"This is cancer. They will all die": Deputy head of Ministry of Health Linchevsky

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Because of the "words taken out of context" official in the near future may lose his post
19:47, 6 June 2018

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"This is cancer. They will all die." It is these two phrases of the Deputy Minister of Health Olexander Linchevsky at the meeting of the Accounting Chamber that provoked an incredible scandal in social networks, media and Ukrainian politics, which has not ceased for the seventh day. What exactly did the official mean and why did the Ukrainians so violently react?

What did Linchevsky say?

On June 2, a transcript of Linchevsky's speech appeared during the session of the Accounting Chamber on the website "Oncology portal of Ukraine", where the report on the audit of the effectiveness of using money from the state budget was considered.

According to the document, the deputy head of the Ministry of Health called the "zero" effectiveness of the program of cancer patients treatment abroad.

"On the inefficiency and uneconomical use of money. In the dry residue, 25 percent of the patients actually die, that is, one in four is being treated abroad ineffectively. Friends, colleagues, it's cancer. They will all die. They will all die without options. Effectiveness of this program is zero percent, those problems, that is, those oncological diseases that actually need bone marrow transplantation, they end in death, sooner or later, "he said.

The Deputy Minister noted that combating oncology "we do not eliminate the problem in principle."

The reaction of social networks and politicians

Indignant Ukrainians began to tell their own stories and stories of relatives who managed to overcome the terrible disease.

The official was accused of unethical speech and urged to resign from office.

In my opinion - the only correct way out of the situation is a document on resignation.

This cannot be forgiven!

I knew that Dr. Linchesky would prove himself. Madness cannot long hide under the guise of a reformer.

What a low level this politician has!
- Write commentators in social networks.

Number of political parties called the statement of Linchevsky inadmissible.

"We consider inadmissible statements made by Linchevsky, and we demand from Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to draw appropriate conclusions," said the leader of the faction, Artur Gerasimov.

"What idiot has appointed him there? .. This idiot says that they will all die, without options ... We demand the resignation of Suprun and all this idiotic team that believes that for Ukrainians there are no prospects and opportunities to be treated in this country," said the leader of the Radical Party, Oleh Lyashko.

The words of the Deputy Minister of Health that there is no point in treating patients with cancer are not taken out of context, says Olha Bogomolets, chairman of the parliamentary committee on health issues.

"I officially declare that the words are not taken out of context, which is exactly what the deputy acting minister tried to inform the members of the Accounting Chamber that it is useless to spend money on cancer patients. I want to say that such a position is inadmissible," she said. .

Bogomolets noted that she sent a transcript of Linchevsky's speech to all people's deputies, as well as to the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights. According to Bogomolets, there are still a lot of unprofessional statements and cynical lies in the transcript.

"Absolutely cynical is the statement of the Deputy Minister of Health, who has already begun to divide the patients into promising and hopeless ones. We will treat these patients, but we will not treat others. That’s how Nazism began!" said co-chairman of the Vidrodzhennya  party Victor Bondar.

Vice Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Gerashchenko stressed that she considers the statements of the deputy minister to be "unacceptable," because first of all "the government must work to ensure that all patients have a chance to live and give this chance."

"Taken out of context ": Position of the Ministry of Health and Linchevsky

The office quite predictably protected Linchevsky, saying that the official's words were taken out of the general context. "Deputy Minister Olexander Linchevsky asks for an apology for emotional statements, unacceptably unsuccessfully used in his report to describe the problem, which affects too sensitive questions for patients, their close and not indifferent citizens," the report said. The Ministry of Health urged the media, politicians and other citizens to prevent further manipulation.

The ministry noted that the assumption regarding a high mortality rate (25%) among patients who were sent for treatment abroad was also incorrect. In addition, the Ministry of Health described the results of the program "Treatment of Ukrainian citizens abroad" as successful.

Soon at the briefing, Linchevsky stressed that "manipulations on the topic of treating seriously ill patients, frank juggling and pulling out of context harm both patients and society."

"Fragments of the session of the Accounting Chamber that do not reflect either the course of the meeting itself, or, especially, do not reflect the ministry's position are spreading in the social networks, in the mass media. I'm sorry that words taken out of context hurt or outraged patients, their families and not indifferent citizens," he said on June 4.

Linchevsky explained that the Accounting Chamber accuses the Ministry of Health of inefficient spending of funds due to the fact that 25% of oncological patients who go abroad for treatment, then die soon.

"Our position, which was expressed there, is that regardless of the biology of the disease, regardless of its severity, even if the proposed treatment can only alleviate the disease or prolong life, even if biologically it is impossible, one must use every chance, every slightest hope. Those fragments that are visible are taken out of context. The existing transcript is incomplete, "the deputy minister said.

What's next?

It seems the deputy of Suprun is not going to leave the post. "We continue to work and on Wednesday we gather a commission on treatment abroad," he said today during a briefing.

At the same time, according to Iryna Gerashchenko, the parliamentarians are determined to resign Linchevsky.

At least the relevant resolution has already been registered on the website of the Verkhovna Rada.

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