Three major battles of most famous US senator: In memory of John McCain

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The hero of the war, the legendary senator, a convinced opponent of communism, a critic of authoritarian regimes, an influential friend of Ukraine. And this can be said about John McCain
19:30, 27 August 2018

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John McCain died at the age of 82, four days before his birthday. The day before it became known about his decision to stop treatment for cancer. Despite the fact that the senator imposed a serious battle on the illness, it still won.

"Over the course of the year, John surpassed expectations for survival, but the progress of the disease and age made their verdict. A man of great willpower decided to stop treatment, "the McCain family said in a statement.

Two days after this statement, McCain's final battle was over - the hero of the Vietnam War, the legendary politician died surrounded by his family.

There were many battles in the life of John McCain. A man of enormous willpower bravely overcame obstacles, achieved goals and fought for his beliefs. Sometimes he lost, but he never gave up.

We will tell about the main battles of the senator. In memory of the great and sincere friend of our country.

Facts from the biography

- John McCain was born August 29, 1936 at the US airbase "Coco-Solo" in Panama.

- Grandfather and father of McCain were four-star admirals of the US Navy (the highest military rank in the Navy in peacetime).

- McCain's childhood was associated with numerous relocations - the future politician attended about 20 schools.

- John McCain followed in the footsteps of his grandfather and father, graduating from the Naval Academy in Annapolis in 1958. He was not the most diligent student, seriously studying only what he considered necessary. Was reprimanded for violation of discipline and non-compliance with military regulations.

- Piloting planes, got into several accidents. One of them, in November 1965, ended in the loss of an airplane.

- In 1967, John McCain was seconded to the US Navy aircraft carrier Forrestal, participated in the US military operation in Vietnam, code-named "Thunder Rumble." Soon McCain started his first important battle.

The first battle of McCain
Vietnamese captivity

McCain did not stay long on Forrestal. After a fire on an aircraft carrier on July 29, 1967, in which 134 US Navy sailors died and McCain miraculously survived, he was transferred to the Oriskani aircraft carrier in 163rd assault squadron.

Until the end of October 1967, he made 22 sorties, including on targets in the area of Haiphong and Hanoi.

The aircraft was shot down by the S-75 air defense system on October 26, The pilot catapulted and landed in a lake in the center of Hanoi.

His arms and leg were broken. Vietnamese soldiers, pulling McCain out of the lake, severely beat him.

During the interrogation, the Vietnamese determined that they had taken the son of a high-ranking US officer, although, as McCain himself later said, they absolutely did not understand the political structure of the States.

In December 1967, having lost 26 kg and graying McCain was transferred to a POW camp in Hanoi, where his comrades in captivity cared for him.

"Listen, the most precious things in my life were the bonds that linked me to my fellow prisoners: they were beautiful, we fought together, we loved each other, we knocked on the walls to each other, I recall this experience with great pride."

In March 1968, McCain was transferred to solitary confinement. In July, John's father became commander-in-chief of the US Pacific Fleet, after which the North Vietnamese authorities offered to release McCain before his comrades.

McCain refused. He said he was ready to accept the offer only if the US military, who had been captured before him, were also released.

In August 1968, McCain was subjected to constant beatings, seeking to break his will. At the same time he was ill with dysentery.

Because of the fractures obtained these days, McCain lost the ability to raise his hands above his head.

Interestingly: in captivity was required from McCain to reveal military information. After another beating, he stated that he agreed to give the names of his fellow squadron, after listing to the Vietnamese the list of players of the Green Bay Packers.

In total, McCain was held captive for 1967 days (5 years and a half) and was released on March 15, 1973.

The second battle of McCain
The struggle for political Olympus

After returning from captivity, McCain remained in military service and did this until 1981.

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Because of the consequences of injuries, he decided to leave the service as the captain of the first rank, not having reached the admiral's rank (like grandfather and father).

In November 1982, John McCain was elected a member of the House of Representatives of the US Congress from the first electoral district of Arizona.

Two years later he was re-elected. From the very beginning of his political career, McCain was remembered by individual decisions about individual votes. For example, being a representative of the Republican Party and generally supporting the course of President Ronald Reagan, he voted against the stay of American Marines in Lebanon.

In November 1986, McCain was elected US senator from Arizona. In this position, he replaced the former Republican candidate in the US presidential election Barry Goldwater.

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"This guy showed incredible courage, strong character and perseverance in order to reach this point. This is the man that we need as president, one who can make firm decisions who will not surrender in the face of danger," said George W. Bush about McCain.

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In the course of the 2008 election campaign, many remember one very important episode that reveals McCain as a person.

One of the women who got the opportunity to ask the question to McCain said the following:

"I do not trust Obama, he is an Arab."

To which McCain replied: "No, ma'am, he is a decent man, citizen and family man.

In the end, John McCain never managed to become president. But he remained one of the most influential US senators. That, as already mentioned, played a major role for Ukraine.

Support of Ukraine

"We will live with eternal shame because we have not given Ukrainians the weapons to protect themselves."

This quotation of McCain fully reflects his position on the events that began in Ukraine in 2014.

John McCain initially provided all possible assistance, lobbied sanctions against Russia, the transfer of lethal weapons to Ukraine and reminded that more concrete steps are needed to help than simply expressing concern.

"Russia is a gas station trying to impersonate a country: it's kleptocracy, corruption, it's a nation which economy relies solely on oil and gas supplies, so economic sanctions are important."

He was in Kyiv during the Maidan, then saying the following:

"Your peaceful struggle has inspired the whole country to change, we are here to support your actions and the right to change your destiny freely, peacefully and democratically. And your destiny, we believe, is in a united Europe - Ukraine will give Europe the best, and Europe will give the best to Ukraine. America is with you! "

Also John McCain visited Donbass, where he supported the spirit of the Ukrainian military.

Petro Poroshenko Facebook

"Lavrov is a puppet of a bandit and a murderer who used high-precision Russian weapons to strike at hospitals in Aleppo, violated human rights throughout the region, invaded Ukraine, took the Crimea ...".

In 2015, John McCain was invited to the "elections" in the LNR. He refused, saying that he "does not participate in election observation in imaginary countries."

The Third Battle of McCain

In July 2017, during the operation to remove the thrombus above the left eye McCain was diagnosed with brain cancer. This was the most aggressive form of cancer - glioblastoma.

He began treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix (Arizona). At the same time he interrupted the treatment to come to the Senate and take part in the voting on the health reform of Barack Obama.

The fight against cancer lasted more than a year.

"He answers this challenge, like all the others in his life. He never gave up," McCain's daughter wrote in 2017.

And yet the cancer won. John McCain passed away, leaving a huge mark in world politics. In the end I would just like to left here his favorite song. McCain adored it and listened at a loud volume before every public performance.

Rest in peace, John McCain.

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