US elections: which Ukrainian politicians to become stronger?

Author : Serhiy Bykov

Source : 112 Ukraine

In recent years, Ukraine has become an active participant of the race for the White House
14:19, 8 September 2016

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Ukrainian elite seems to be tired of the fact that Ukraine has lost its geopolitical subjectivity, and has become a geopolitical object. A state, which is de facto subjected to the external management. How else could we explain the desire of the Ukrainian elite to participate in the elections of the President of the United States and file cartridges against Trump?

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In recent years, Ukraine has become an active participant of the race for the White House. Let us recall the so-called "black accounts of Party of Regions," published by the pro-democratic People's Deputy Serhiy Leshchenko that supports the Democratic Party of the US. This “black accounting book” has caused a number of political scandals in the United States. American journalists became very interested in the relationship of Paul Manafort (national chairman of the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, US presidential candidate from the Republican Party) with the former leadership of Ukraine.

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Let us think about how the US election might influence on Ukrainian politics. What does the victory of Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton mean for the Ukrainian elite?

It is known that the current government is based on the support of the United States - namely, on support of the ruling Democratic Party. This idea could be corroborated by numerous visits of Nuland to Kyiv (Euromaidan), Joe Biden’s (US Vice President) speeches in the Ukrainian parliament and financial guarantees for the Ukrainian authorities on the part of States. Our political leadership is also trying to repay Pacific friends for their loyalty. Authorities went “all-in” in supporting Hillary Clinton in order to provide themselves further loyalty of the 45th President of the United States of America. However, this is not that simple. Hillary Clinton is not Barack Obama, and our "promises to do tomorrow" will not work with her.

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Victory of Republican Donald Trump would mean ultimate political demise of Ukraine’s Poroshenko, Leshchenko, and other pro-democratic politicians. Trump's Cabinet would not support them, Moscow simply hates Ukraine’s pro-democratic team. And the European Union is busy with its own business and elections, which can be won by the pro-Russian forces. Without the support of the White House, the authorities will have to go to early parliamentary elections already in 2017. As a result of Trump’s victory, positions of Ukrainian parties, working for peace, will strengthen. Serhiy Lyovochkin (former head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine for Yanukovych) would become the main politician, as he has a long-standing relationship with Donald Trump through his political consultant Paul Manafort.

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Authorities today are counting on the victory of Hillary Clinton. Ukrainian oligarch Viktor Pinchuk is even taking part in the financing of her election campaign. If Clinton wins, Poroshenko and Groisman will have a chance to keep the power, but Pinchuk and his team will get stronger as well. This would mean end of Poroshenko’s policy on deoligarchization. And this means the collapse of his political ratings.

These attempts of the Ukrainian authorities to influence on the election results in the United States looks like an attempt to stay longer in the soft seats of the offices.

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