Ukraine, Somalia, and freewheeling '90s: What's common between these things?

Author : Tetiana Sviatenko

Source : 112 Ukraine

Ukraine would not outrun Somalia soon. Which heresay about the work police do we know?
09:22, 18 December 2017

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"Ukraine would outrun Somalia soon," "Even in the 1990s, there was no such disorder," "The freewheeling '90s seem not to be that monstrous," this is how people tend to discuss the news in the kitchens and in official’s cabinets. Are these myths or reality?

Ukraine is not Somalia

First, the civil war, more precisely, the tribal struggle in Somalia continues since 1991, and it is completely normal to meet a man in a camouflage machine with a Kalashnikov rifle. Secondly, piracy and terrorism are the basis of Somalia's economy. And thirdly, human life is worth nothing, absolutely nothing: at the place of one dead there are three corpses.

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Agree, Ukraine and this East African state are simply incomparable.

Worse than the freewheeling 90s

A surge of crime in the 90's was due to the collapse of the USSR and the transition to a market economy. Racket, extortion, redistribution of property rights to means of production and the emergence of private property have become the leitmotif of the criminal activity.

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Anti-terrorist operation (ATO) can be called the main misfortune and the factor of criminalization of today’s Ukraine. Officially, it is called ATO, and in fact, this is a war that gives an uncontrolled circulation of illegal weapons and what is even worse, people who are not afraid to use it in peaceful territories (even without any reasons for it).

The criminal situation has deteriorated at times

An anonymous employee of the criminal prosecution of the capital's police stated that criminal situation has seriously deteriorated. A man has been working in law enforcement agencies for more than 10 years and speaks precisely of this period: "The situation is getting out of control sometimes. The number of thefts and robberies increased steadily, if earlier two or three apartment thefts were registered in the district for a week, now it is up to 10. At the same time, the police are working, the criminals are caught, but the courts release them. It seems that the court and Criminal Court are trying to justify the perpetrator, not the victim. And, of course, we should not forget about the rampaging of the weapon. If ATO ends today, we will stabilize the situation in a year."

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Every second passerby wears a grenade in his pocket

Perhaps the main difference of our time can be considered crimes committed with the help of various types of explosives and weapons. All this stuff is dragged from the ATO zone. Ministry of Internal Affairs speaker, Artem Shevchenko, said that there were almost no such crimes before: "Since the beginning of the ATO, the number of crimes involving firearms and explosives, and of various types, including those previously unused, or used very rarely, increased. The explosion is a weapon of crime, the act of terrorism is a crime too. With the onset of the war, more and more crimes were committed using explosives, and, of course, since the beginning of the war, the number of crimes qualified as a terrorist act has increased. We are confronted with socio-political terrorist manifestations of a country that wants to capture our land."

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Everyone should do their thing

The criminals feel a certain freedom, and not only "humane courts" and "democratic Criminal Code" play their role in it: the situation is fired by the law-enforcers themselves, more precisely the reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. And one can hear that the police are not capable of anything. Like, nobody works, there are no professionals, and just former waiters took the positions of police patrols and criminal investigators. This is not true: policemen work, they investigate the crimes, take criminals to responsibility and find abusers and robbers, as well as stolen children.

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In Ukraine, you can find an assault rifle and shoot everyone

The outgoing year will be remembered by mass executions all over the world. People repeatedly took up arms and shot the crowd. There are no such crimes in Ukraine. "Mass shootings from automatic firearms in public places, fortunately, do not happen... But this does not mean that we should not be afraid of this, because the number of weapons, including automatic weapons, are in the shadow," says Artem Shevchenko.

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The Ministry of Internal Affairs fights against crime only after a strong kick from above

There is no country in the world that has completely managed to overcome the crime. But there are countries where criminals feel extremely uncomfortable, there are countries where the crime rate is incredibly low, and the authority of the police is just fantastically high. Ukraine should make the authority of the police to the highest level. Fortunately, the police are aware of all the problems and challenges of our time. Moreover, they recognize and correct the miscalculations made in the course of reforming the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

"Until we finish ATO, we are doomed to strengthen the police functions," the Ministry of Internal Affairs summarizes.

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