Ukrainian wife: Bridal Market on a Spotlight

Author : Mariya Kapinos

Source : 112 Ukraine

A lot of foreigners come to Ukraine to find a wife
11:59, 13 December 2015


It`s not a secret Ukraine is popular for its rich cuisine and beautiful women.

Market of brides displays variety of girls for every taste: tall or short; blonde or dark; with or without children.

But practically situation is much more difficult. Very often a man comes to Ukraine expecting to find what he is looking for in one click. He believes girls would be amazed by him. In real the situation is quite the opposite.

Fernando is from Venezuela but for last ten years he lives in USA. He`s been to Ukraine in 2007 for work and knows this country quite good. And he decided to find a wife here.

“It is not like I cannot find my other half at home. But a very good friend of mine got married two month ago. I`ve been to the wedding. His wife is Ukrainian. She is very chatty and nice. She`s learned English very fast. And my friend is very happy. I want just the same”.

Answering the question why he wants to marry Ukrainian, Fernando shares his opinion:

“Well… It feels like all women in my country are to bossy. They do not allow a man to hold their coat or pay for them in the restaurant. Sometimes it`s a good thing (smiles). But not every time”.

Walking down the street in Kyiv you can spot very strange couples: not very attractive man accompanied by a lot more attractive woman.

From the first sight he believes she is the one. But for her it`s just another way to get money out of him.

In the end of a date she probably will ask to give her money for a taxi or to buy a small present. “Small” present can be different. It depends on the man… or on the girl he is trying to impress.

What can you say to it? Girls have to eat.

Katya just got back from Italy. She doesn`t speak Italian and her English is quite poor. She is registered on one of wedding agencies for foreigners in Kyiv. There she found a man from Italy. During the trip he bought her very nice leather boots. She is showing off her new stuff and looks very happy.

“No, I`m not considering moving abroad. At least not now and not with this man. I need someone younger”.

It`s hard to believe but a man may not even have sexual affairs with a girl. She will persuade him that at first he has to proof his love and respect.

“Usually I say he has to wait. To buy something to persuade me in his serious intentions. If he is not agree - that`s fine. I will find someone else. I am young and beautiful. I am worthy of something better. ”

But the most stunning thing is “dates for three”. He, she… and a translator. Man has a right to refuse a translator but it`s going to be very hard to keep a conversation fresh and funny if a girl doesn`t understand a word of what he says.

Although “funny” doesn`t begin to cover the situation. Who is having a real fun is an interpreter. Usually it is also a woman. As a time goes she teaches herself not to blush translating everything a man or a woman may say. Everything!

An interpreter not only translates conversations and letters. She also writes letters for girls on her own and practically knows about the man more than the girl he is writing to knows. 

And then he comes to Ukraine.

Well, there are two types of man on Bridal Market. The difference is how they prefer to meet.

One type will come to Ukraine and try to fix his life here. He will go to restaurants, clubs or museums. Well, usually it`s not going to work. In this case it depends on the man and his “credibility” - how much money he has.

Another one will register on special website and write a couple of letters ahead of time. So he comes to Ukraine keeping 5-10 girls on eye.

He believes he wrote e-mails to those girls. Practically he could write to … an interpreter.

Interpreters usually make fun of those gentlemen writing the same texts to every girl. It is not fair but who are they to judge?

And then he comes on a date. Cozy place and nice lightening. Very tolerant waitresses.

This man has no idea that about 10 minutes before the date an interpreter in two words explained to the girl who this man is and what exactly he wrote to her. She will bow and make a smile: “Ya Ponyala” (“I get it”)

But everything is not as bad as it sounds. There are women dreaming to marry a foreigner.

Maybe they were married or had serious relationships. They didn`t like it and decided it would be better to marry a foreigner. They are stricken on the spot by stories of Italian passion, German punctuality or American generosity. Those women improve their English and truly believe they will find someone special.

Olga (it`s her fake name) is a student. In about two month she will get her Master Degree. She dedicated her life to German language… And all she wants is to live in Germany.

“It sounds silly, but I feel I`ll be able to find my happiness there. I just feel it! I like their culture; I know the language and men there are very tall and handsome.  I have plans to continue my education abroad. But what if I find the right man here? Why not?”

Olga goes on a date time-to-time. Once it even got serious but in the end they split up.

“He wanted me to depend on him. And I wanted not only to live but to study in Germany. So it didn`t work out”

Nevertheless, it`s true there are a lot of beautiful women in Ukraine. They wear high heels; they know how to make good impression; they are smart and educated.

And they can be wonderful wives… sometimes.

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