Ukraine's top 10 Gothic churches

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The architects have put their hearts and souls to create the masterpieces
10:10, 19 May 2016

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Gothic churches are one of the most spectacular buildings in the history of world architecture. We included also some neo-gothic churches to our rating, because they, at least, no less beautiful.

10. Losyach (Ternopil region, Borshchiv district). Church of St. Anthony of Padua. It has a delicate bell tower and a medieval look.

This temple was built in 1889; it was made from hewn stone and was not plastered. The texture of the stone walls puts years on the church and makes it look like a medieval building.

9. Zhabyntsi (Ternopil region, Husyatyn district). Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is exotic and gloomy.

Some call Zhabyntsi church one of the most beautiful churches of Ternopil region. It's hard not to agree - the building is really impressive. It was built in 1860 with fundsdonated by Casimir Gorodysky.

8. Kamyanka-Buzka (Lviv region). Church of the Assumption of the Virgin.

Many think it is an etalon of a Gothic church. It is really very similar, except that of the two towers. No wonder it is so perfectly Gothic, because building lasted since 1929 until 1911. The temple was constructed by the architect Theodor Talovsky.

7. Hust (Transcarpathian region). Church of St. Elizabeth has a real Transcarpathian shingle color.

Building of the temple had started in the 13th century, and in 15th century is resembled a more classical look. This is one of the oldest Ukrainian churches, but now it is a reformist (Calvinist) Church. Hungarians built it as a temple-fortress, with thick walls, the walls around the perimeter and defensive tower, which end with hipped roof, covered with shingles. This is perhaps the only example of such architecture in the country.

6. Stryy (Lviv region). Church of the Nativity of the Mother of God. It fascinates with its eternal majestic beauty.

This is a real Gothic building, which is quite rare for modern Ukraine. The temple was built in the 20 years of the 15th century, but in the future it was rebuilt and reconstructed for several times, including its high tower built in 1640th years.

5. Fastiv (Kyiv region). Church of the Holy Cross. This church is like from a fairy tale.

This temple resembles some cartoon building with fantastic city. It is so delicate and fragile that it looks toylike, but it is real. Fastovsky neo-Gothic church built in 1903-1911, respectively. The authors of the project were the architects Dombrowski and Troupyanskyy. The building is valuable due to its fantastic reliefs made by Elio Sala (author of sculptures House with Chimeras, National Art Museum and others.).

4. Lviv. Church of St. Elizabeth. It charms with its size and visual attraction.

This temple is perhaps the best remembered by ordinary tourists after the first visit to the city. It is gothic (neo-gothic) building, and the highest church in Lviv (85 meters). According to some versions, it was built by the Roman Catholics to overshadow Greek Catholic Cathedral of St. George (1904-1911). Franz Joseph Emperor participated in the ceremonial laying of the foundation stone. But now it is the Greek Catholic Church of St. Olha and Elizabeth.

3. Chortkiv (Ternopil region). Church of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary and St. Stanislaus.

Some local historians believe the church in Chortkiv is the greatest and most beautiful religious building of Ukraine. It really is a fantastic building that captures with its size and beauty. It was erected in the early 20th century on the site of the Dominican cathedral built in 1610. The architect of the building was a prominent builder Jan Sas-Zubzhynskyy, sculptures of the temple were made by known masters Czeslaw Stovp and Diaman Stankiewicz.

2. Kyiv. Church of St. Nicholas.

This temple takes us somewhere in Western Europe, where there medieval fiery Gothic blooms (sparkling neo-gothic). The church shows that Kyiv is the heart of Europe, because there are no such Gothic masterpieces outside Europe. It was created by a true masterpiece genius Vladislav Gorodetsky.

1. Lviv. Latin cathedral.

Giant size (tower –  66 meters, the length of the house –  67 meters, width - 23), beautiful architectural forms, numerous chapels, stately columns that keep the arches, fantastic paintings and fabulous sculptures – everything is embodied in Lviv Cathedral.

We just could not omit Ozeryany (Ternopil region, Borshchiv district), Church of St. Anne. The temple was built in 1875 by the architect Adolf Kuhn.

Trybukhivtsi (Ternopil region, Buchach district). Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is a real rock harmony. This is another temple with hewn stone is not plastered, and this makes it even more beautiful. In 1993, it was renovated and consecrated in honor of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

Kulykiv (Lviv region, Zhovkva district). Church of St. Nicholas. It should be noted that the Catholic Church was built in 1538, defensive Gothic style.

Bar (Vinnytsia region). Church of St. Nicholas.

Church in Bar was built in 1911. Locals often say that it was the project of architect Gorodetsky, but this is unlikely. Of course, this beautiful building could be a work of genius master of cement and concrete, but there is no evidence.

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