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Again we invite you to the table in traditions of national Ukrainian cuisine
19:06, 19 July 2016

After the story about the most famous and popular dishes that you can taste in Ukraine, we move on to the second part. Let's expand our culinary horizons and learn about other, rarer food of Ukrainian cuisine. These dishes are not served in majority of Ukrainian restaurants, so you will have to search a little. Looking for such food be guided by the small authentic restaurants, or make a visit to Ukrainian family - these dishes are certainly on the list of Ukrainian housewives’ culinary secrets.

Green borscht

We are confident that you know about borscht. Red borscht. We offer you to taste a green one, which differs not only by its color, but the main ingredients. There is no beet root in such borsht, but sorrel, potatoes and onion. Some housewives may add spinach, and even nettle leaves – in this case soup has more vitamins. It can be vegetarian or with some pork. Good healthy food for summer season and a source of vitamins. Usually served with pieces of hardboiled egg and sour cream.

Krovyanka (blood sausage)

Don’t panic, it's delicious. Krovyanka is a pork intestine filled with pig blood, lard and groats, usually buckwheat. As pork is the most popular meat in Ukraine, no part of pig would left uneaten. Cook buckwheat, mix it with the raw blood and pieces of lard, fill pig intestines and bake in the oven for a few hours. Bon appétit!



Rare dish because is usually served once a year on Ukrainian Christmas dinner. Simply put, it’s sweet porridge of wheat with raisins, chopped nuts, poppy seeds and honey. Could be served warm or cold. After all the ingredients are cooked and mixed, dish should stand for a little to have more flavor. And sure you can cook it more than once a year at Christmas.


Fried pancakes made from grated potatoes, egg, flour and onion. This is usually a main no meat dish for lunch or breakfast in Ukraine. Different cooks preparing deruny differently, so they can be soft or crispy a little. Served warm, often with dill and sour cream.


Cottage cheese pancakes. Traditional dessert served in Ukraine. Cottage cheese is first sweetened with sugar, may be raisins added, and then kneaded into dough with flour. These pancakes usually served with a huge variety of jams, honey, sour cream, vanilla cream, condensed milk, sweet fruits - new flavors you can taste for a very long time.


It exists in two versions – a dough roll with poppy seed stuffing or a kind of pie, in which the dough is mixed with poppy seeds. Generally sweet stuffing of poppy seed is very popular in Ukraine, and can be found in pies and varenyky. Note for a lazy cooks: already prepared stuffing sold in Ukrainian supermarkets.


Kulish is an ancient folksy dish, which combined the first and second courses, and looks like a thick soup of cereals and vegetables dressed with fried lard or onion. Traditionally should be cooked on fire. There are lots of recipes depended mainly on the availability of products for this dish. Potatoes, carrot, onion, cabbage – all is suitable. Kulish was considered ready when the cereals became completely boiled soft and formed a thick mass.


An alcoholic drink with history - its recipe has roots in ancient pagan times. Created by fermenting honey with water, sometimes with various fruits, spices or grains. With home cooking alcohol percentage in the finished beverage can vary within a wide range, usually up to 20%. From ancient times to the present day beekeeping is very popular in Ukraine, and there are many sorts of honey. Although medovukha remains the rare drink, because the honey fermentation process takes a long time.

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