Story of Chechen - sergeant of 57th Brigade

Author : Yan Osoka

Source : 112 Ukraine

Denys Nachosny (call sign "Chechen") got married, signed a new contract with Ukrainian Armed Forces and died in Donbas, saving his friend
21:05, 18 April 2018

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I have a friend who has been on the front-line positions for a long time. And he has a daughter, who is only 9 years old. And do you know what does she do every morning, and then in the afternoon, and then in the evening?

She is watching news from the front.

And every time the news about the killed soldiers arrives, this little girl starts calling her dad to find out that this is not his name hidden under that figure.

The soldier, which will be discussed below, also left a daughter at home. But she is too small and will not remember her father. In Ukraine, a new generation of children is growing up, who will have archival videos, photos and memories of friends and relatives about their parents.

Our task is to keep these memories. At least for the sake of those who do not know whether they will return home alive.

Denys Nachosny (call sign "Chechen") was born on September 2, 1986 in the village Markeyev of the Kherson region. He lived in the city of Genichesk.

He was drafted into the army during the mobilization on February 8, 2015, demobilized in April next year, and on September 5, 2016 he signed a contract with the Armed Forces, because he did not manage to stay home at home after being in the war. And at that time in the Kherson region, combat coordination and completing of the 34th mechanized infantry battalion was underway, therefore the decision to continue the service was quick.

Sergeant, deputy platoon commander (then acting platoon commander) - commander of the combat vehicle of the 3rd branch of the 1st platoon of the 2nd company of the 34th separate motorized infantry battalion of the 57th separate motorized infantry brigade.

Such sergeants are in desperate need of our army. Chechen was fair and brave, responsible and principled, he was not afraid of the enemy. The tasks assigned to him, Denys fulfilled five points out of five.

He constantly took part in all battles, not losing a grenade launcher from his hands. On the eve of St. Nicholas Day in December 2017, a battle took place in Pisky, and Chechens stood with another soldier under the enemy's fire until the cartridges were over. And during the reloading a burst bullet exploded. Adrenaline went off scale, but Denys immediately oriented himself and dragged his colleague to the hospital near which they stood. Fortunately, all remained alive, and it was thanks to Chechen's ability to immediately make the right decisions.

On June 14, 2017, his battalion was relocated to Pisky. Chechen immediately went to the checkpoint, where he was all the time, at which he died heroically.

On March 8 this year, his contract expired. At the end of the month he went home, where he got married and sign a new contract with the Army, and on April 8 he returned to his native battalion.

A few days before his death, he was wounded: the bullet passed casually through the temple and flew farther. Denys categorically refused to go to the hospital and stayed with his guys.

He did not give up. Never.

He was killed on April 12 at 17:50 near the village of Pisky, Donetsk region, as a result of a bullet wound from the enemy sniper. First, the sniper wounded another soldier, and Denys rushed to help him and fell from the next shot, which turned out to be fatal.

He was buried on April 15 in the village of Krasnoye. He had parents, wife and daughter.

My friend continues to be there, where over the every corner, with every next step on the iron-filled ground, he can die. And at home, a little girl is waiting for him – she, at her age of 9, carefully studies the meager lines of front-line news.

Once he told me on the phone: "You know, when I hear her cheerful voice, this is the incentive for which I am ready to sacrifice my life, so that my daughter would not feel what the war is."

I know. I believe. And I hope that I will not have to write about him, as I had to do about Denys, who gave everything he had for the peaceful life of his daughter and his people.

Even for the peaceful life of those who are indifferent to this war, because mines do not explode in their city, instead of it the birds of the spring sing.

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