Ukrainians call to vote "for" in the Dutch referendum on April 6

Author : Oleksandr Snidanov

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There is no reason to think that if the Netherlands vote "yes," it will anger Putin - MP Kees Verhoeven
17:40, 31 March 2016

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MP Svitlana Zalishchuk (Bloc of Petro Poroshenko), Taras Shevchenko (co-founder of the movement "Chesno," Director of the Institute of media rights), Kees Verhoeven (the Dutch MP, member of the party D66, which is campaigning for the signing Association Agreement with Ukraine), Tony van der Togt (of Netherlands Institute of International Relations Clingendael) gathered in Hague at the same table. And this is only the first part of the conversation!

Tony joked that he had never spoken about Ukraine before, and said that in fact, these days as an expert, he has to speak about Ukraine since the morning until late night.

Svitlana told how the Revolution of dignity and the strengthening of civil society helped her to be in the Ukrainian parliament.

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Kees said that, unlike the other parties, D66 is not hiding its head in the sand and openly supports the association, and after a couple of hours, he had to go to Rotterdam to the debate with the principal opponent.

Taras told about the roadmap of reforms created by Reanimation Package of Reforms.

What's the most stupid you've heard about the Association Agreement?

Svitlana, may disappointed the Dutch saying that the greatest folly that she had heard, said not the representatives of the "No" campaign, the Dutch, but Putin 2.5 years ago, and later, the then Prime Minister of Ukraine.

Tony could not say which is greater and he named two. First, that the rejection of the AA will lead to greater stability. The second is that the Association is just another bargain. While in reality, this transaction is very closely linked with the values ​​for which people died.

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Taras remembered this: AA will result in sending EU troops to the war with Russia.

Kees named few: 1) AA will lead to Ukraine's membership in the EU; 2) Ukraine has divided attitude to the AA.

How will relations with Russia change after signing of the Association Agreement?

Tony: Russia does not want the AA, but it will have to accept it. The economic component does not frighten Russia, it is rather scared that Ukraine is a successful democratic country, which might serve as an example for Russian society, it is very inconvenient for Kremlin.

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Kees: This is not the deal that led to instability, Russia's reaction to the agreement was the cause of instability.

How will AA reflect on the security situation?

Tony: If the EU wants to have an impact on security in the region, it requires an instrument, and AA is such a tool.

Kees: There is no reason to think that if the Netherlands vote "yes", it will anger Putin. Because he has already brought more than enough harm.

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Can you prove that the agreement will contribute to human rights in Ukraine?

Svitlana: Voting for anti-discrimination law in the field of employment is directly related to the adoption of the Association Agreement.

Taras: It is hard to imagine, but the issue of police corruption in Ukraine was resolved only after two years in Ukraine. We really need your support on the issue of the association, but, in spite of the fact whether it is, we will still continue to work on promoting human rights in Ukraine.

What are the benefits of AA for the Netherlands?

Kees: For me Ukrainian component it is important in the issue of this transaction. As for the Dutch, I think, part of the trade agreement underestimated. We forget in the Netherlands, what trade has helped us to achieve what we have now.

The second panel was devoted to the economic and investment issues, and for good reason - it was a party to the Minister of Agrarian Policy Oleksiy Pavlenko. But not only.

Donald Cluff, Transparency Internationa,l said that his organization has joined the campaign "For" one of the first, as the fight against corruption is the leading theme for the organization and association agreement is seen as a very important step in overcoming corruption in Ukraine.

Rene Kremers of Difco International spoke about his company's contribution to the economy of Ukraine.

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Oleksiy Pavlenko told about the interest of Dutch companies in the Ukrainian agricultural sector, as well as the possibility of the introduction of the Dutch technologies in Ukraine, and moreover, the importation of Dutch cows, which are the best in the world.

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Daniel Bilak spoke about how he was born in the western-Ukrainian town called Toronto, and where he began to engage in the fight against corruption and advising state institutions, recalled his experience of reforming the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice.

An interesting point: a well-known anti-Ukrainian journalist Tomasz Maciejczuk came to the debate. It looks like a professional provocateur was dispatched with a trip to the Netherlands.

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Tomas began by saying that he had tried to discredit the Volunteer Battalion "Aydar" and his latest achievement was to find a swastika in Brussels at the photo exhibition "Winners!", dedicated to Ukrainian volunteers, who had been wounded during the war...

A large Ukrainian-Dutch economic forum has started. This event should be the final exclamation mark of "For" campaign, especially for the part which is associated with the pragmatic, economic arguments. Representation at ministerial level, with both Ukrainian and the Dutch side, has ensured a full house, the hall is filled with representatives of local businesses.

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