Unrests in Kyiv city center: What happened on Bankova Street?

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These days, Ukrainians honor memory of killed EuroMaidan activists; however, commemorative events in the capital turned into clashes
10:10, 21 February 2017

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Initially, the event dedicated to the third anniversary of the tragic events of Maidan took place at the Independence Square in Kyiv. The city center was very crowded, so 6.5 thousand police officers were involved to ensure security and public order. Reinforced patrols were patrolling Maidan, Khreshchatyk, and Evropeiska Square. Metal detectors have been installed there.

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After the main part of the commemorative events, people marched from the Maidan to the Presidential Administration, situated on the Bankova Street, which houses the Presidential Administration of Ukraine and various official residences, notably the House with Chimaeras. According to some information, there were more than five hundred people (according to other information, more than a thousand), including Maidan participants, social activists, supporters of "OUN" (far-right Ukrainian political organization - Ed.), and participants of the trade blockade with so-called DPR/LPR. The goal was to urge the president to cease trade with the temporarily occupied territories.

Later the organizers of the rally near the president’s administration claimed that they wanted to pitch tents in the government quarter, until a decision on banning the trade with the temporarily occupied territories would be taken. Far-right "OUN" leader Mykola Kohanivsky, who was one of the initiators of the establishment of tents on Bankova, said that the event would be peaceful, without any forceful methods.

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Several attempts of burning the smoke bombs and throwing firecrackers were noticed near Bankova. Later in the evening, the number of participants was reduced to 200; they managed to establish a tent near the cordon of National Guard. There were 300 soldiers law enforcers there at the moment.

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When the protesters tried to break the tent city, the clashes broke out. The police did not allow carrying metal constructions for tents. As a result, the protesters tried to get to Bankova, but they were stopped by the police and soldiers of the National Guard. The protesters tried to break the barriers on the Evropeiska Square, previously set by the law enforcers. Another brigade of the National Guard came to help the law enforcers.

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MP Yegor Sobolev suffered during the struggle for the tent city suffered. He said that he tried to stop a fight between protesters and law enforcers, and somebody hit him. At the same time, a number of media reports that it was Sobolev who hit a policeman, but his colleague Semen Semenchenko denies it. Participants often chanted "Revolution."

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As a result, part of the protesters, who stood near the Presidential Administration, headed in the direction of Maidan, where security broke through the security forces. Clashes between law enforcement officers and representatives of the "OUN" took place on the Instytutska Street. Police detained the chairman of the “OUN” far-rights Kohanivsky. He and a few other "OUN" representatives were taken to the police station. MP Semenchenko said that one of the rally participants was hurt in his head. The official number of victims reached to 10 people.

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Two law enforcement officers were injured. The police woman has got her fingers broken. Later the police have released the far-right "OUN" leader, as well as the other detainees.

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