Ukraine changed its parking rules

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All you need to know about Ukraine's new rules for parking
10:40, 28 September 2018

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Ukraine’s Law No. 2262-VIII "On Amending Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine Regarding the Restructuring of Parking for Vehicles" came into force. The law provides for new rules for punishing drivers who do not pay for parking or leave the car in prohibited places.

If the car is parked in the parking lot for more than 10 minutes, the driver has not paid for it, and the violation was recorded on video or photo, a penalty is presumed. The receipt of the penalty might be left on the windshield of the car, and if the record occurred automatically, the penalty will be sent by registered mail.

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Previously, the penalty for unpaid parking was 5-7 USD, according to the new rules it is a 20 times value of fold amount of parking cost per hour, and in the case of an unreasonably occupied place for the disabled – 30 times value of the price for parking.

It is supposed that the parking inspector would fill out a fine. If he takes cash from the driver as payment for the service, he faces a fine of 30 to 42 USD.

The driver or the owner of the car might pay only half of the penalty if he has time to do it within 10 banking days (a receipt left on the windshield or sent by mail must contain the requisites for payment).

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The law allows representatives of the National Police and parking inspectors to evacuate the car if it impedes traffic or creates a threat to traffic safety. An exhaustive list is given.

Therefore, in order not to evacuate the car, it should not be left:

  • in the second row of the carriageway,
  • at the railway crossing,
  • on the tramlines,
  • on the overpass or bridge and under them in a tunnel,
  • at a pedestrian crossing and 10 meters near it, except for a stop to provide advantages in motion,
  • at intersections and area of 10 meters from them, except for giving an advantage in motion and stopping in front of the side passage at T-like intersections where there is a continuous line or broken lines,
  • on the carriageway, where the distance between the continuous line or the opposite edge of the carriageway and the transport that has stopped is less than 3 meters,
  • closer than 30 meters from the public transport stop or from the road sign of such a stop,
  • closer than 10 meters from the roadworks,
  • in places where it will be impossible to go around the parked vehicle,
  • closer than 10 meters from the exits from adjacent territories and directly at the exit point,
  • if the car interferes with the movement of people with disabilities and pedestrians in wheelchairs,
  • on the lane for public transport,
  • on the bicycle path,
  • if the car interferes with the snow-removing vehicles or other municipal transport in case of introduction of a state of emergency,
  • if the car breaks the parking scheme and blocks travel on two or more lanes.

If the car owner wants to receive a text message or an e-mail in case of an evacuation, he should contact the Ministry of Internal Affairs and provide his contacts.

Immediately after paying the fine and the cost of transportation/storage, the car must be returned to the owner or user.

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The representatives of the National Police and parking inspectors appointed by the local government will be able to evacuate the car. But they should have special insurance in case of damage to vehicles when moving, there is a penalty from 42 to 60 USD for the violation.

The law recommends that local authorities introduce an automated parking control system, and the Cabinet should review the possibility of increasing the number of parking lots for the cars.

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Penalties for parking owners increase too. In the event that parking requirements are violated, the previous fine was 12-18 USD, and now it amounts to 18-39 USD. If the paid parking lots are not equipped in accordance with the current legislation - the sanction will make 24-40 USD.

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