Vehicle registration: New rules for owners of European cars in Ukraine

Author : Olena Holubeva

Source : 112 Ukraine

State Fiscal Service reported that the customs authorities of Lithuania began a joint investigation into the legality of the stay in Ukraine of cars with Lithuanian registration
17:59, 10 November 2017

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The State Fiscal Service (SFS), together with the Lithuanian customs authorities, began cooperation on investigation into the legality of the stay of cars with Lithuanian registration in Ukraine. Also, the SFS is negotiating such measures with the customs authorities of Poland, from which even more cars are being imported to Ukraine.

"Back in September, when the delegation of the Lithuanian customs department arrived on an official visit, SFS reported the problem, and now we see practical implementation of the assistance of Lithuanian colleagues," SFS press service stated.

SFS stresses that "the situation with the import of vehicles from the EU countries is of a systemic nature and occurs according to pre-designed schemes, including illegal ones." The SFS has found 239 companies-owners of vehicles that issue property rights in the interests of the company. Separate Lithuanian companies have issued the documents for 200 cars bought by non-residents. At the same time, the leaders of such companies, in most cases, are citizens of Ukraine," the press service of SFS specified.

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In Ukraine, driving European cars home is a well-adjusted business, covered by the people in government offices. An ordinary Ukrainian cannot bring a car on foreign numbers by himself, so he hires companies specializing in this activity, writes the general director of the All-Ukrainian Association of Automobile Dealers and Importers Oleh Nazarenko.

As for today two schemes of import of the cars are the most widespread in Ukraine (those cleared in the country of EU - Lithuania or Poland). In the first case, a loophole is used in the legislation that allows to import a car with foreign registration to a non-resident foreigner. The law allows him to import such a car for one year. At the same time, after this period, the non-resident must again take the car out of Ukraine, after which he can return and use it for another year.

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SFS reported that exceeding the time limit for temporary importation for more than three days is punishable by a fine of 32 USD, for more than three days, but not more than 10 days in case of a repeated violation – 200 USD, exceeding by more than 10 days – 650 USD. According to SFS data, 1167 protocols were compiled for such violations in 2015, 1190 protocols in 2016, and 2540 protocols for 8 months in 2017. In connection with delinquencies, customs in 2015, 635 thousand USD of fines were imposed, in 2016 – 650 thousand USD, for 8 months in 2017 – 1,1 million USD.

Absence of ownership of such a car significantly complicates the life of law enforcement agencies. In the case when cars with foreign registration appear in various kinds of crimes, it is almost impossible to establish their real owner. A similar complexity occurs, if such a car gets into an accident.

The second common scheme for importing cars from the EU is the registration by residents of Ukraine of importing a car with foreign registration in transit mode. This regime provides for the import of a vehicle for up to 5 days within the borders of one customs office and for 10 days - within the borders of several customs. At the same time, as practice shows, citizens use such cars not for transit, but for their own use, the SFS informs.

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Exchange of data bases on the imported cars between Ukraine and European countries can really complicate the life of foreign car owners. Ukrainian side drew the attention of Lithuanian colleagues to the legality and legitimacy of the enterprise, on the balance of which there is a large number of cars. The question of the fictitiousness of their activities was raised.

The roots of the existence of the scheme for importing cars on foreign numbers are in Ukraine, and if our country does not eliminate all the circumstances, the problem will not be solved, no matter how many Europeans try to help us.

One of the main problems is poverty. Ukrainians are more willing to buy cheap cars with foreign registration than expensive new ones from the Ukrainian salons. And of course, horrific scales of corruption, including in the customs authorities. Unofficially, the interlocutors familiar with the import of cars on foreign numbers told us that the problem of marking the mandatory export of a car from Ukraine on the border "is solved for only $ 50."

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To a large extent, the scheme for importing cars on foreign numbers exists because of the high cost of customs clearance of used cars in Ukraine (that is why it became economically inexpedient).

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