US aware of impending financial crisis and increase military budget

Author : Andriy Holovachov

Source : 112 Ukraine

For the last six months the US have closed 5,300 network stores due to their unprofitability
17:39, 30 June 2017

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When Donald Trump during the election campaign has repeatedly stated that during his cadence a new financial crisis would begin, it was not an intimidation of the voter. On the contrary, Trump turned out to be the only president who openly and truthfully said that the American economy is sick, that America is filling the budget with the financial sector and with the continuous growth of federal debt. That this is a parasitic economy and that this state of affairs cannot last forever.

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The most convincing manifestation of the fact that the crisis is approaching and will soon cover the whole world is always the long-term growth of the stock market, real estate or other assets against the backdrop of a stagnant or falling real sector. This is the final, pre-death phase on the eve of the collapse, when the economy is pumped up with money, and the real sector of purchasing power does not provide lending, and money rushes into the void, i.e. to the financial markets, inflating fragile soap balloons.

This is exactly what is happening in the United States. The stock market is rampant, and the most important indicator of the real economy - retail trade - has started to shrink rapidly. For the last six months the US have closed 5,300 network stores due to their unprofitability. For comparison, in the midst of the crisis in 2008 for the whole year, 6,163 stores were closed. And there is no doubt that this year the "record" will be easily beaten and will exceed 8-8,5 thousand stores.

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Last Friday, Sears Holdings retail operator filed an application for the closure of another 20 stores. And in Canada, where an unprecedented “bubble” in the real estate market has appeared, the situation is even more deplorable. Sears Holding Canada has filed an application to declare itself bankrupt. Since the beginning of the year, 345 retailers in the United States have filed for bankruptcy. Of course, this number includes many “kids” with 3-4 stores, but there are well-known networks, such as RadioShack, Gymboree, Rue21, and Payless Shoes.

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The US are finding it increasingly difficult to reduce the budget, so Trump forces Europeans to pay at least $ 100 billion a year for NATO, tries to close the market for Chinese goods, and cuts all the help programs to keep "their sons of bitches" in power. And corrupt Ukraine could not omit it.

At the same time, Trump insists on increasing the already prohibitive US military budget by another $ 54 billion, which means that the United States is breaking bad on the eve of a large-scale crisis that will be much more powerful than the previous one and will cause social disasters and regional tensions of the whole world.

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The last crisis, as is known, led to the emergence of the Arab Spring, and a large-scale war is about to begin in the region. No one knows what the new crisis will lead to, but the US increase the military budget and try to ignore ridiculous Europeans with their concern for global warming, and also inflict migrant flows on them.

For Americans, it is important that the euro, as a ridiculous artificial currency of Germany and Co., degraded even before the onset of the crisis. No one has doubts that both the euro and the EU itself would not survive after the new crisis. Everyone will experience the crisis alone, and God, as always, will be on the side of the strongest player.

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