Ukrainian housing and communal services consumers robbed and deceived again

Author : Olexandr Honcharov

Source : 112 Ukraine

The law "On housing and communal services", adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on November 9, does not augur well for the future
10:39, 20 November 2017

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Today on one of the TV channels a report was shown, where the hero of the plot, pensioner from Kyiv, said her pension was 57 USD. It is barely enough to pay for new utility bills and utilities tariffs, and money for food is not enough.

November 9 this year the Verkhovna Rada voted for the bill number 1581-d "On Housing and Communal Services", which was actually adopted in the interests of our monopolists. In fact, it neglects the interests and rights of ordinary service users. Utilities such as heat, water, gas, electricity, are regulated by the state. Experts in this industry have long noticed that it was possible to freeze the tariffs of our monopolists, but the state did not due it.

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Instead, people's deputies separated services from subscriber and network maintenance costs, introduced new types of payments:

  1. payment for maintenance of house-building systems in multi-apartment houses;
  2. payment for the service, which is calculated on the basis of the size of the approved prices / tariffs for the utility service and the volume of consumed utilities;
  3. payment for subscriber service (now it is one of the forms of payment for heat, water supply, sewage).

What to expect from these innovations? Of course, at least, an increase in that component of the fee, which is not subject to state regulation.

Accordingly, people's deputies and the government are unlikely to solve all the problems of housing and communal services at the expense of one poor. Groysman’s Cabinet should develop targeted national programs for co-financing capital investments in this branch of housing and communal services. Well, we should not be silent. Moreover, in the new law, people's deputies do not specify the order and size by which consumers could count on compensation for poor service. And now it is necessary to seek the introduction of these requirements in the relevant regulatory acts.

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But the deputies clearly and unequivocally provide a penalty for late payment of housing and communal services - up to 0.01% of the amount of debt for each day of delay. That is, in the case of late payment, the amount of debt may increase to 0,3% per month or up to 3.6% per year. In connection with this, a lot has already been written in the draft state budget for 2018. In this document, the Finance Ministry has already calculated what will be the level of inflation in the year 2018, the growth of real incomes, etc., including how much the services of natural monopolies will be raised.

However, in our country, there is still no such accounting and control over the execution of the state budget. Therefore, for many years in Ukraine, the growth of prices for services of natural monopolies exceeds the growth of incomes of the population. In 2017, such decisions sharply increase expenses of our families.

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Our politicians, of course, are financially illiterate. No wonder many of my colleagues after talking with them say that financial memory is the shortest one, and the financial gap is the deepest. Is there a chance for intelligent people to be heard? For example, figures in the receipts for utilities are dissatisfied today for both the poor and the rich.

In conclusion, I would like to note that now most citizens, including primarily pensioners, live in conditions of enormous shortage of money. Wide choice of products is perceived by them as an insult. And this seriously hurts their health. The people are still gloomily watching all this illiterate political battles. In such circumstances, society can stay loyal until the spring of 2018. By March-April, the of people’s patience will be exhausted.

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