"Terrorists shooting foreigners:" What happened in Kabul?

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Officially, 18 people became victims of terror attacks on the Intercontinental Hotel
08:55, 23 January 2018

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Last weekend, the capital of Afghanistan became the epicenter of the tragic events. A group of armed militants attacked one of the city's most famous hotels - Intercontinental. As a result of the attack, at least 18 people were killed. Most of them were foreigners, including citizens of Ukraine.

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According to the BBC, January 20, at 9 pm (local time), armed militants have entered the kitchen of the six-story hotel building and entered the dining hall, where the guests were having supper.

Eyewitnesses state that the terrorists had a clear goal. First they fired into the air to attract the attention of people, and then began to shoot at those who they thought was a foreigner.“The man, who is not being named for security reasons, said he was spared after saying he was an Afghan. "Where are the foreigners?" they shouted” – BBC wrote.

In addition, the attackers used grenades, which caused a fire in the hotel.

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The area around the hotel was immediately cordoned off by the law enforcers, who started a special operation to free the building from the militants. According to the AP, it lasted for about 13 hours. As a result, more than 160 people were rescued from the hotel, the militants were liquidated.

Officially, 18 people became victims of the terror attacks on the Intercontinental Hotel. Four of them are citizens of Afghanistan.


In particular, the Afghan police reported to BBC nine Ukrainians were killed in the attack, as well as one Greek, Kazakhstan, and German citizen, two other remain unidentified.

However, this data differs from the official statements of the diplomatic departments.

At the moment, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has confirmed the death of seven Ukrainians (five men and two women). The department said that five dead were already identified, but for ethical reasons their names were not published yet. Also, another 19 Ukrainians were among those rescued from the hotel.

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan announced that one citizen of the country was killed in the attack. The death of two of Venezuelan citizens were confirmed by the Foreign Ministry of the country.

At the same time, the diplomatic departments of Greece and Germany have not yet reacted to the media's information about the victims of the attack in Kabul.


Most of the dead foreigners were employees of the Afghan Kam Air airline, AP reported. At the time of the attack the hotel hosted a conference organized by the Ministry of Communications of Afghanistan.

In addition, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Afghanistan said that another 10 people were injured as a result of the attack in Kabul. Among them are six security officers and four civilians. Their citizenship has not yet been reported.

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At the moment, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Afghanistan confirmed that the group of the attackers consisted of six militants. All of them were liquidated during the special operation on freeing the building. In addition, the investigation suspected that, perhaps, they had accomplices in the hotel, who let them into the kitchen. There was also information that the militants wanted to attack the hotel the day before, but then several weddings were held in the building. The attack was postponed to avoid random casualties among the Afghans.


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Islamist Taliban movement took the responsibility for the attack.

“The Taliban, which targeted the hotel in 2011, says it was behind the latest attack. A spokesman said in a statement quoted by AFP that the group had "killed tens of foreign invaders and their puppets," BBC wrote.

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Intercontinental Hotel is one of the most popular (among foreigners) hotels in Kabul. Participants of the Taliban Islamist movement consider foreigners invaders. This hotel hosts press conferences with the participation of Western officials, as well as local officials. That is, this is a key place.

At the moment, the terror attack in Kabul was formally condemned by the United States, Pakistan, and Ukraine.

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