Third is a crowd? Why do Savchenko's former lawyers quarrel?

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Mark Feigin, Nikolai Polozov, and Ilya Novikov quarrel in Facebook, figuring out who is an agent of the FSB
23:12, 2 November 2016

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One and a half year, they stood side by side next to the captive Ukrainian MP Nadia Savchenko, leading her through a lot of trials, verdict, and awaited homecoming. Now, Mark Feigin, Nikolai Polozov, and Ilya Novikov quarrel in Facebook, figuring out who is "an agent of the FSB," and who is a liar, raising the professional level of the conflict to "the struggle between good and evil." We decided to find out, when partners become ill-wishers, and what does it mean for their clients, many of whom are Ukrainians.

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A gap

The first controversy among lawyers of Savchenko occured immediately after the return to Ukrainian home in late May. They concerned "Savchenko’s law." Feigin accused Novikov of lobbying the controversial initiative and said that he is against lawmaking activity in prison. He recalled that Novikov was the first time in a political case, and the case was carried out by his (Feigin’s) strategy.

In June, a former prisoner, made a statement about the need for talks with the leaders of the militants Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitsky and lawyers clashed in the "Facebook" on ideological grounds.

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Novikov wrote that such negotiations could be useful, because "people must be taken out of the basements." He appealed to the Ukrainians, who have not penetrated into the essence of the statement of Savchenko.

Polozov and Feigin sharply reacted to the words of Novikov.

"There are Russian citizens who are not "vata" (Russian redneck patriot), but they are without asking interrupting in Ukrainian politics and social relations, they give advice on how to live, and so on, depending on the activity of their motives can be divided into three categories: 1 ) d…ches; 2) provocateurs;. 3) d…ches-provocateurs," wrote Polozov.

"I want to ask the Ukrainian audience not associate me and my work with one of the former lawyers of Savchenko," said Feigin.

Later it turned out that lawyers quarreled long time ago, even when protected Savchenko.

"Feigin and I do not work with Novikov since December last year. We had an arrangement with Nadia, until the end of the case not to talk about it now," said Polozov on Twitter.

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According Polozov, Novikov "ceased to work as a team and began to lead his game."

"The law of Savchenko was promoted by him, contrary to our agreement on non-interference in the Ukrainian policy and law-making," noted Polozov.

"Liar" and "Chatterbox"

Frozen conflict entered an active phase just this week. Polozov posted on Facebook a detailed account of the severance of relations with Novikov called "Servant of Two Masters." In it, he argues that just Novikov volunteered to protect them from Savchenko Feigin team and promised faithfully to execute the instructions of the latter.

Polozov colleague accuses of involvement in the youth forum "Seliger", and membership in the organization "Young Lawyers" allegedly associated with Surkov and the head of the Kremlin movement "Nashi" of Yakimenko.

Polozov argued that Novikov carried controversial law in jail to Savchenko and then began to secretly help solve issues in custody in Ukraine leader of Ukrop party Gennady Korban.

"Through Vira, Savchenko’s sister, who never hid her close relationship with Medvedchuk, spoke about it publicly, Novikov began to solve the above problems and, apparently, has decided there is no doubt that the arrival of Nadia in Moscow is result of Medvedchuk’s efforts. Let me remind you of the same Medvedchuk, he spoke openly about his likes to Novikov and dislikes to Feigin and Polozov, both personally and through his press secretary," says Polozov.

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He was confident that the Kremlin through the media began to support the "loyalist" Novikov presenting him as only defender of Savchenko. In fact, according to Polozov, Novikov did nothing, leaving the difficult moments of the process to Polozov and Feigin.

Novikov decided to share his version of events not only in social networks, but also personally to journalists, who came to Kyiv. In short, he denied everything, saying that "Polozov is lying around."

"I have nothing to do with Surkov or Medvedchuk, I never advised Ukraine to negotiate with "LPR/DNR," did not solve the case of Korban, did not asked Feigin to take me to the cause of Savchenko and not coordinated her visit to Moscow with the FSB," wrote Novikov.

He added that never specifically hide on what he was working from his colleagues. Moreover, according to Novikov, he had to "cover up" "touchy" Feigin, when he had conflicts with different people throughout the process of Savchenko.

Lawyers and defendants

"Showdown" of Russian lawyers would not have attracted the interest of Ukrainians, if they do not protect the interests of our compatriots.

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Feigin defends the detained in Russia Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko and deputy head of the Mejlis Ilmi Dzemiliev, and together with Feigin protects Umerov.

Novikov represents the interests of Ukrainians Karpyuk and Klyh, Oleksiy Chiriy and Valentyn Vygovsky. He argues that Feigin "did poisonous remarks" about the process of Karpyuk and Klyh.

"In the case of Karpyuk I read that security policy is highly questionable. People on the streets, President Poroshenko, ordinary janitor could tell me such a thing. Russian lawyer about a Russian cannot say that things," Novikov said.

At the same time, he does not intend to raise the question of deprivation of the status of a lawyer of Polozov that "defamed him," to not risk the affairs of the Crimean Tatars, whom he protects.

Despite the mutual accusations, the three lawyers have one thing in common: they successfully protect Ukrainian political prisoners.

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