Top-5 terrorist attacks at concert and cinema halls

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Terrorists attack concert halls around the globe: from Moscow to Colorado
16:20, 4 October 2017

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The terror attack at the Dubrovka theatrical center during "Nord-Ost" musical; Moscow, Russia, 2002

Method of attack: armed hostage taking

Number of deaths: at least 130 people

Number of wounded: more than 200 people


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The terrorist attack on Dubrovka was carried out by Chechen fighters, including suicide bombers, who sought the withdrawal of Russian troops from Chechnya. They broke into the house of culture in the Moscow district of Dubrovka on October 23, 2002, during the "Nord-Ost" musical, said that they took all spectators, troupe and workers hostage, and began to mine the building. In total, more than 900 people were captured. Negotiations with terrorists lasted until the early morning of October 26, when the operational headquarter commanded to storm the building. The law enforcers were allowed to use gas, which was supposed to lull the terrorists, but it just led to the death of the hostages. As a result of the operation, all the terrorists were killed, but at least 130 spectators (according to some other data, 174 people) died, including 17 members of the theater troupe. Among the victims were more than 10 children. 119 dead died in hospitals from gas intoxication. More than 700 people were injured. The special operation to free hostages "Nord-Ost" is still considered one of the most unsuccessful.

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Shooting during the premiere of "The Dark Knight Rises," Aurora, Colorado, USA, 2012

Method of attack: the shooting of spectators

Number of killed: 12 people

Number of wounded: 58 people

Attacking a movie theater in the suburbs of Denver (Colorado, USA) was not a terrorist act. It was committed by a local resident James Holmes. 40 minutes after the premiere of the last part of the trilogy of director Christopher Nolan about Batman, he entered the cinema hall. Holmes wore a form of the SWAT assault unit, bulletproof vest, and gas mask. He threw a smoke bomb at the spectators and opened fire on them randomly, killing 10 people on the spot. Two more died in the hospital. The police arrived at the scene of the attack 90 seconds after the first bell and immediately detained the shooter. At the trial, the defense of Holmes claimed that he was mentally ill, but the examination did not confirm this. The prosecutor demanded the death penalty for him, but because the jury could not come to a consensus, she was replaced by 12 life sentences without the right to parole. The incident in the city of Aurora provoked further controversy over tightening control over firearms in the United States.


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Attack on the theater "Bataclan", Paris, France, 2015

Method of attack: the shooting of the spectators of the concert

Number of killed: 89 people

Number of wounded: more than 200 people




The shooting in the building of the Paris theater "Bataclan" was the bloodiest episode of a series of terrorist acts committed in Paris on November 13, 2015. And the series of terrorist attacks was the largest in terms of the number of victims of an attack in France since the Second World War. Responsibility was assumed by Islamic State, saying that in this way it avenged the war against its militants in Syria. In the middle of the concert, several young men with automatic weapons burst into the hall and opened fire. It provoked panic. The attack lasted for 10-15 minutes, after which the police began storming the building. Three of the attackers were killed, one was arrested. Nearly 90 people from among the spectators were shot before the assault began. For a whole year the building did not host any mass events. Then British singer Sting gave a charity concert, all funds from which were sent to the families of the deceased.

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An explosion at the stadium during the concert of Ariana Grande, Manchester, United Kingdom, 2017

Method of attack: self-suicide bombing

Number of killed: 23 people

Number of wounded: more than 120 people

Another major attack happened in the concert hall, the responsibility for which was taken by the "Islamic state". This time the target for the attack were children and teenagers, who make up a considerable part of the fans of American singer Ariana Grande - she performed at the Manchester Arena on May 22 this year. After the show ended and the audience began to leave the stadium, a young man in the crowd launched an explosive device. Panic struck, people fled. 23 people became victims of the attack, including the suicide bomber. 8-year-old child and an 18-year-old teenager were among the dead. The singer, who was not injured during the attack, later visited injured children in hospitals in Manchester, and on June 4 at the city stadium "Old Trafford" a charity concert was held in support of the families of the victims.

The shooting of the spectators of the Route 91 Harvest festival, Las Vegas, USA, 2017

Method of attack: shooting from automatic weapons

Number of victims: at least 50 people

Number of wounded: more than 500 people


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The killing of the spectators of the country music festival in Las Vegas has become the most massive in the US since the September 11, 2001 attacks. It was conducted by 64-year-old local resident Stephen Paddock, who was shooting people at the concert platform directly from the window of his hotel room. He shot from the 32nd floor, using automatic weapons. The spectators thought that the first round of shots was just fireworks. When Paddock started shooting again, panic rose, people began to scatter. In order to neutralize the shooter, the police cordoned off the entire area, traffic was blocked and the local airport temporarily suspended operation. Paddock was shot. More than 50 people were injured and over 500 injured. The list of victims might be replenished, as some of the wounded are in critical condition. "The Islamic state" managed to take responsibility for the attack. The FBI denies this.

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Urgent evacuation of the spectators of Rock am Ring festival, Nurburg, Germany, 2017

The reason for the evacuation: the police suspected several workers in relations with Islamists and declared a threat of a terrorist attack

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Taking into account the increased attacks of Islamists on cultural events in Europe, the issue of safety at big concerts and festivals turned out to be a priority for organizers and law enforcement officers. In June of this year, the suspicion of the police that people associated with radicals could be among the staff of a Rock am Ring festival led to the evacuation of 87 thousand people. In addition, it was necessary to cancel almost the entire program of the second day of the festival, including Rammstein’s performance. The police detained two employees of the subcontractor, whose names did not match the names on the list of employees. One of them also proved to be a salafite - a supporter of the current of Islam, close to Wahhabism. After a thorough check, it was decided to resume program of the festival.

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