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Best dishes to try - traditional, popular, delicious
22:48, 14 July 2016

How many Ukrainian traditional dishes do you know? Probably, borscht and varenyky? Or maybe you’re even not sure that these are exclusively Ukrainian dishes? Through its history Ukraine was under power of Russia, Poland, Austria and even Lithuania, so some customs as well as food traditions seem quite similar there. Often only after visit to these countries tourists realize that each of them has its own unique dishes and culinary experiences. Let’s talk about Ukraine and what kinds of food you can try there.


A type of dumplings, very close to georgian khinkali or italian ravioli. There are varieties of fillings for this dish, both sweet and not. You can meet varenyky with meat, liver, potatoes, mushrooms, cabbage, cottage cheese, cherry, blueberry. If you want to try sweet kind of varenyky- the setting can be sour cream or honey. If not – they will be served with cracklings (fried bacon with onions).


A traditional soup, made out of beet root, meat, potatoes and up to 20 other ingredients, usual dish in Ukrainian families.There is a great number of borscht recipes, and it is believed that every housewife prepares it in a special way. This dish is often served with pampushkas - rolls of dough covered with oiled garlic sauce (crushed garlic with vegetable oil) and sprinkled chopped greens (dill or parsley).


Stuffed cabbage rolls. The filling can be made from rice, meat, onion, with small additions of carrot and mushrooms, wrapped around by cooked cabbage leaves. Often cabbage rollsare served with sour cream.Many countries are preparing similar dish, but the recipe and all the components may greatly differ.


A traditional Ukrainian food. Simply put, it is a fatback with added salt and spices often eaten with brown bread and garlic. In some sense it is the culinary symbol of Ukraine. There are many anecdotes about how Ukrainians cannot live without salo and even traveling abroad they brought it with them. In fact it is not true. Not every Ukrainian likes salo, but the fact that a few centuries ago it was a very popular dish here, is undeniable.


Kind of homemade sausage. Thin pork intestinefilled with chopped meat and fat with spices. It is baked in the oven for a few hours and the taste does not go to any comparison with sausage, made in the factory. Ukrainians cookthis dish usually for some celebrations, as it is very time-consuming.


Ukrainian variant of aspic. Jellied meat with vegetables, very popular both in Ukraine and Russia. All cooks agree that this dish shouldbe cooked without gelatin or similar additives. The broth is cooked by boiling only those parts of the carcass which contain enough jellying ingredients - usually pork/chicken legs, pork ears and beef tails. Home cooking process takes about 6-7 hours.


Banosh is the widespread dish in the Carpathian region of Ukraine, but is not common in the country's center. It is made from corn flour and sour cream, adding cracklings, mushrooms and brynza – local salty sheep cheese.The true banosh should be cooked on fire, in Carpathian highlands, and always by men.


Let’s talk about drinks, exactly about traditional drink of Ukrainian Christmas dinner. It’s a dried fruits beverage with a very recognizable flavor and aroma.Usually made from mainly apples, pears and prunes, some recipes include raisins, dried sour cherries and even dried apricots. Very easy to cook and there is no reason not to drink it more often than once a year at Christmas.

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