Trump might turn into Nixon: Why "Tomahawks" did not help the US president

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Trump's missile attack on Syria gave the president a short respite in the war with the establishment, but not for that long
18:56, 12 May 2017

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Trumps dismissal of Comey

The American president is criticized for dismissing James Comey, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), who investigated the case of Russia's interference in United States the presidential campaign. Donald Trump fired Comey on the recommendation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. According to the Republicans, Comey exceeded his authority when engaged in leakage of confidential information from the personal post of Hillary Clinton, when she held the post of Secretary of State. She should not have used a private mailbox in secret correspondence, which was eventually hacked. Comey criticized Clinton in an interview with reporters in July 2016, during the election campaign. He said Clinton's actions were frivolous, but this is not enough to initiate a criminal case. In October, on the eve of the elections, James Comey stated that there was new evidence in the Clinton’s case. According to Democrats and Hillary Clinton herself, the statements of the FBI director influenced the results of the presidential elections.

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It would seems that Comey’s dismissal would not please the Democrats. However, the US media came to the defense of the former director of the FBI. According to CNN, the dismissal of James Comey was unexpected, since he was considered an ideal law enforcement officer.

According to The New York Times, the day before the dismissal, James Comey asked the Justice Department to increase funding and allocate additional staff to investigate the case of Russia's interference in presidential elections. The media makes readers think that James Comey could be fired for knowing too much about Russia's hacker attacks, and that Donald Trump is trying to hide the Russian involvement in the breach of US information security and the connection of his friends with the Kremlin.

After that Vox published its publication, which presented the dismissal of James Comey as an excuse for the impeachment of President Donald Trump. The article justifies the possibility of initiating an impeachment procedure against Donald Trump, if the majority of members of the US Congress lose credibility with the president. The decision of Donald Trump to dismiss James Comey in its negative impact is compared with the Watergate scandal of former President Richard Nixon. From the point of view of journalists, Donald Trump creates obstacles to the triumph of justice towards Russia and its interference in US domestic policy.


Democrats in Congress demands that a special prosecutor should be appointed to continue the investigation. The campaign was led by Chuck Schumer, leader of the democratic minority in the Senate, and it was supported even by some Republicans, in particular by John McCain.

Congress doubts that the new head of the FBI will really investigate this case. "Obviously, no matter whom President Trump proposes to the post of FBI head, this person would not be able to conduct an objective investigation of Russia's actions," Senator Bernie Sanders said.


Journalists also criticized the initiative of the Trump’s team in the field of health care reform. In his election program, Donald Trump promised to find a better alternative to the medical reform of former President Barack Obama. In early May, the US House of Representatives passed the "American Health Care Act" (AHCA), through which the Republicans expected to replace the "Accessible Health Act", adopted in 2010, also known as Obamacare. Medicine in the US is expensive and based on the insurance system. Benefits exist mainly for pensioners (the Medicare program) and the poor (Medicaid program). About 50 million Americans lived without insurance.

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Obamacare was aimed at reducing the number of uninsured Americans and provided for increased medical care in exchange for compulsory insurance. Those who did not want to buy insurance were fined, and the proceeds went to the treatment of the poor. Those who were not able to buy insurance received subsidies from the state. The reform obliged employers to partially cover the insurance of their employees. The number of uninsured Americans decreased by 20 million. As a result, healthy Americans began to spend more money on health insurance because of an unnecessary package of services.

The Republican "American Health Act," which the evil tongues dubbed Trumpcare, was not the best alternative: the same Obamacare with a reduction in government subsidies for the treatment of the poor and cancellation of fines for those who do not receive insurance.

Journalist Sarah Kliff of Vox raised the question of how poor Americans will be treated if the Republicans are going to cut the subsidies. According to the authors of The New York Times, Nancy-Ann DeParle and Phil Schiliro, the AHCA act will only exacerbate the problems of health: 24 million Americans will lose insurance, and the Medicaid medical program will not receive 800 billion dollars. It is difficult to guess where the authors have taken these colossal figures, because in terms of Obamacare, the annual budget of the Medicaid program was $ 348.3 million (in 2016). In 2017, $ 357.6 million were allocated for the treatment of needy Americans.

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Tax sphere

Mass media and experts have also focused on criticizing Trump's transformation in the tax sphere. The US president proposed reducing corporate and individual taxes in the US. Trump believes that this measure will stimulate the creation of new workplaces inside the country, the growth of the national economy and reduction of capital abroad outflow. American companies are moving their production to developing countries with a more favorable investment climate than in the US.

The president's proposal is criticized at the Brookings Institution. According to the think tank, the process of tax reform will be difficult, other countries will follow the American example and make taxes for business even lower. The reduction of taxes will affect the increase in the budget deficit and the growth of public debt. According to experts, the Trump plan assumes significant tax cuts for large enterprises with large incomes and minor tax cuts for small and medium-sized enterprises with small incomes. Journalist Max Ehrenfreud from The Washington Post cites information that most respected economists believe that Trump's proposal to cut taxes will not contribute to economic growth.

Donald Trump is criticized for lack of courage to provide a tax declaration of his income. One of CNN's editors, Chris Sillizza, claims that Donald Trump is the only US president in the last 40 years that hides information about his income. In his view, Trump's reluctance to publish information about his incomes will be used by Democrats as an excuse to block any Republican amendments to US tax law. Donald Trump is suspected of intending to cut taxes in the interests of his own business.

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Democrats are preparing for elections

The shortcomings of Donald Trump began to be exaggerated in the American media precisely after the first 100 days of his reign. The Republicans' plans for reform have been known for a long time. Obamacare was promised even by Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential candidate for the elections in 2012. Criticism of Donald Trump is a deliberate PR move by his opponents from the Democratic Party. Democrats are preparing for elections to the US Congress, as well as for the election of the governor in 36 states, which will be held in 2018. Democrats are interested in taking revenge. To date, most seats in Congress are occupied by representatives of the Republican Party (241 of 435 seats in the House of Representatives, 52 out of 100 seats in the Senate).

Democrats use some media to work on public opinion of American voters. They are trying to raise their ratings and discredit the Republicans as a political force capable of bringing order to the country. The results of the first 100 days of Donald Trump's presidency were used by his opponents as an excuse for criticism. It is a tradition that within 100 days of the inauguration of the president, the Americans make preliminary conclusions about the effectiveness of the course of the new leader. Currently, about 42% of Americans approve of the president's activities.

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Donald Trump was mainly criticized by the media, which are connected with the Democratic Party. CNN and MSNBC have a image of media that highlights information in a way beneficial for the Democrats. One of Trump's critics, journalist Chris Sillizza, is now writing articles for CNN; began his career as a political analyst on MSNBC. According to the research of political scientists Robert Lichter, Stanley Rotman, and Linda Lichter, a significant number of journalists from The New York Times and The Washington Post support the Democratic Party and specialize in topics related to social issues and health. The New York Times critics of the Trumpcare - Nancy-Ann DeParle and Phil Schiliro – have previously worked in the administration of former President Barack Obama from the Democratic Party. One of the founders of the Vox publication, journalist Ezra Klein, and his colleague Sarah Kliff, who whitens Obamacare, are supporters of the Democratic Party and personally interviewed Barack Obama on medical reform. The director of Brookings University, Strobe Talbott, served as deputy secretary of state in the administration of the Democrat president Bill Clinton. It is no accident that this institution criticizes Trump's intention to cut taxes. Democrats rely on their people from the media in the criticism of Republicans.

Now the move is for Trump.

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