Ukraine cut LNR off from electricity: What you need to know about blackout

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How the supply of electricity to the occupied territories was halted and restored
23:19, 27 April 2017

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On April, 25 Ukraine at midnight completely stopped the supply of electricity to the occupied territory of the Luhansk region. The militants stated that they had already reconnected the system and the power supply had been restored. tells us the reasons for such a blackout in and how long it can last.

Why did Ukraine turn off the power supply?

In Ukrenergo Company the reason was called non-payment for electricity supplied and consumed by residents of the occupied territories for a long time. The debt reached 5.2 billion hryvnia, or more than 195 million dollars. But, as Deputy Minister for Temporary Occupied Territories and internally displaced persons Georgiy Tuka explained, the debt is conditionally divided between the controlled and uncontrolled territories "approximately 50 to 50". The Luhansk Energy Association, which works on these territories, threatened to turn off the light in March because of the financial collapse in the company.

The largest debts were formed by such enterprises as Lisichanskteploset (almost 34 million UAH of debt as of March 1, 2017), Lisichanskvodokanal (almost 125 million UAH), Popasnyansky Vodokanal (128 million UAH), Rubezhansky water suply management (about 9,5 million UAH), Kreminske water suply management in Rubizhne town (more than 4 million UAH), Starobelskvoda (1.5 million UAH).

Also, the supply of electricity for the needs of Popasnyansky Vodokanal, which supplies water to the majority of consumers in LNR, was discontinued.

Which areas fell under the blackout?

Judging by the statement of the authorities, the fully occupied territory of the Luhansk region has been disconnected. However, the militants claim that only for a while there were no lights in Luhansk, Alchevsk and Perevalsk, and in other cities power supply was not interrupted. Vladimir Gritsay, director of the Luhansk Energy Association, noted earlier that Stanitsa Luhanska and the settlements around it, which has more than 12,000 clients, also receive electricity from the uncontrolled side, and, accordingly, it also falls under the blackout.

Is there really no power supply in the so-called LNR?

The so-called LNR authorities say that they have restored the electricity supply to "most of the districts of Luhansk." According to sources, on April 25 there was power supply only in Luhansk, but with a very low voltage.

How long the blackout will continue?

The Russian Gazeta.Ru referring to a source in the Cabinet reported that LNR has a supply of electricity from Russia. According to him, under such circumstances, residents will remain with the lights, but there will not be electricity for the enterprises.

In addition, it remains unclear how the coal mines into uncontrolled territory receive power, since the lack of electricity and water supply can threaten enterprises with environmental consequences.

According to the source of Gazeta.Ru in the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, the reason for blackout is precisely the lack of payment from large enterprises that were seized by militants the day before.

Firstly, Ukrenergo didn’t inform how long the blackout will last. Later, the general director of the Luhansk Energy Association Vladimir Gritsay on the air of 112 Ukraine TV channel stated power supply was restored.

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