St. Petersburg metro blast by eye-witnesses: People broke windows to get out

Author : Yulianna Skibitskaya

Source : 112 Ukraine

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09:15, 4 April 2017

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April 3, at about 15:00 an explosion occurred in metro of St. Petersburg. According to official data, the terrorist attack took lives of eleven people were. "Meduza" interviewed the witnesses, who at the moment of the explosion were in the blown train and in the train that was driving in the opposite direction.

Andrey Shurshev, man driving in a nearby car with a blasted car

I was traveling in a neighboring car - from the Sennaya Square to the Tenologicheski Institute. An explosion occurred during the movement, somewhere between the stations. I would not say that it was loud, I was listening to the headphones. After that some dust appeared, I have seen sparks, and felt the smell of the smoke. Everyone went to the end of the car and went out at the station. There was no light in the next car, and there, apparently, was a strong smoke. People broke the windows to get out, some knocked out the door glass. I saw that the subway officer carrying the wounded man. No one was hurt in my car.

Some people fled in panic and fear, although I would not say that it was strong panic. Someone reacted calmly, someone started hysterics.

There was no special evacuation. Probably because the train has just arrived at the station and there was not time to announce something. At least, I did not pay attention; maybe there was something, but I did not notice.

I then skipped to the next branch. The subway was still working then.

Martyn Zinevich, rode in the train in the opposite direction

We were just arriving to on the platform [of the station "Tenologicheski Institute"], and then I have heard the explosion. At first, no one realized what happened. Then I saw that at there is a train at the opposite side of the platform. The doors were just blown off. At first we were not let out, I do not know how long it lasted. They began to pull out people from there, and after that they opened our doors.

According to my estimations, it happened at 14:42. My girlfriend has just messaged my, I took my phone out of the pocket to see it, but just did not have time to finish reading.

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They made us wait for another minute, and I have noticed a bag near the stairs. It was full. Perhaps this was the reason for the explosion.

When they passed, everything was in smoke, I have felt the smell of gunpowder. It burned the eyes. They say that ten people died, I am sure more there are more people. They just did not count those who were blew up and (their remains stayed – Ed.) on the walls. I remember a woman standing over a man, and was just trying to bring him to life, but it was too late.

Oksana Bataeva, a woman traveling in the car where the explosion took place

We drove in the middle of the train, closer to the head. We came out at the Sennaya Square. And suddenly, we have heard the explosion, which caused lots of smoke.

People stopped and looked. Then we were told to go away. We could not get too close because of the smoke. Many stopped, looked, and many went on their own business. And then they announced that the station was closed. We did not see those wounded.

The situation in the city is calm now, but it is just difficult to move around. The taxi is loaded all the way, it is unclear how to get somewhere with the busses. People are trying to get to the center somehow.

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