The final word is left for Savchenko

Author : Arslan Saidov, Nikita Tatarsky Mark Krutov, Ivan Trefilov,

Source : 112 Ukraine

Nadia Savchenko took the last word in court and intends to continue her hunger strike
16:24, 12 March 2016

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Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko made a last word to the Court in Donetsk Rostov region and said that she is to continue the hunger strike. The verdict to be voiced on 21 and 22 March, and the court refused Savchenko’s family to visit her.

According to journalists working at the scene, Nadia Savchenko was brought to the court at around 10 am.

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The Ukrainian deputies and journalists wishing to attend the trial on Tuesday and Wednesday had some problems. On the way to Donetsk journalists of TV channel "STB", who were traveling to the court on the car, and the airport Sheremetyevo were detained again, as well as Ukrainian deputies, colleagues from the party faction "Fatherland" Ivan Krulko and Aiona Shkrum.

Journalists from Russia had also faced some problems. As the correspondent of Radio Liberty stated, there was a list of people who could enter the hall, in which there were crews of "First Channel", "Russia" and "Zvezda" TV channels. The rest of the journalists were be able to watch Savchenko on screens installed in the press room.

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Text of the last word of Nadia Savchenko was previously published on the website of Radio Liberty, however, was reported to the lawyers, after the meeting on March 3 and a hunger strike it might be amended. And so it happened - that's the part that has been added to the text of Savchenko:

"The court has stolen my week of life, and now you have only a week for adjudication. And maybe I would be still alive till that time. You can admit your mistake, but you do not recognize your guilt. You can read the sentence right now, or tomorrow, or at the most in a week if you choose to declare that the sentence would be two weeks or at the end of April, or after six months ... you want to show your strength, so show it, but remember that we are playing at this life, the stakes are high, and I have nothing to lose. I'm ready to do a hunger strike if the sentence is imposed later than next week. I'm not going to wait for the verdict. "

In the middle of her speech, Savchenko stood on the bench and showed the judges of the middle finger of her right hand.

According to the lawyer Mark Feigin, who spoke to reporters after a meeting of the court, the only reasonable action for the Russian authorities would be release of Savchenko as a result of an acquittal or her "sending to serve the sentence in Ukraine". As an added lawyer Nikolai Polozov, if Savchenko clearly understands that she is waiting for just such a scenario, it can lead to the termination of the hunger strike:

Twitter Nikolai Polozov

"If the Russian government clearly tell Nadia that a decision will be accepted and will be returned to their homeland, then we have a very high chance that she will stop her a hunger strike. There are almost two weeks left, she could not suffer thedry hunger strike. Savchenko would be subjected to forced feeding, or die."

Later Polozov told reporters that the court refused to issue a permit for a date until 21 March to Savchenko’s sister and mother, and Ukrainian doctors. Also the court denied in access the Ukrainian consuls.

Meanwhile, action in support Savchenko continue. Around the building of the Russian embassy in Kyiv, a few hundred people have gathered. March 6 Kyiv citizens have pelted the building of the diplomatic mission with eggs and damaged several cars parked around it. Similar events took place on Wednesday in Odesa and other Ukrainian cities.

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March 8, a video of the Russian artist Vladimir Nazarov was published, he asks Putin to respect Savchenko. "You like to emphasize that there is honor of an officer. So respect your enemy. The whole world knows that you have created a judicial system in which no judge, no prosecutor, even a police officer cannot do anything without a command from above, without your team, Vladimir Putin."

Georgian actor Vakhtang Kikabidze also supported Nadia Savchenko.

Facebook Leonid Kuzmin

Crimea, picket of Leonid Kuzmin in support Savchenko.

Pickets with a demand to release Savchenko take place in Moscow. On the eve of a few protesters in support were detained in Moscow. Among them was the civil society activist Vasily Nedopekin. According to the correspondent of Radio Liberty, Nedopekin after release from the police station hisparents refused to let him come home, calling the son "Bandera and killer ready to kill their relatives and Russians".

Facebook Anton Naumlyuk

MEPs urged the European Union on March 8 to enter personal sanctions against Russian President Vladimir Putin and 28 other people involved in illegal activities in respect of Nadia Savchenko.

57 deputies sent an appeal to the EU High Representative for Foreign Policy Federica Mogherini.

In addition to Putin, the deputies asked include in the sanctions list the head of Russian Federal Security Service Alexander Bortnikov, head of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin and several of his subordinates, the State Duma committee head of the International Affairs Alexei Pushkov, as well as prosecutors, judges and other officials involved in the falsification of Savchenko’s casematerials.

March 8 "Russian PEN Center" demanded to declare insolvent results of the investigation.

In a statement posted on the Internet and addressed to Russian authorities, they said that the results of the investigation the prosecutor's office for Russia demanded Savchenko "cruel, unfair and unjust punishment". The text calls to stop the persecution of the citizen of Ukraine, stresses that this persecution is connected with political motives. "It has to be recognized as a prisoner of war and is included in the process of exchange of war prisoners, in accordance with the Minsk agreements signed by Russia in February 2015," - said in a statement.

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Among the signatories are Svetlana Aleksievich Alexander Archangel, Michael Berg, Boris Vishnevsky, Vladimir Voinovich, Sergei Gandlevsky, Veronica Dolina, Lev Rubinstein, Viktor Shenderovich, Irina Yasina, and many others.

The Internet campaign of collecting signatures has begun; it is called "Open Letter to European leaders". Thepurpose is to make European officials "take decisive action for the immediate and unconditional release of Nadia Savchenko." To date, this letter was signed by more than 11 thousand people, including the Belarusian writer, Nobel Prize winner Svetlana Aleksievich, Polish film director Agnieszka Holland, Russian historian Andrei Zubov, French philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy, a Ukrainian pianist Paul Gintov, former Prime Minister of Belgium Guy Verhofstadt.

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Nadia Savchenko is kept in Moscow jail and is charged of being involved in the death two Russian journalists in Donbas. Savchenko was elected PACE delegate from Ukraine, but Russian court does not release it to the Assembly. 

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