Stories of Babyn Yar monuments in Kyiv

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Let's look at the places marked by sometimes large sculptures, sometimes modest signs, and collect stories that lie behind those memorials
21:28, 29 September 2016

The history of the Babyn Yar, unfortunately, does not exhaust the mass shootings of Jews in late September 1941. Let's look at the places marked by sometimes large sculptures, sometimes modest signs, and collect stories that lie behind those memorials.

Memorable sign "Menorah"

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The sculpture "Menorah", depicting the Jewish menorah, was established on the 50th anniversary of the executions - on September 29, 1991. A small monument with a memorial plate at the end of "Mourning Road". Here was the border of the old Jewish cemetery, near which people were persecuted to death. Unfortunately, this monument is regularly suffering from the hands of vandals. For example, this year near the menorah the Israeli flag was burned by unknown people. Law enforcers are still seeking them.

Monument to shot children

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At Babyn Yar, Nazi shot all the Jews come, regardless of gender and age. As of children under 3 years old, the Nazis didn't take them into account at all. This made even more complicated the calculation of victims of the tragedy. In memory of all the children shot at the exit of the subway station "Dorohozhychi" monument was unveiled in 1991, depicting a girl with arms outstretched. Behind girl there is sitting, helplessly overhanging, rag clown and the boy-baby doll with a torn head, which at some point ceased to be perceived as a kewpie doll.

Gravestones from the former Jewish cemetery

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Almost the whole Babyn Yar is located in the old Jewish cemetery - sometimes even on the trees there are banners, calling citizens to show respect to the place of burial. And in the depths of the park, you can find a fenced area, on which the gravestones and tombstones from the jewish cemetery are located. Very near from this site is, it seems, intact burial. Here are two plates are installed. One - on behalf of the Jewish community of San Francisco, on it is written the phrase "You are forever in our hearts" in Ukrainian, Russian and English languages. The second - the reconstructed gravestone of Rabbi Leibush. The main part of the plates and stones of the Jewish cemetery has not been preserved. According to some facts, theose stones were used by the Nazis for the construction of furnaces, where burned the bodies of the executed.

Memorial sign to victims of Syrets concentration camp

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On the corner of Dorogozhitska and Shamrylo Streets is another sign belonging to the group of monuments of the Babyn Yar, though it is beyond its borders. This stone slab in memory of all the victims of the Syrets concentration camp. There were kept the Jews, the communists, the komsomol members, prisoners of war and other enemies of the occupation authorities. Syrets concentration camp prisoners in the summer of 1943 destroyed the remains of those shot in Babyn Yar. The total number of those killed in the camp during its existence is estimated at 25 thousand people.

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