United Korea, warmers stadiums and modest opening ceremony: All about Olympics in Pyeongchang

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It is already known about extreme cold during the games and participation of sportsmen without identification marks, who outside the Olympics are called the Russian national team
22:23, 6 February 2018

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The Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, start on February 9. The athletes will have to compete for 102 sets of awards for 16 days.

What should these Olympic Games be remembered for and what interesting details do surround the Games - we'll tell you all about it right now.

But for a start.

Please do not confuse Pyongyang and Pyeongchang.

This is an important detail on the eve of the Games. Do not make mistakes, as it did, for example, Kenyan sportsmen Daniel Olomae.

He flew to the UN conference on biodiversity but was confused with the names of the cities and instead of South Korean Pyeongchang got to North Korea's Pyongyang, where he was immediately detained by migrant service workers.

Therefore, remember. This is Pyeongchang, a city in SOUTH KOREA.


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A characteristic feature: they do not like the head of the DPRK Kim Jong-un and you are unlikely to see portraits of the leader of North Korea on the streets.

And this is Pyongyang, a city in NORTH KOREA.

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A characteristic feature: many monuments and portraits of leaders - both former and current. And this building, something resembling a rocket - this is hotel Ryugyong.

Athletes without badges

Of course, we are talking about the Russian Olympic team, which officially will be called "Olympic athletes from Russia" at the Games.

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At the Olympics, there will be 169 of such athletes. And although the sports court in Lausanne on February 1 acquitted 28 Russian medalists of the Sochi Olympics, who were not allowed to the Games in Pyeongchang, the number of Russian athletes is unlikely to change. IOC does not have to obey this decision and has already hinted that there will not be any acquitted sportsmen at the competitions.

In any case, while the number of "Olympic athletes from Russia" does not change. The restrictions imposed by the IOC also remain in force. Namely:

A) All members of the "Olympic athletes from Russia" team should use only that term in relation to themselves. Both in public speeches and in social networks.

B) Athletes from Russia must wear ONLY approved IOC equipment, without national symbols (flag and coat of arms).

C) It is forbidden to demonstrate national symbols ANYWHERE, including social networks, and also accept it from outsiders.

IOC also banned Russian athletes to give likes for Russian flag images in social networks.

The only thing you can do is hang a flag in your own bedroom. And this has to be agreed.

D) Athletes from Russia are also prohibited from participating in alternative awards ceremonies, where a flag would rise in their honor and sound their native hymn.

And although after the decision of the sports court in Lausanne, Russia actively talking about the intention to achieve participation in the Games of justified athletes, the position of representatives of the IOC so far looks like this:

"This is a terrible and dark day for sport, and deceivers and thieves were allowed to triumph," said vice-president of the International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Association, IOC member Adam Pengilly, BBC reports.

In general, the committee expressed disappointment and once again stressed that the decision of the Lausanne court does not mean that someone is going to the Olympics.

United Korea


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It seems that one of the main concerns of both the organizers and the world community is not confirmed. During the entire period of preparation, especially its final stage, many looked with caution at the northern neighbor of South Korea - the DPRK, as during this period the leader of the North Koreans Kim Jong-un had a "nuclear missile aggravation." The head of the DPRK was firing missiles in different directions (toward Japan, for example), threatened to destroy the US and "saber-rattled" at the border with the southerners.

Given that Pyeongchang is about 80 km from the demilitarized zone that separates the country, and the North Korean ballistic missiles are able to strike at least Seoul, it all looks dangerous enough.

And yet, before the start of the Games, the DPRK made some concessions. Moreover, North Korea decided to send its athletes to the Olympics, having entered into detailed negotiations with the South regarding the organization of this idea.

And the leader of the DPRK, Kim Jong-un, called for North and South Korea to establish relations in order to create conditions for further unification.

As a result: the negotiations were quite successful, South and North Korea agreed that at the opening ceremony of the Games there will be one column under the single flag (pictured above).

Athletes from the DPRK will participate in the Games, both countries agreed to collect a single team for women's hockey.

So now everything looks not only harmless but, rather, even corresponds to the Olympic traditions.

Leaving of legends

Time goes by, generations change. And many sports competitions are deprived of the legendary personalities.

So it happened with this Olympics. For example, for the first time, it will pass without a biathlon legend, the Norwegian Ole-Einar Bjorndalen.

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Despite the fact that the famous biathlete very much expected to take part in the Games, he will not participate.

The reason: Bjorndalen's personal results are not good enough.

"Unfortunately, he could not meet the selection criteria for the national team of Norway," said the head of the Norwegian Olympic Committee.

Ukraine also has its own "legendary loss" - this is the skier Valentyna Shevchenko.


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The most titled skier in the history of independent Ukraine. She has 4 victories and 18 podiums at the World Cup stages.

She will not participate in the upcoming Olympics, which should be the sixth in the career of a skier. Reason: although Shevchenko fulfilled the selection standard for the Games, Ukraine received only two licenses in this sport. The Federation had to make a choice - and it was not in favor of Valentyna Shevchenko.

Features of the Games in Pyeongchang

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A little bit about what to expect from the organization of the Games in South Korean Pyeongchang.

First, it is expected that the upcoming Olympics may become the coldest in history.

On an opening day, for example, the temperature drops to -10 ...- 14 Celsius, which seriously frightens fans.

Organizers are looking for a way out of the situation. They think that at the opening ceremony the weather can bring serious problems because the Olympic Stadium does not provide either a roof or any heating.

First of all, they decided to provide viewers with heaters. During the games, it is planned to provide each visitor with a warmer, a rug and a raincoat.

Secondly, the opening and closing ceremonies are planned very "modestly" in comparison with the previous Olympiads.

In particular, there will participate the smallest number of actors in history - about 2 thousand. All because the organizers focus not on mass, but on high technologies.

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Sportsmen participating in the Olympics will be given a record number of condoms. After the opening, which will be held on February 9, a total of 110,000 packages with contraceptives will be distributed.

We recall, the participants will be 2,925 athletes. Based on this figure, for each Olympic athlete, organizers have an average of 37 condoms.

And finally: About the scandal and a kind of irony

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During the training, Koreans often used environmentally friendly materials and technologies in order to protect the nature.

But here they got into a scandal. In 2015, it became known that in South Korea, 58,000 trees from the protected forest were cut down for the construction of a ski slope for the Olympics.

On Gareewon Mount, where the felling was carried out, grew 500-year-old trees. According to environmental organizations, after such a rude interference, the natural environment of this area is not subject to restoration.

The organizers tried to justify themselves, saying that they had cut the felling area and promised to plant 1200 new trees after the competition.

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