomacy at least to a certain specificities.

If we simplify even more, literally up to a few words, it means: "Let's decide something, and we have to make a decision for sure."

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