Transcript of NSDC meeting before annexation of Crimea (on Martial Law)

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Russia's invasion of Crimea began in late February - early March 2014, when unmarked troops from Russia and Crimean Black Sea Fleet bases were deployed to Crimea. Ukrainian government has chosen the path of peaceful settlement of the conflict. However, it did not help to save Crimea as part of Ukraine
11:05, 23 February 2016

MP Boryslav Bereza published excerpts from the transcript of the meeting the NSDC during the period of annexation of Crimea. On these pages, people were talking about the possibility of the introduction of martial law. Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said on the need for a political solution, since there is not enough money or fighting capacity. In particular, they talked about the possibility of more autonomy for Crimea. Yulia Tymoshenko, who participated in the meeting, spoke strongly against the action. Tymoshenko has advocated a diplomatic solution. Against active actions performed and Valentyn Nalyvaychenko, who at that time headed the Security Service of Ukraine.

Yatsenyuk A.

Dear colleagues, it is a declaration of war against Russia. The introduction of martial law is the announcement of the war against the Russian Federation.

Viktor Yanukovych signed an agreement and Russian Black Sea Fleet can stay in Crimea. Let me remind you, as Russiansdid in Georgia: they acted as the Nazis. Russia's statement immediately after the imposition of martial law will concern "the protection of Russian citizens and Russian-speaking population, which has ethnic ties to Russia!". This is a script that wrote the Russian. We climb into the script!

From the audience.

Wait a minute…

Yatsenyuk A.

Let me finish. Thank you!

Therefore, the first question concerns the real ability.

The second question concerns the financing of this operation.

The third question is time.

We do not have money in the treasury account.

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So my suggestion is first try to resolve it as quickly as possible through political consultations and through foreign intermediaries.

Faith in it there is little, but it will be possible - at least manage to avoid bloodshed.

If we go along the way of martial law, you will find that will happen. It's part of their plan. There, in addition to the military, the Chechens will come, if not already arrived. There will be ethnic conflict kindled. And we as a central authority accused that we're through "tugging ties" that are not provoked conflict and blood in the Crimea. Russia immediately bring troops to the mainland Ukraine. According to the minister of defense, we do not have the forces to defend Kyiv.

We have to wait until the last, to go extreme positions in political negotiations to provide additional rights of autonomy.

It is necessary to buy time to revive the country's power block and recover elemental power in Ukraine.

Kubiv S.

Dear Oleksandr Valentynovych, dear Arseniy Petrovych, dear Andriy Volodymyrovych, and all the present colleagues! You know, seeing firsthand Andriy Paruby that after four bursts of machine guns, which we did not anticipate, began to run with Bankova Pechersk and all the army, internal and external, together with the black "Berkut". Yes, we are not ready for war! There is no one to fight!

Second. It is necessary to revive the army. Instead, children and migrant workers, we need serious guys who have military experience: Afghans and others. They should be involved in the armed forces, the Interior Ministry, the Security Service. Involve the Patriots, who were on Maidan.

Third. I propose to address and minister of defense and, accordingly, the head of Security Service of Ukraine, to the personnel officers: the officers to return ... (The text breaks off)

(Skipped two pages)

Zaychuk V.

Sorry, Oleksandr Valentynovych, Russian State Duma Chairman Naryshkin asked to you an urgent phone conversation.

Yatsenyuk A.

He heads the Russian parliament and is responsible to you as Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada on the status. You must talk.

Turchynov O.

Well, let's talk! Let's take a pause in our work for 5-10 minutes! ..

Turchynov O. (after the break)

We have already talked ... What can I say? Naryshkin voicedthe Putin’sthreats. They do not rule, he said, hard decisions for the prosecution of Russian and Russian-speaking. Apparently, hinted at the decision to invade not only Crimea. Narrated by Putin's words that if dies at least one Russian, they would declare us war criminals and will chase all over the world. I replied that the aggression against Ukraine, they have become criminals and would be responsible before an international court. That is howwe talked ...

Let us continue our work.

Let's finish the discussion!

Dear colleagues, it is necessary to make a decision. The main question that I put to the vote, is the introduction of martial law.

Tymoshenko Y.

Oleksandr Valentynovych, don’t you see that I’ve raised my hand?

Turchynov O.

Please, Yulia Volodymyrivna.

Tymoshenko Y.

Dear friends, I did not want to speak, but as the leader of the largest party of the coalition can not be silent.

Price today's decision is incredibly high, and we have no room for error. I consulted with experienced people and I must say that Putin wants to implement Abkhazian scenario, and only need us to give him a reason. Do you remember, as it was led to his provocation of Saakashvili, and lost! We have no right to repeat his mistakes. Therefore, I urge everyone to think seven times before you make a single step.

What I want to say. If we had at least one chance in a hundred to win the war, I'd be the first one who would support action. But look at what condition our army today. Look, if we can confront them in the Crimea, where to order more Russian soldiers modern weapons and complete military bases?

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I also talked with our foreign partners, and they have also confirmed that Russian troops are on the border, and aske not to make any unnecessary movements. We must listen to them, because without them we are absolutely powerless.

Therefore, we must now beg the international community to stand up for Ukraine. This is our only hope. None of the tank should not get out of the barracks, no soldier should not take up arms, because it would mean losing streak.

No martial law and revitalization of our troops!

We must be the most peaceful nation, just behave like doves of peace ...

Turchynov O.

You propose to do nothing?

Tymoshenko Y.

You should come up with some unconventional moves. For example, to invite European ambassadors to some peace summit in Kyiv and Crimea. To hold a conference on peace. We should all together write appeals to the European Union, NATO, the U.S. peacekeeping troops. Enable all diplomatic ties.

And so I beg you not to make hasty steps. I can not vote because I am not a member of the National Security Council, but please hear me, hear all, and in any case not to impose martial law and does not fall into Putin's trap.

Nalyvaychenko V.

The information that is supplied by our channels, fully confirmed Russia's readiness for the introduction of troops concentrated along our border. Both the Americans and the Germans - all in one voice asked not to start any active action, because, according to their intelligence services, Putin uses it to initiate a large-scale ground invasion.

We need to hear the Western partners, and they need time to agree on solutions.

Turchynov O.

Let's finish the discussion!

Given the level of readiness of Russian troops on our eastern borders, then we must do everything to be able to defend. The Russians will fight only with the strong side.

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Tymoshenko Y.

But the fact of the matter is that we are weak.

Turchynov O.

We need complete mobilization of the country, you must immediately begin to transfer forces from the center and the west to the east and south. This is vital!

Tymoshenko Y.

Can you imagine what will happen in the country, if the tanks and APCs will drive across towns? This will trigger mass panic. People will begin to massively flee the country. The problem with the food, fuel ...

Turchynov O.

I did not interrupt you, Yulia Volodymyrivna. An even greater panic will take place, if they are Russian tanks on Khreshchatyk. We must do everything in order to be able to defend ourselves, including by own forces, if you do not wait for the military aid from the West. And it needs to operate. Therefore, I cannot vote on the decision of the National Security Council on the introduction of martial law in the country.

Who votes "for"? It is clear. "For" is Turchynov only. This means that the decision is not accepted.

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