Ukrainian rights and "Left Internationale"

Author : Ihor Solovey

Source : 112 Ukraine

Twelve theses on the crucial change of Ukrainian political spectrum and its international coverage
16:33, 23 August 2016

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1. Before Maidan, the main political cleavage of Ukraine’s politics was the opposition of "pro-European" and "pro-Russian" camps. After Maidan, the “pro-Russian” forces became weakened, and “pro-European” ideologists gradually began to form their own "factions."

2. After Maidan, the two main political "factions" appeared in Ukraine: left and right. The right forces emphasize on the national unity, welcome the rehabilitation of Ukrainian Insurgent Army, and overreact to the most urgent threats to the national security. The left forces stand for the ideas of ​​the civil equality and justice; they tend not to support the ideas of the national unification efforts. I would say that the right forces live in the "war zone," and the left ones live in a "zone of peace."

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3. There are lots of distinguishing markers between Ukrainian lefts and rights: renaming the Airport (Malevich vs. Mazepa), renaming Moscowsky Avenue after Ukrainian nationalist Bandera, taking away the Soviet murals from the Ukrainian House, holding a military parade, etc.

4. Both left and right forces participated in Maidan, and the last ones formed the core for organizing the forceful opposing the authorities. Left slogans, including feminist, did not become popular and were not accepted by the Maidan activists. Thus, Ukrainian lefts were personally represented on Maidan, but they were not represented politically; Ukrainian rights were represented personally and politically.

5. Now about Ukraine’s "Left Internationale." The international image of Ukraine is mainly presented by the Ukrainian lefts and their foreign partners. For example, German political scientist Andreas Umland and his German supporter Grzegorz Rossoliński-Liebe accuse Director of Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance Volodymyr Viatrovych of a shameless rehabilitation of Ukrainian fascism and anti-Semitism. Speaking about Ukrainian media, this is HromadskeTV, which has the most extensive international network.

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6. Accordingly, the lefts form Ukraine’s international image, and they negatively assess the right forces of the Ukrainian political spectrum.

7. Ukrainian left are more prone to the formation of the World Left Internationale. They have common universal values ​​of equality and justice, and the whole of Western civilization might be united in the name of these principles. Ukrainian rights focus on their own national community, which gives birth to different contradictions and interpretations of history. "Right Internationale" is a paradoxical thing; the right politicians of various ethnic communities unite in order to divide. For instance, they unite to play against the EU.

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8. International right forces (French, German, and Polish) negatively perceive the representatives of Ukrainian rights. European rights are “good guys,” while Ukrainian ones are definitely "bad boys." Ukrainian left journalists have formed an atmosphere in which the very expression “Ukrainian nationalists” is perceived almost as a synonym for "Ukrainian fascism." And the Western rights tend to parrot these ideas.

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9. Can we change the international coverage of the political situation in Ukraine? Perhaps, we should not expect some radical changes. However, we must at least realize the situation and critically asses the political actions of the Ukrainian rights and the Ukrainian-European lefts.

10. Everyone knows the classification under which the nation is divided into "ethnic" and "civic." But we should always remember that these classifications are abstract, and in practice each nation has "ethnic" and "civic" component. These components create the right-left spectrum. Excessive right or left marginalization is detrimental to the country: the first leads to undue advancement of some citizens over the others because of their ethnicity, and the second leads to the forced imposition of "equality" which could turn into a social absurdity.

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11. The ideological wars between Ukrainian lefts and rights should turn into a consensus between the moderate right and moderate left. They should unite for the common resistance to the radicals at both ends of the political spectrum. Someone might consider it a call for mobilization of the liberals that could be able to come together and understand each other on the common ground of their political liberalism.

12. Finally, good news. Ukrainian political spectrum is becoming more "European." However, this new structuring of Ukrainian ideologies has not been adequately represented in the spectrum Ukrainian political parties. But Ukraine has all the conditions to do it.

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