Shahidi suicide vest embracing Europe

Author : Mykola Murskyj

Source : 112 Ukraine

Terrorism might be considered as a mean of blackmail, but Shahids usually do not impose any specific demands on the Governments
20:19, 5 August 2016

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Terrorism is considered to be a tool of intimidation and blackmail. There are no successful cases when terror helped to occupy a country. It is absolutely impossible to live with the suicide. However, terrorism is causing a devastating impact on the foundation of modern European countries damaging their inner core. Therefore Shahids shake the foundations of the EU by blowing themselves. Therefore, the current wave of terrorist attacks can have far-reaching consequences for the entire Western world.

The western world is becoming more and more dangerous place. Europol reports that only during the previous year, 211 terrorist attacks were planned in the EU. This is the highest rate in ten years. This year, terrorists activity in Britain is very high; 103 cases were recorded, 72 cases in France, and 25 cases in Spain. Terrorist activity is also observed in Denmark, Greece, and Italy. As a result, 151 people were killed and another 350 were injured. In addition, 687 people were arrested for participating in Jihadism.

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What do these numbers mean? First of all, that the security services cannot protect Europeans from the terrorist threat. In a broader context, it means the inability of state institutions to provide the basic human need of security. In this sense, terrorism is even worse than direct military intervention. Even when the situation in Donbas was tense, most Ukrainians could live quite a normal life. At least the tariff increase and increase in food prices are the major matter of concern over ordinary incidents in Donbas.

However, terrorism affecting EU is poisoning the public with the feeling of insecurity. This calls into question the social contract between the state and its citizens. For Hobbes, raison d'être of the state is to avert bellum omnium contra omnes, ensuring the national order and security. In modern democracies, the role of government is reduced to the function of the “night watchman,” more and more areas of society are given under control of non-state actors. Nevertheless, terrorism demonstrates that the night watchman is sleeping. Applying army against the Shahid martyrs is like shooting mosquitoes with a grenade launcher. The intelligence agencies cannot guarantee public safety as well.

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Politics and economics do not solve the problems of terrorism. Theories about the fact that terrorists come from poverty and social insecurity are just illogical. People, who have financial problems, try to find a job or rob, but do not blow themselves for the sake of Allah. The theory that refugees from Arab countries are terrorists seems to have no sense. For instance, Salah Abed Al Salam, who was detained for preparing terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015, was born in Brussels and was a citizen of France, and thus had access to all the benefits of European civilization. Terrorist attack in Brussels Airport in March 2016 was also prepared not by the outsiders. Ibrahim El Bakraui was born in Belgium, Naji Laashraui even entered the Brussels University.

Terrorism might be considered as a mean of blackmail, but Shahids usually do not impose any specific demands on the Governments. Ultimately, the EU remains one-on-one with radical Islamists who want to destroy "infidels" simply because they "are members of another religion." It is clear that security services cannot prevent a significant part of attacks and neutralize radical groups. In this case, even one successful attack is enough to instil fear in the community.

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The main result of terrorism is strengthening of the far-right forces in the EU. In fact, they are the main beneficiaries of dissatisfaction that are triggered by an influx of refugees. However, the underlying effects of helplessness in the face of terror generates doubts about the effectiveness of democracy. First, citizens must make a choice between freedom and security. Stratfor predicts adjustment of national legislations in the field of security. Ultimately, under the banner of fighting terrorism democracy can be curtailed, as it was in Russia in the early 2000s. Given Putin's cult in European far right-wing milieu, this analogy does not seem so far stretched.

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Secondly, the unity of the European Union itself can be questioned. Even the problem of refugees has caused considerable controversy and recriminations within the EU. Religiously embellished terrorism is able to give this issue the utmost severity. For example, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Poland Mariusz Vlaschak called the attacks consequences of multiculturalism and tolerance and promised that Poland would not repeat the mistakes of the "fainthearted" West. Similar sentiments are present in other EU countries. Then again, the far-right Eurosceptics play the card. Given the success of the Eurosceptics in Britain, they have a chance to strengthen their positions in other EU countries.

Apparently, so far the EU has a sufficient margin to deal with the terrorist attacks, securing the path of freedom and maintaining unity. It is likely, however, that at some instant, this reserve expires, and then the EU enters the area of ​​political turbulence. The question is, when this moment comes.

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