US Secretary of State: Political heavyweight or "friend of Ukraine"

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Former House Speaker Gingrich and Sen. Bob Corker are the main candidates for this position
14:21, 10 November 2016

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Together with the new president Donald Trump the United States to get a new government, and the candidates of secretaries have been actively discussed by political scientists. One of the key figures is the Secretary of State, which will be the 69th in a row. We introduce you to the possible contenders for the post: Former House of Representatives Speaker Newt Gingrich and Republican Senator Bob Corker, the current head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

In 1974, the first time a politician was running for the US House of Representatives from Georgia, but unsuccessfully. Failure ended his second attempt to get into Congress, launched in 1976.

Finally, in 1978, at age 35, Gingrich won the election to the House of Representatives and became a Congressman from Georgia. The post came January 3, 1979 and the next twenty years he represented the state.

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In 1994, Gingrich was one of the founders of the Republican Party manifesto "Contract with America" . The document includes a number of commitments that Republicans have promised to realize if they take the majority of seats in the House of Representatives. As noted later media, largely thanks to the "Contract with America" Republicans was the first time since 1952, it managed to gain a majority in the parliamentary elections.

January 4, 1995, Gingrich was elected Speaker of the House of Representatives. It was noted that most of the items of the "Contract with America" by the lower house of parliament have been taken within the first hundred days of his leadership. When Gingrich Congress passed a balanced state budget, he reformed the system of benefits, cut taxes for the first time in 16 years, as well as increased funding for defense and intelligence agencies. That same year, the American magazine "Time" called Gingrich's man of the year.

Under his leadership, the House of Representatives supported impeachment of then-US President Bill Clinton, but the resignation of the president did not take place due to the failure of the impeachment in the Senate.

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In November 1998, after the Republican Party were unsuccessful in the election, Gingrich said he would not stand as a candidate for the post of speaker for the second time and give up its mandate until the end of the year.

May 11 2011 Gingrich officially announced his intention to run for the US presidency, he has been quite popular, but eventually gave up the fight in favor of Mitt Romney.

Gringich was married three times: with his first wife he had divorced when she was treated for cancer, with his second wife, after she was diagnosed with "multiple sclerosis". In 2000, he married for the third time. Together with his wives, he changed his religion: born in a Lutheran family, then became a Baptist, and finally converted to Catholicism.

When advertising your friend-adherent Trump, Gingrich promised to assist Ukraine with lethal weapons.

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"We can say for sure that President Trump unlocks the issue of weapons in favor of Ukraine. Trump can say nice things about Putin, but in the meantime he will sell Ukraine arms," said Gingrich.

This veteran of the US policy is convinced that Ukraine has now little chance to join NATO. According to him, this may seem like a provocation to the Russians.


"I am ready to fight for the independence of Ukraine - in the political, rather than military terms - and to encourage the United States to provide both military and economic support to Ukrainian independence but do not know what should Europe do, if we cannot expel Russia from Ukraine," he said.

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Gingrich has caused a storm of indignation, demanding that all Muslims who believe in Sharia law, were deported. "Western civilization is at war, we must be honest to check every person in our country is a Muslim, on the subject of whether he Sharia If this is so, it must be deport believe," he said.


Bob Corker was born in South Carolina, then his family moved to Tennessee. Corker received a Bachelor of Science in the University of Tennessee.

He founded a construction company in Chattanooga and became a multimillionaire. In 1994, he was a candidate for the US Senate and lost to Bill Frist. From 2001 to 2005 he was mayor of Chattanooga. In 2006, he ran for the Senate, with the use of a promotional video, which was considered racist.

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He was then re-elected in 2012, and in 2015 became chairman of the US Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs. Corker married since 1987, have two daughters.

Bob Corker even in 2014 said that America should help Ukraine economically and militarily. He was one of the initiators of the adoption of "Freedom Support Act in 2014 in Ukraine". The senator and his co-authors of the project was offered to Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, the official status of "major non-NATO ally," but eventually was adopted by the other, a compromise document that does not even hint at such a prospect. Washington has repeatedly stressed that the document is advisory in nature and does not provide immediate new sanctions and beginning of lethal weapons supplies to Ukraine, however, allows the president to do so if it deems it necessary.

Corker was offered to become vice president at the Trump, but he refused. "There are people who are much better suited for the role of vice-presidential candidate, and I believe that I am much more suitable for a different kind of things," said the senator.

"I have extremely positive attitude to him as a person, - said the 63-year-old Senator. – I think that he has great opportunities ahead."

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"For the first time in modern times, Russians are beginning to realize that their leader has amassed a huge personal fortune. And I think this will create some additional instability in Russia. As someone who was once a KGB agent came to power, could save the money for himself and his children only through the official earnings in the high post? I think that more and more Russians are beginning to realize that he has appropriated billions of dollars. Obviously, this was done through the corrupt schemes, and the more people will learn about it, the more of his regime will be destabilized," said Corker.

Since the Freedom Support Act was, in fact, a declarative document, Corker continues to encourage support Ukraine with weapons.

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"I support granting Ukraine lethal weapons, and I believe that we must help our allies to resist attempts to change borders by force," said the senator in August this year.


Corker said that the US needs to continue the policy of countering Russian aggression, invasion of eastern Ukraine, and the illegal annexation of Crimea. He was also among those American politicians who advocated the imposition of sanctions against Russia for the implementation of hacker attacks on American political organization. Corker said that these accusations are so serious that you can even sacrifice cooperation on Syria.

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